NXT TV RESULTS (3/12): Hazelwood’s live report on Femi defending against Jensen, O.T.M. vs. LWO, Holland vs. Spears, Dolin vs. Grace, more



MARCH 12, 2024

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): Kelly Kincaid

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-The show began with a recap of last week’s Roadblock.

-Vic Joseph welcomed fans and said they’re on the path to Stand & Deliver. LWO’s music hit. Lucian Price and Bronco Nima attacked from behind almost immediately and bieled Joaquin Wilde from the floor and over the top rope into the ring.

(1) O.T.M. (Bronco Nima & Lucien Price w/Scrypts) vs. LWO (Joquin Wilde & Cruz del Toro) – Tag team match

Nima tagged in Price and they hit a double team in the corner. Price used his power and hit basically an x-plex with a chucking toss. Nima tagged in and whipped Price into the corner for a lariat to Wilde, who then ran into a big boot from Nima. Wilde hit a jawbreaker and tagged in Cruz del Toro. Cruz was able to send him outside, Price too, and the two faces hit synchronized topes to their foes. Back in the ring, Wilde tagged in and my stream froze. when it came back, they went to break with O.T.M. in control and Wolf Dogs watching from the elevated concourse. [c]

Nima had Wilde in a hold as they returned and showed Scrypts hitting a handspring cutter on the outside during the break. Price tagged in and whipped Nima to Wilde, but Wilde evaded both men and tagged in del Toro. He went at both men with quick strikes, but couldn’t take Price off of his feet. He evaded an attack , sent Price into the corner, ended up on the ropes, and hit a missile dropkick for a two-count. Price lifted and forced del Toro into their corner, tagging in Nima. del Toro fought back and evaded a very slow and late Nima, but was caught into basically a modified spinning Emerald Flowsion. Wilde sprung off of the back of Nima and leaped high, over the top rope, onto Scrypts and Price. Nima went to middle rope for an attack, but was hit with an enziguri. del Toro leaped, but Nima caught him on his shoulders. del Toro hit a bevy of elbows and then an avalanche rana. He tagged in Wilde and helped with the 450 splash. They’re one of the three teams to compete for the #1 contender’s spot.

WINNER: LWO at 10:45 (assisted 450 splash)

-They showed coolest man in the world Oba Femi heading in from the parking lot earlier today. He was confident. Brooks Jensen approached for a fight. A bunch of security broke them apart and Josh Briggs came at Jensen to talk some sense into him. Femi said to listen to Briggs.

-They showed Roxanne Perez’s attack on Lyra Valkyria last week. She made her way to the ring. [c]

-They returned with Thea Hail and Andre Chase in the back. He said it’s been a while since they talked. Hail said it’s been weird. Chase said he’s always there for her. Duke Hudson walked up and asked who her partner was. She then showed them a photo of Jacy Jayne with Jazzzzzmyyyyynnnn Nyx (not quite sure that’s an accurate spelling of her name) and looked despondent. She then tried to talk herself out of it so she didn’t seem uncool to the other two. She said she had other friends, they were skeptical, and she yelled she has other friends. Hail’s partner ended up being Kelani Jordan, so what the hell was all that with Fallon Henley the past few weeks?


Perez was already in the ring, wearing black as one does. She said last week is exactly what happens when you get sick and tired of playing by the rules. She said the sweet, happy, innocent Perez that was happy to here is gone. She said this has been boiling inside of her for months and months and months, an entire year. She said after defeating a living legend in Meiko Satomura, she collapsed at Roadblock one year ago. She said yeah, she collapsed after carrying the entire women’s division for four months (this received applause). She said she had the best rookie year in WWE history. She said she was rewarded with her title being taken and no one caring. She said 12 months of her busting her ass in steel cage matches and devil’s playground matches and weapons wild matches while everyone was obsessed with Tiffy Time or Becky Lynch. She said they went face-to-face and the fans acted like Perez didn’t exist next to Lynch. She said she went home crying that night and “screw all of you” for making me feel worthless. She said she doesn’t care about anyone’s stupid opinions because she is the most decorated women in NXT’s history at just the age of 22. She went over her accolades and said she has won everything.

She pivoted to Valkyria. she said after Vengeance Day, she expected Valkyria to come up to her and say sorry that their match was interrupted and to give a rematch. She said her name never came out of Valkyria’s mouth and she went for the Tag Team Championship instead. She said that’s when she realized she has to break the rules. She said now everyone wants to cheer her, but where were they when Indi Hartwell had her title? She said no one cared then. She said the “NXT Universe” reminds her of young Perez: happy, naive, and looking for approval. She said it’s funny how history repeats itself: one year later, Valkyria was the one taking the ride in the ambulance. She looked into the camera and said the pain isn’t the arm, but the pain of the title being ripped from Valkyria and given to The Prodigy. She said thanks to her, we all witnessed the rise and fall of Valkyria. She called Ava out to strip Valkyria and award her the title she never lost. Ava came out to music and said Perez had so much to say, but forgot that she attacked Valkyria for no good reason (did she NOT just listen to Perez?). Perez interrupted and Ava told her not to interrupt her again. She said while she wasn’t GM at the time, they waited a month to strip her. Suddenly, Tatum Paxley came in from the crowd and Perez knocked her off. Ava just kept yelling at Ava to get out.

-They hyped Trick Williams being back tonight.

-Lexis King made his entrance. If I wasn’t doing the report, this would be my bathroom break match. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: I’ve been continually praising Perez’s heel turn and liked this promo here tonight. There were a few stumbles and many tropes were hit, but she seemed to deliver it with conviction and her reasoning makes as much sense now as it did, well, for basically a year. I’m hearing more and more people coming around to my opinion that Valkyria’s run has just been bland and we’re ready for Heel Roxy as champ.)

-They returned with The Family at an Italian restaurant to celebrate welcoming Luca Crusifino (consigliere) and Tony D’Angelo becoming #1 contender. D’Angelo asked if he got the thing done, and Crusifino said that and the other thing. Adriana Rizzo said everyone back home is real proud of D’Angelo. He said it feels good to call his shot and hit a homerun. He said his path is clear. He gave Stacks compliments for the timing of playing the music (so at least that part’s explained). D’Angelo said he called up Williams and Williams agreed with the plan because he wanted any excuse to get at Carmelo Hayes. Ilja Dragunov suddenly showed up in a nice white suit, shades, and title in hand. The other three left so D’Angelo and Dragunov could have a discussion. Dragunov broke into a smile and congratulated D’Angelo. He called D’Angelo a captain of industry and said he has everything…but the title is everything Dragunov has, no other focus, no deals, no businesses, just the title. He said he came here that no matter what D’Angelo does at Stand & Deliver, the title will remain. D’Angelo said he wanted Dragunov to know that whatever happens here, “The Don” likes him. Suddenly, Stacks and Crusifino came from the back and dragged Dragunov away. D’Angelo told the owner everything was OK and proceeded to the back. They then showed Stacks and Crusfino closing the trunk of a car and D’Angelo heading out. They all entered a Hyundai and drove off.

-Mr. Stone made his entrance sans Von Wagner.

(2) LEXIS KING vs. MR. STONE – Singles match

Stone threw the towel at King and went at him right away. King threw Stone outside to create space, but got hit with misdirection and Stone hit a crossbody to the outside. He threw King back in and climbed to the top, but missed a big splash. King then hit a running knee to the gut and methodically worked the gut with more knees. He hit another knee to the gut and barely got a reaction from the crowd. He applied an abdominal stretch, sure to draw the enthusiasm of the crowd. They clapped for Stone, but King hit him with a bodyslam. Stone came back with slaps to the chest, but one big, loud chop floored him. King sat Stone on the top rope and set him for a superplex, but he jawed with the audience and Stone threw him off. He hit the crossbody for only a two-count. Stone then ran right into a thrust kick to the jaw and the running lariat to the back of the neck. He then lifted a listless Stone and hit Coronation. King went for a second one after the bell and drew the necessary run from Wagner to save Stone. King just smiled and mocked them.

WINNER: Lexis King at 3:34 (Coronation)

-Joseph and Booker T then kicked to a clip from Logan Paul’s podcast for the announcement of SummerSlam in Cleveland, Joseph’s hometown.

-Kelly Kincaid was in the back with Femi. She asked about what happened earlier. Femi said that was an ignorant boy trying to convince himself he’s ready for a challenge and now, he’ll be slaughtered. Dijak approached and said once Femi’s done playing around, he’ll see if Femi has what it takes to be a real champion. Femi and Dijak glared before Femi’s music hit. [c]

-They returned with Ridge Holland working out in the PC weight room. His phone started ringing and it was a Facetime call with his wife and daughter. He angled it just perfectly so they couldn’t see the cameraperson recording this over his shoulder. They wished him luck and he said he loved them.

-Jensen was practically in the ring as they cut back. Alicia Taylor gave formal ring introductions. Jensen was wearing an Ole Anderson shirt in tribute.

(3) OBA FEMI (c) vs. BROOKS JENSEN – North American Championship match

They locked up immediately and Femi powered Jensen toward the rope. Jensen escaped and Femi just cackled at him. Jensen turned Femi into the ropes on the second time and the shoved him, only for Femi to smile again. Femi lifted and put Jensen on the apron, then just shivered him off and taunted him. He hit a shoulder tackle and a side headlock takedown. They showed Briggs watching in the back, worried, with a few people I don’t recognize (maybe Je’Von Evans?) behind him. Jensen created some space and went for a top rope double axe handle, but Femi nonchalantly punched him in the gut on the way down. Femi then took his time on Jensen, even bouncing on his feet to taunt him. He hit a big forearm to buckle Jensen, who used the ropes for support. They hit simultaneous clotheslines, but Femi bounced right back up. [c]

Interestingly, my TV streaming the USA player is showing part of the split-screen break (just Femi laying into Jensen, smiling as he beats the “ignorant boy”), but my laptop with the same player is not. Femi hit a big pendulum backbreaker to Jensen, then put him in a bearhug to work the targeted back. Jensen broke out with some elbows and hit a schoolboy, but Femi kicked out. Jensen hit a big dropkick against the ropes, sending Femi outside. Jensen attacked Femi, but favored his back. He put the champ back into the ring, but slowly. He missed a dropkick as Femi held the ropes and then Femi hit one, two uranage backbreakers and an easy cover for a two-count. Briggs was shown to maybe be leaving the locker room against Jensen’s wishes. Femi rushed and hit a thunderous running uppercut to Jensen in the corner. He then just cranked on Jensen’s neck as Briggs made his way to ringside. He yelled at Jensen to get his ass up.


He obliged, but Femi just used that to taunt Briggs by punishing Jensen, with pleasure, in front of Briggs. Jensen responded with slaps and punches, then a thrust kick, and a comeback sequence with a big powerslam. However, Femi hit a big backbody drop to stop the momentum. Briggs looked defeated as he saw Femi lift Jensen and lawn dart him into the corner. Femi, smiling at Briggs, lifted and tossed Jensen halfway across the ring. He just chuckled while he stared at Briggs the entire time. Briggs almost couldn’t watch as Femi, playing with his meal, lifted and tossed Jensen again. Joseph wondered when the official would step in as Femi hit his pop-up powerbomb. He didn’t go for the cover, instead just walking around and smiling at Briggs. He turned to Briggs and said “whatever I want” and hit a more traditional powerbomb. He just smiled at Briggs as he pinned Jensen.

WINNER: Oba Femi at 11:43 (powerbomb) to retain the NXT North American Championship

-They cut to the bridge where they disposed of Two Dimes back in the day. D’Angelo told his boys to let Dragunov go and Dragunov approached D’Angelo. D’Angelo said he can’t walk into his establishment uninvited and not get punished. D’Angelo said he’s walked back from this bridge many times alone over the years, but this isn’t one of those walks. He put over Dragunov, but then said he can end everything with the snap of his fingers. He said Dragunov has power, but not this kind of power. Dragunov said to show him what he’s got. The music was so dramatic. Dragunov said one thing D’Angelo will find out about him is that he always finds a way. They left Dragunov at the bridge. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: That match was as much storytelling as it was a thorough beatdown. Femi is the coolest wrestler in the world, my goodness.)

-They returned with the announcement of Muhammad Ali as an inductee into this year’s Hall of Fame class. Bull Nakano is who I’m stoked about.

-Gigi Dolin was already in the ring. Arianna Grace made her entrance.

(4) ARIANNA GRACE vs. GIGI DOLIN – If Grace wins, Dolin becomes her protege

Dolin forced Grace into the corner and broke cleanly. She feinted a punch and Grace retreated through the ropes. They locked up and Grace retreated outside again to avoid being punched in the face. She tried to hit an elbow drop as Dolin reentered the ring, but Dolin moved and then foced Grace into the ropes where she hit a running hip attack and basement shotgun dropkick. Grace dodged a bronco buster attempt and then took control with corner stomps, not quite a mudhole like Stone Cold. She hit a snap suplex and then this time hit her standing elbow drop for a two-count. However, Grace dodged a corner attack and hit a school girl, then an inside cradle for two-counts. She went for a backslide, but Grace hooked her foot on the bottom rope to prevent. SHe then hit a judo throw, the one-armed variant Ronda Rousey employed a lot, and then went for another suplex. Dolin blocked and hit her own before hitting a combo and then a kick to the head followed by a ripcord STO. Grace hit a back elbow and then a lariat. She grabbed her crown to try and put it on Dolin’s head. The ref tried to take it away and as the ref couldn’t see, Grace hit a low blow. Dolin then hit her own low blow, but right in front of the ref. Grace ended up the victor, grimacing, but also now with Dolin under her guidance.

WINNER: Arianna Grace at 4:25 by DQ

-They showed Karmen Petrovic and Sol Ruca in the back. Lola Vice approached and ran them down, calling Petrovic a “little karate girl.” Petrovic said she’ll kick her face off in the ring. Vice called her basura and that she’s a master (because of MMA). Vice left and Brinley Reece cartwheeled in to hype them up. Edris Enofe and Malik Blade then appeared and just kind of carried her away, apologizing for Reece.

-Kiana James and Izzi Dame made their entrance. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Look, I am here for the comedy segments and vignettes we’re going to get from Grace and Dolin. We had discussed Dolin just treading water after they wanted to push her, and maybe this is how they get back to giving her something – I did say maybe she’s just best in a tag team.)

-They returned with YouTube numbers. Cool.

-James and Dame were in the ring posing. They cut to the back where Jordan was holding her left knee after being attacked. Refs were tending to her as a panicked Hail approached. Her music hit and she went out. Is this where Henley comes out?


The ref let it proceed as a handicap match. They immediately stalked her and Henley’s music did indeed hit. Henley ran down and they immediately went at the two heels. They bounced Dame around with strikes and hit a double clothesline. They then hit a double shoulder tackle to James. Hail tagged in Henley and they hit a double arm wrench to James. James missed an attack and the was dropped on her butt by Henley, her former Tag Team Champion partner, but dodged a dropkick. They glared at each other before Dame tagged in and caught Henley only to be taken down. Henley mocked James and then hit a House Call on Dame. James provided a distraction and allowed Dame to basically hotshot Henley to turn the tables. James tagged in and hit a running boot for a two-count. James hit her back handspring into corner charge and Dame tagged in, doing a bit of two-on-one. Dame hit a running knee to the face of Henley, leaned up against the second rope. She then gave a neck crank to Henley. Suddenly, Jayne and Nex came to the ring and Hail looked conflicted. Hail called for the crowd to cheer on Henley, who was able to thwart a double team and finally tag in Hail. Hail quickly took it to James and used her quickness to take out Dame. The ball of boundless energy hit a World’s Strongest Slam and her bottom rope springboard senton. Dame broke up the pin and then Henley Cactus clotheslined her and Dame over the top. James went for a powerbomb, but Hail locked in a standing Kimura only for James to dump her over the tope rope in front of Jayne and Nyx. Dame and Henley fought and Jayne pulled away Henley only for Dame to boot Hail because of that. In the ring, James hit Bankrupt.

WINNER: Kiana James & Izzi Dame at 5:36 (Bankrupt)

-After the match, Henley was tending to Hail in the ring. Hail had a mic as Jayne and Nyx entered the ring. Hail said Jayne probably thinks Hail’s a loser right now and asked what happened to them. She emotionally discussed how she thought Jayne was the coolest and how Jayne was there for her at the lowest point of her life. She said she thought Jayne was her best friend, someone who saw what she saw in herself, but changed herself for Jayne. Jayne looked nonplussed the entire time. Hail said Jayne’s just become a more rotten version of herself, but she ignored that because she idolized her, thinking Jayne was her sister. She said she’s done because this isn’t her, but Jayne, and she doesn’t want to be anything like Jayne. She mockingly said she’s sorry she’s not cool enough for Jayne’s “toxic self.” She said the old Thea Hail “is back, bitch!” She did sprints around the ring and made the Chase U sign.

-Riley Owens was watching in the locker room looking happy as No Quarter Catch Crew approached and mocked him. Osborne told them about Mr. Regal telling them to respect the Heritage Cup and mocked Charlie Dempsey for being born and raised in Atlanta. Axiom and Nathan Frazer entered and mocked the Catch Clause. They brought up the first guy to hold the Heritage Cup and asked whatever happened to that guy (it was A-Kid). Dempsey angrily glared at them, said some words, and the NQCC left.

-Ridge Holland vs. Shawn Spears is next. Oh my, I really want to nap during the match. They also showed a camera locked into Williams’ locker room. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Look, it never made sense for it to be Jordan after all of that buildup with Henley, but at least they did provide her some TV time and gave her legitimate reasons to originally agree to Hail’s request. It’s great to see Hail finally broken away from Jayne because while it was good initially, it more than ran its course. I’m curious to see if the “old” Hail means she’s right back in Chase U – speaking of, how long is Chase U going to last? – and/or if her and Henley continue as the ultrababyface tag team in the women’s division. I’d rather see the latter, honestly, but both work.)

-They returned with a WWE World at WrestleMania promo read from Joseph.

-The Good Brothers were in the back and discussed being the Men’s NXT Tag Team Champion. They said they have to get through two teams, beginning with Hank & Tank, to get to “those clowns” Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin. They put over their experience and title victories across continents while Hank & Tank were still kids. They showed Hank & Tank watchin on the screen from the kitchen area in the back and honestly, they were speaking pretty fast and excitedly that I didn’t catch much. The Wolf Dogs approached and fist pounded them right quick. They gave them a pep talk about beating The O.C. and especially Tank got really hyped. The Wolf Dogs laughed about the match being next week.

-Holland made his entrance. Holy crap, I’m doing the report and I forgot this match was coming up. Spears entered next.

(6) RIDGE HOLLAND vs. SHAWN SPEARS – Singles match

Holland rushed, but stopped when Spears put his arms out to embrace the punishment. He chopped Holland, then slapped Holland, yelling at him to “let it out!” Spears took it to Holland in the corner with punches and loud chops. Holland looked to be getting more angry. Spears held up a chop to mock the crowd, then rose for the ten punches, but yet again stopped before giving the people what they wanted. This allowed Holland to hit some power moves, but he was overzealous and ended up outside by the announcers. Spears hit the apron, but Holland chopped out the leg. He then hit a big chop of his own to Spears, then a forearm to the back and a big uppercut beneath the chin. He lifted Spears and looked to run him into the post, but stopped. Spears yelled at him to do it, then slipped off and rushed Holland into the post. [c]

I missed a bit, but Holland was tied up in the ropes and Spears yelled at Holland that he let his wife and kid down. Holland broke out and then took it to Spears with heavy punches. He tossed Spears outside. Holland then chucked Spears into the barricade. He rolled Spears in, but Spears rolled back out. Holland followed and hit a running lariat, then whipped Spears into the steps. He set the bottom steps by the announce desk and cleared it as Spears crawled into the ring. The fans oohed about something Holland did off-camera. Holland then dragged Spears out and gave him a chokeslam through the table. the ref kept counting, but Holland lifted the lifeless Spears and put him back inside the ring. The ref checked on Spears. Holland grabbed The Chairman’s chair and brought it inside the ring. Spears was on his knees, back to Holland. Holland lifted and ran at Spears, but the ref grabbed the chair. Spears went for a schoolboy, but Holland kicked out. He then lifted Holland and hit a C4 into the corner, but Holland’s upper body landed right on the chair that the ref had to discard to count the earlier pin.

WINNER: Shawn Spears at 9:40 (C4 into the corner)

-Joseph went over next week’s card, including Perez vs. Paxley, The O.C. vs. Hank & Tank and Axiom & Nathan Frazer vs. NQCC, and a member of NQCC vs. Riley Osborne for the Heritage Cup.

-Williams is live, next. [c]

-They returned with hype for  Dragunov defending against D’Angelo.


-Williams music hit and the crowd was already cheering before it hit. He entered and everyone was chanting whoop that Trick.


He cut the music as soon as he entered the ring and said usually he comes out, steps into the ring, grabs the mic, and does his thing, but today, he was struggling to find the words to say what he needs to say. He said he’s pissed off, angry, betrayed. He said family means something to him and if he calls you his brother, he takes food off of his plate to make sure you’re fed. He said he did that for two years with a smile on his face for Hayes because that’s what brothers do. He said, “Melo, why?” He said watching Hayes succeed made him want to step up his game and that’s why he went to Shawn Michaels’ office to ask for a chance. He said that’s when Trick Willy was born. He said everyone saw it, including Hayes. He wanted Hayes to be happy for him like he was happy for Hayes, but then he started hearing the voices. He said John Cena said himself that Hayes is playing him, but Williams believed in his brother. He said he asked Hayes if he attacked him and Hayes looked him in his eyes and lied to his face. He said Hayes has been lying for a long time: attacking him, King and Dragunov being the attackers, and what hurts the most, about being his brother. He said at least Hayes told the truth about one thing and it’s because they’re not on the same level. Williams said he agreed and that he would never be on the same level as Trick Williams “with your little punk ass.” He said he had Hayes’ back, but Hayes stabbed him in his. He said at Stand & Deliver, he’s going to pay Hayes back or everything he did to him and the whole crowd will be chanting whoop that Trick.

Meta-Four’s music hit and Noam Dar said sure, Williams’ rise has been epic, but we’re all sick and tired of listening him complain about Hayes because the reality is, Williams deserved it. Williams warned Dar to leave him alone. Dar said “Calm, calm,” and then said they’re not too different: Williams lost his best friend and Dar lost his Heritage Cup, but he didn’t run home and cry, but made the big boy decision to move on to bigger and better things. Williams warned him one more time to mind his own business. Dar said he’ll make it simple: he’s here to steal all that hype because there’s no one hotter than him right now. He said judging on how Lash Legend is looking at him, Dar is right. She looked offended and then they entered with Dar calling Williams the paper tiger of NXT. He said next week they’re going to fight about it and Williams punched the hell out of both men to send them retreating. Legend went to punch him, but he blocked it and then held her in his arms. Legend looked awestruck and then they kissed. The crow popped big. He gently put her aside to get back to taking it to Oro Mensah and Dar.

(Hazelwood’s Take: Phew, there really is no one hotter than Williams. A few fans tried to get what chants going, but he spoke right through them without making it seem like that’s what he was doing. He has a lot of fire in that promo and I loved how he built up to that fiery line about Hayes’ little punk ass. He gave us levels from beginning to end, took us on a journey, and delivered the emotion. We did wonder what bigger and better things meant for Meta-Four last week and now we know. It makes sense to go after Williams because of his ascendance, but now that wrinkle of Legend and Williams – setup with that line from Williams earlier – could throw a huge wrench into the situation. Do they become an on-screen couple, cemented with a Stand & Deliver entrance together? I’m intrigued, and I’m wondering if that improvement we’ve been discussing from Legend is what’s could be leading to the biggest spot on the card for her yet.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: I liked this episode of NXT. There was a lot of storytelling tonight, both in and out of the ring, with the biggest in-ring story coming in the Femi-Jensen match. We saw two defining promos from people expected to carry NXT through the summer in Perez and Williams, an actual reason for heat behind Dragunov-D’Angelo beyond the latter winning a #1 contender’s match, the return of the “old” Hail and her seemingly new partnership with Henley, what should be an entertaining pairing of Grace and Dolin, and a crisp little tag team tournament to determine the Wolf Dogs’ opponents at Stand & Deliver (my pick of O.T.M. from last week looks real foolish now). NXT is doing a great job in balancing the big show in three weeks against the need to do week-to-week storytelling because not everything will be on S&D. Right now, aside from the announced Men’s NXT Championship match, the Men’s NXT Tag Team Championship match against the tourney winner, and the presumed Women’s NXT Championship match, it looks like the last title match to be added will be Femi vs. Dijak after a brief jaunt with Briggs after the events of the past two weeks. I’m thoroughly looking forward to both of those matches.

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