AEW DYNAMITE RESULTS (3/27): Amin’s alt-perspective report on Moné on commentary for women’s four-way match, Takeshita vs. Strickland, Ospreay vs. Shibata, Young Bucks vs. Private Party

By Amin Ajani, PWTorch contributor


MARCH 27, 2024

Commentators: Excalibur, Taz, Tony Schiavone

Ring Announcer: Justin Roberts

Attendance: WrestleTix reported earlier today that 4,053 tickets had been distributed so far; arena was set up for 4,429.


—AEW Dynamite opening played. There was a firework display. The camera panned around the arena showing members of the crowd cheering.


Ospreay received a big reaction from the crowd. Shibata received a strong reaction. Shibata went for a cross-arm breaker but Ospreay placed his foot on the ropes. Shibata went for a PK but Ospreay ducked. Ospreay caught Shibata charging with a woo dropkick. Ospreay took the lead rocking Shibata with his signature corner dropkick. Ospreay followed by hitting a slingshot plancha to the floor. Ospreay sent Shibata back into the ring. Shibata sent Ospreay back to the floor with a running boot. Shibata took control planting Ospreay with a suplex on the floor. Shibata went for a Figure-4-Leg Lock but Ospreay blocked. Shibata planted Ospreay with a backdrop suplex. [c]

Ospreay nailed Shibata with a handspring kick as they returned from break. Ospreay took control rocking Shibata with a flying forearm off the barricade on the floor. Ospreay followed by hitting a second springboard forearm for a two count. Ospreay rocked Shibata with strikes. Shibata no-sold it as he backed Ospreay into the corner. Ospreay and Shibata exchanged strikes on opposite sides of the corner. Shibata got the better of the exchange as he rocked Ospreay with a corner dropkick. Shibata went for an octopus hold but Ospreay grabbed the crowd. The action picked up as Ospreay and Shibata no-sold each other’s German Suplex spots. Ospreay went for a handspring kick but Shibata caught him in an STF. Ospreay grabbed the ropes to force a break.

Shibata went for a PK but Ospreay blocked. Shibata rocked Ospreay with forearm smashes. Ospreay knit up as he nailed Shibata with an enzuigiri. Ospreay called for Hidden Blade but Shibata ducked. Shibata planted Ospreay with a Sleeper Suplex. Shibata placed Ospreay in a sleeper hold. Ospreay used Shibata’s momentum, sending him against the ropes to break free. Ospreay delivered a springboard dropkick to Shibata who was draped against the ropes. Ospreay followed by hitting an OzCutter but Shibata kicked out at one. Shibata responded with a lariat but Ospreay kicked out before the count of one. Ospreay rocked Shibata with a hook kick. Ospreay followed by hitting a Hidden Blade for two. Ospreay dropped Shibata with a Storm Driver. Shibata no-sold it as he sat cross-legged. Ospreay connected with the Hidden Blade for the win.

WINNER: Will Ospreay in 18:55

—The crowd cheered as Ospreay and Shibata bowed, showing each other respect after the match.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a great action -packed match. This was just fun getting the chance to see Ospreay and Shibata share a wrestling ring together and have this kind of match. Another great match and win for Ospreay as AEW is doing a very good job presenting him as the top babyface star in the company.)

—They aired a Bryan Danielson highlight package. They spoke about Danielson beginning his wrestling career under Shawn Michaels which they mentioned by name. They spoke about Danielson wrestling on the independent circuit before starting in Ring of Honor. They spoke about Danielson being a founding father of ROH. They showed clips of Danielson wrestling in New Japan Pro-Wrestling as well. They spoke about Danielson being medically uncleared to wrestle. They spoke about Danielson defining the odds and coming back to wrestle after three years . They showed clips of Danielson making his AEW debut in 2021. Danielson said if this was his last year, he’s going to call his shot. He said this will be the most epic year of his career.

(Amin’s Thoughts: A really good highlight package showcasing Danielson’s wrestling career.)

—Renee Paquette interviewed Matthew & Nicholas Jackson backstage. Renee brought up how The Young Bucks will be facing Private Party who beat them before. Nicholas threw a tantrum. This led to Matthew calming Nicholas down. Matthew spoke about coming back to AEW a couple months ago with a few objectives. He spoke about retiring Sting. He spoke about restructuring The Elite. Nicholas said they brought in “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada. Matthew put over Okada winning the AEW Continental Crown Title last week alone. He said they told Okada to watch them from backstage. He said their biggest goal was winning the AEW Tag Team Titles. He said they would beat Private Party. He said lighting never strikes the same place twice. He told Renee she is doing a great job. He told Renee to smile more. [c]

—They showed Kazuchika Okada arriving in a Ferrari.

—Matthew and Nicholas got the Cody Elevator entrance. There was a funny bit as The Young Bucks kept asking for more pyro for their entrance. Matthew looked into the camera and told Excalibur to plug the AEW Double or Nothing PPV announcement. Private Party made their entrance. They showed clips of Private Party beating The Young Bucks all the way back on 10/09/2019

(2) THE YOUNG BUCKS (Matthew & Nicholas Jackson) vs. PRIVATE PARTY (Marc Quen & Isiah Kassidy) — AEW World Tag Team Championship Quarterfinal match

Kassidy and Quen caught Matthew and Nicholas with stereo backslides for a near fall. Kassidy and Quen delivered stereo topes to Matthew and Nicholas on the floor. Quen planted Matthew with a Silly String DDT on the floor. Nicholas stood on the barricade as he planted Quen with a falcon arrow onto the floor. Kazuchika Okada was watching backstage. The Bucks wanted to win by count-out but Kassidy made it back into the ring. Nicholas planted Quen with a suplex onto Matthew’s knees. [c]

Kassidy showed Nicholas to the floor as they returned from break. Quen caught Matthew with a Side Effect. Kassidy ran wild hitting a springboard moonsault onto Nicholas on the floor. Kassidy followed, catching Matthew with a springboard crossbody for two. Kassidy called for the Twist of Fate but Matthew blocked. Nicholas yanked Kassidy to the mat. Matthew and Nicholas delivered a powerbomb/sliced bread combo to Kassidy but Quen made the save. Nicholas planted Kassidy with a German Suplex onto the ring apron. The Bucks called for the TK Driver but Quen made the save. Kassidy and Quen batted back catching Nicholas with Gin and Juice. Kassidy and Quen delivered More Bang For Your Buck to Matthew but Nicholas made the save.

Referee Rick Knox just watched as Nicholas brought the ring bell into the ring. Knox stopped Nicholas from using the ring bell. Matthew gave Kassidy a low blow. Quen rocked Matthew with the tag title. Nicholas placed Matthew’s foot on the ropes to stop the count. Kassidy went for 630 Splash but Matthew moved out of the way. The Bucks went to deliver the EVP Trigger. Nicholas botched the spot as he slipped on the mat. The crowd booed and chanted “You F— Up!” Matthew and Nicholas still covered Kassidy for the win.

WINNERS: Matthew & Nicholas Jackson in 13:30

—Kazuchika Okada was shown nodding in approval backstage. They showed the updated brackets in the AEW World Tag Team Title tournament.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a good tag team match. A good showing from Kassidy and Quen as they gave them some near falls teasing another upset against The Bucks. The finish with the botched EVP Trigger didn’t look good at all. The Bucks should’ve called an audible once the finish was messed up. The Bucks were good here playing great unlikable heels.)

—They aired a Konosuke Takeshita highlight package which was voiced by Don Callis. The highlights included Takeshita beating Kenny Omega twice, Chris Jericho and Darby Allin. He said he’s sick of hearing about Swerve’s House. He said Swerve’s House was in Callis’ neighbourhood. He said Takeshita will take away “Swerve” Strickland’s number one contender opportunity. He said tonight The Alpha burns it all down.

—They showed Mercedes Mone arriving in an SUV. [c]

—They showed a video of Darby Allin and Tony Hawk together at a skate park. Darby noted he was going to climb Mount Everest for Tony’s Skate Park charity. Darby noted he couldn’t climb Mount Everest because he broke his foot. Hawk spoke about the charity. Darby and Hawk encouraged viewers to visit the website if they wanted to help out.

—Renee interviewed Chris Jericho and Hook backstage. Jericho spoke about Hook exceeding all expectations in their match. He said he was proud of Hook. He said he never went to wrestling school and got to manage anyone. He said he was willing to give Hook any advice he needed. Hook told Jericho he appreciated it and said he would take the advice. He added that he also knows who Jericho is. Jericho said he knows what Hook can be. They bumped fists.

—Mercedes Mone received a solid reaction as she joined commentary for the next match.

(3) KRIS STATLANDER vs. SKYE BLUE vs. WILLOW NIGHTINGALE vs. ANNA JAY – TBS Title Number One Contender’s Match

Blue rocked Statlander with a superkick right away. Jay nailed Nightingale with a hook kick. Nightingale responded nailing Jay with a running boot. Nightingale followed with a sliding crossbody but Blue made the save. Blue planted Nightingale with a DDT but Statlander made the save. Statlander rocked Jay with a sliding lariat for two. Blue yanked Statlander onto the ring apron. Nightingale sent Blue flying with a pounce. Nightingale and Mone had a stare down. [c]

Blue rocked Nightingale with a running knee strike as they returned from break. Statlander planted Blue with a Fisherman’s Driver for two. Jay planted Statlander with a superplex but Nightingale made the save. Nightingale went for a Dr. Bomb but Blue countered into a hurricanrana. Blue caught Nightingale with Code Blue but Statlander made the save. Statlander planted Blue with a powerbomb/back cracker combo. Jay planted Statlander with a Gory Bomb onto Blue for a two count.

Nightingale rocked Jay with a missile dropkick. Nightingale and Statlander had a stare down but Blue stopped them. Blue moved as Nightingale sent Statlander flying with a pounce. Nightingale planted Blue with a Death Valley Driver onto the ring apron. Statlander went for Wednesday Night Fever but Jay countered into a rollup for a near fall. Jay rocked Statlander with a spin kick. Nightingale planted Jay with a Dr. Bomb for the win.

WINNER: Willow Nightingale in 9:50

—Julia Hart immediately attacked Willow Nightingale with her TBS Title after the match. Hart had a stare down with Mone. Mone stood up from the commentary table. Hart walked to the back with Blue. Mone stared and watched.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a fun, action-packed match with everyone getting a chance to shine. Nightingale was the correct choice to win with her calling out Hart for the TBS Title. I could definitely see Nightingale winning the TBS Title at AEW Dynasty PPV. Mone and Nightingale already have a story in place. I could see Mone challenging Nightingale for the TBS Title at the Double or Nothing PPV. They would need Mone to have her first AEW match and also get some wins before challenging for the title.)

—Renee interviewed Dustin Rhodes backstage. He spoke about the AEW roster being very talented. He spoke about the matches he’d had in the last five years in AEW have been really good. He said he’s 55 years old and still as passionate as he’s ever been. The Butcher appeared. He said Rhodes wanted to fight. Rhodes said Butcher smelled. Butcher said it was the musk in his moustache. He challenged Rhodes to a match on Rampage. Rhodes accepted the match. He said Butcher is going to find out why he’s a natural born legend. He said everyone wants him, including Canada.

—They aired a black and white video of AEW Women’s World Champion “Timeless” Toni Storm and Ben Mankiewicz on the sets of Turner Classic movies. Storm tried to get Mankiewicz to repeat her catchphrase. Mankiewicz refused to say the “tits out” line. Storm tossed her shoe and left. [c]

—They aired a “Swerve” Strickland highlight package. Strickland said you have to hold the AEW World Title to be number one in the professional wrestling industry. He spoke about Takeshita doing his thing. He said his and Takeshita’s motivations are completely different. He spoke about making history. He said he’s going to face Samoa Joe one-on-one with no distractions after he gets past Takeshita. He hasn’t forgotten what Joe did to him. He said after he’s finished, Joe isn’t going to forget what he does to him.

(4) ORANGE CASSIDY & TRENT BERETTA (w/Chuck Taylor) vs. UNDISPUTED KINGDOM (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) (w/Roderick Strong) — AEW World Tag Team Championship Quarterfinal match

Bennett and Beretta were about to start the match. Referee Rick Knox just watched as Orange entered the ring and rocked Taven with a right hand. Taven rammed Orange into the ring steps. Beretta caught Taven with a tope on the floor. Bennett delivered a corkscrew dive onto Beretta and Taven on the floor. Orange delivered a plunge onto Bennett and Taven on the floor. Beretta went for a triple German Suplex but Taven blocked. Taven rocked Beretta with a superkick. Orange went to enter the ring but Knox stopped him because he didn’t make the tag. Why didn’t Knox do anything earlier when Orange entered the ring when the match started and attacked Taven? Bennett planted Beretta with a piledriver onto the ring apron. [c]

Taven connected with a springboard elbow drop to Beretta for a near fall as they returned from break. Taven went for a springboard moonsault but Beretta got his knees up. Orange ran wild rocking Taven with a flying clothesline. Orange sent Bennett flying after a Stundog Millionaire. Taven stopped Orange with a sliding knee strike. Bennett and Taven delivered a backpack stunner/flying kick combo to Orange for two. Bennett and Taven went for their finish but Beretta made the save.

Beretta and Orange delivered a Beach Break/flying double stomp combo to Bennett for two. Beretta and Orange planted Taven with a pair of Satellite DDT. Bennett and Orange went to hug. Roderick Strong stood on the ring apron. Referee Rick Knox once again just watched everything that was happening and didn’t do anything. Orange delivered a tope to Strong on the floor. Rick Knox was distracted as Taylor crotched Taven on the ropes. Beretta caught Bennett with a jackknife cradle for the win.

WINNERS: Orange Cassidy & Trent Beretta in 9:35

—Orange, Beretta and Taylor went to hug after the match. Matthew & Nicholas Jackson came out. They had a stare down with Orange and Bennett.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was another fun, action-packed match with both teams getting the chance to shine. It made sense for Orange and Beretta to win as they will be facing The Young Bucks in the next round. Meanwhile, Undisputed Kingdom continues to be a rather forgettable act on the show.)

—Renee interviewed Kyle O’Reilly backstage. O’Reilly said you can prepare mentally for a match. He said there’s no way to prepare to compete in front of a live crowd. He said it felt good to rip that bandaid off. He spoke about AEW having a deep roster and said there’s no easy match. Renee spoke about the Undisputed Kingdom celebrating with him. Renee asked O’Reilly if he had any second thoughts of doing this alone. O’Reilly said he loved those guys but wants to do it alone.

(Amin’s Thoughts: I guess Renee wasn’t paying attention to the show and didn’t see The Undisputed Kingdom just lose a tag team match. This interview took place right after The Undisputed Kingdom lost.)

—They showed highlights of Adam Copeland winning the TNT Title last week on Dynamite in Toronto. Copeland announced the return of the Cope Open challenge on Collision.

(5) “SWERVE” STRICKLAND (w/Prince Nana) vs. KONOSUKE TAKESHITA (w/Don Callis) — No. 1 Contendership for the AEW World Title at stake

Strickland got a big reaction. Takeshita got a strong heel reaction. Callis joined commentary for the match. Strickland went for a short-arm scissors but Takeshita placed his foot on the ropes. Samoa Joe was watching backstage. Strickland connected with a flying uppercut to Takeshita. The crowd cheered as Strickland did a dance. Strickland planted Takeshita with a backbreaker. Strickland maintained control but Takeshita countered into a brainbuster. Strickland used Takeshita’s momentum catching him with a snap German Suplex. Takeshita no-sold it, rocking Strickland with a forearm smash. [c]

Strickland and Takeshita exchanged strikes as they returned from break. Strickland used Takeshita’s momentum, sending him to the floor. Strickland caught Takeshita with a rebound hurricanrana on the floor. Strickland connected with a flying crossbody but Takeshita kicked out at one. Takeshita responded by rocking Strickland with a huge forearm smash. Takeshita went for a discus lariat but Strickland ducked. Strickland went for a rolling flatliner but Takeshita caught him with a face buster. Takeshita followed by hitting a tope con hilo to the floor. Takeshita went for a turnbuckle brainbuster but Strickland blocked. Strickland responded by catching Takeshita with a corner DDT. The crowd chanted “Swerve’s House!” Strickland connected with a Sky Twister for two. The crowd chanted “This Is Awesome!”

Takeshita responded by catching Strickland with a Poisonrana. Takeshita followed by hitting a Blue Thunder Bomb for two. Strickland caught Takeshita with handstand head scissors. Strickland followed by hitting a rolling flatliner for two. Strickland called for Swerve’s Stomp but Takeshita rolled onto the ring apron. Strickland delivered a Swerve Stomp onto the ring apron. Takeshita caught Strickland flying off the ropes with a powerbomb. Takeshita went for a Falcon Arrow but Strickland escaped. Strickland called for the JML Driver but Takeshita escaped. Takeshita launched Strickland with a wheelbarrow German Suplex which the timing looked off.

Takeshita rocked Strickland with a running knee strike for two. Takeshita called for an avalanche Blue Thunder Bomb but Strickland blocked. Takeshita avoided the Swerve Stomp. Strickland delivered a head scissors, sending Takeshita into the turnbuckles. Strickland followed by hitting House Call. Strickland followed by delivering a Swerve’s Stomp but Takeshita kicked out for a great two count. Strickland rocked Takeshita with a head butt. Takeshita responded with a knee strike. Strickland caught Takeshita with a popup Swerve Stomp. Strickland delivered the JML Driver (they are now calling Big Pressure) for the win.

WINNER: “Swerve” Strickland in 19:40

—The camera cut backstage to Samoa Joe who wasn’t looking pleased. Renee interviewed Joe backstage. Renee asked Joe about how he’s feeling facing Strickland one on one. Joe said Renee should ask Strickland how he’s feeling. He said next week when Strickland walks down to the ring and signs the dotted line. He said he’s going to make sure Strickland understands what he’s asking for. He said Strickland is not that man. Joe walked off. They showed Strickland celebrating inside the ring.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was yet another very, good action-packed match between two great wrestlers in Strickland and Takeshita. Not really sure why Takeshita was in a number one contender’s match after he lost his last big PPV match to Ospreay at Revolution. I liked the post-match promo from Joe to set up next week’s face off with Strickland. This was a great showing from Strickland as they are building him up as the next AEW World Champion. The question is does Strickland get his crowning moment at Dynasty? They are also building Ospreay up at the same time as the likely AEW World Title challenger for All In at London. Strickland winning the world title should feel like a really special moment. I’m not sure how special that title run would feel if he was just the champion for Ospreay to beat at All In.)

OVERALL THOUGHTS: The opening and main event matches were both very good. I also liked the women’s four-way match. The other good part is that they seem to have a card in place for the Dynasty PPV. Overall, this was a solid episode of Dynamite.

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