WWE MAIN EVENT TV RESULTS (3/6): Candice LeRae vs. Chelsea Green, Creed Brothers vs. Mark Coffey & Wolfgang

By Mike Meyers, PWTorch contributor

WWE Main Event results and analysis


MARCH 6, 2024

Announcers: Blake Howard, Brian “Road Dogg” James

(1) CANDICE LERAE (w/ Indi Hartwell) vs. CHELSEA GREEN

Green went behind LeRae and yanked her to the mat by her hair. Green walked across LeRae, stepping on the small of her back. An annoyed LeRae slowly got to her feet and tossed Green to the mat with a waist lock. LeRae hit two arm drags, then returned the back-walking favor to Green. LeRae hit a low drop kick and covered Green for a two-count. LeRae knocked Green to the mat with a missile drop kick, then rolled her over and covered for two. LeRae tried to climb the corner again, but this time Green pulled her down to the mat. Green shoved LeRae’s face into the bottom turnbuckle with her boot, then covered for two. Green fired LeRae back-first into a corner, then applied a chinlock.

LeRae broke free with elbow strikes and tossed Green to the mat. She elbowed Green in the chin, then flung her to the mat with a German suplex. LeRae clotheslined Green twice to the mat, then landed a senton to Green’s back before covering for another two-count. LeRae pulled Green up to her feet, then hit another low drop kick. Green rolled out of the way of a springboard moonsault, then covered LeRae while gaining illegal leverage with her feet on the ropes. Hartwell moved in during the cover and knocked Green’s boots off the rope. LeRae rolled up Green for a surprise two-count. Green knocked Hartwell away from the ring with a baseball slide, then rolled up LeRae. She used the ropes again for leverage, but with Hartwell out of the picture, she remained on top for the three-count and win.

WINNER: Chelsea Green by pinfall in 5:30.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Decent match with a miniature story about Green and Hartwell, but I have one nitpick: When Green covered LeRae illegally for the match ending, LeRae wasn’t even struggling to get out of the pin – this suggests that Green would have won without the ropes for leverage. It was a roll-up cover; LeRae hadn’t just absorbed a powerful move… It’s like she just turned off before the match ended. She needs to sell that illegal pin by fighting against it, rather than lying limp on the mat.)

(2) GALLUS (Mark Coffey & Wolfgang w/ Joe Coffey) vs. CREED BROTHERS (Brutus & Julius, w/ Ivy Nile)

Julius started against Mark. They locked up and Julius controlled Mark on the mat. Mark came back with a forearm strike, then Julius brought him to the mat with a fireman’s carry. Brutus tagged in and the double-teaming commenced against Mark. Wolfgang ran in to assist, but the Creeds maintained dominance against Gallus with coordinated moonsaults and fallaway slams. Brutus, now legal, leveled Mark with a shoulder block. Mark made a blind tag to Wolfgang, who jumped in and dropped Brutus throat-first against the top rope. Gallus posed at the crowd as we cut to break.

Wolfgang choked Brutus against the middle rope, then covered him for a two-count. He body slammed Brutus, then applied a chinlock. Mark tagged in and took Brutus down with a shoulder tackle, then applied a side headlock. Brutus punched his way out, but caught an elbow strike from Mark. Mark rolled Brutus over for a two-count, then went back to the headlock. Brutus stood up with Mark on his shoulders and fell backward to smash Mark to the mat. Brutus made the hot tag to Julius who took both members of Gallus to the canvas with multiple belly-to-belly suplexes. He landed a standing shooting star press to Mark, then covered for two.

Wolfgang tagged in on the fly. Mark kicked Julius in the face before Wolfgang ran the ropes and hit a hip attack to Julius’s face. He pinned Julius, but Brutus broke up the cover. Julius knocked a distracting Joe off the ring apron. Brutus tagged himself in, then Julius hoisted Wolfgang up onto his shoulders while Brutus climbed the corner. Brutus jumped in a cannonball position and knocked the elevated Wolfgang down to the mat. Brutus covered Wolfgang for the three-count.

WINNER: Creed Brothers by pinfall in 7:40.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Decent tag match where the Creeds certainly got their schtick in.)

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 7.4

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