AEW DYNAMITE HITS & MISSES (4/3): Show-closing Joe beatdown of Swerve, Copeland’s unnecessary pep tally, Tag Titles, brutal Jay White treatment, Ospreay-Hobbs, more

By Gregg Kanner, PWTorch contributor


Another week and more drama from C.M. Punk had AEW in the news once again. The question I had coming into this week’s Dynamite was whether the attention would get more eyes on the episode or would ratings continue to drop? I’ve written and mentioned on the All Elite Conversation Club for months that AEW’s best bet is to ignore what’s coming out of WWE and just focus on themselves. This week is as big a test as any for them. They’ll want to respond. I’m hoping they don’t and just put on a great show. Let’s see how it played out.



Watching Will Ospreay matches week after week is such a joy. And it’s not the same match every show. Ospreay is so talented that he can adjust to any style. Hobbs was great in this one too and I’m hoping he can get some big wins under his belt moving forward instead of losing every big match he has been in for a while now. Every wrestler can’t be booked strong week after week, but Hobbs should be given the chance to prove he belongs in the top group.


Another great battle and one that finally got the crowd going. I wish Archer won more because there would have been a little less predictability in the result, but the two guys really fought hard and put on a great performance. I love that Danielson bruises so easily because it really sells a tough match when you see his chest bright red and torn up afterwards. I couldn’t help but laugh when Lance grabbed the crew member Jim and slammed him on top of Danielson. Taz saying “I kinda like that…. I don’t like that guy!” was great stuff. Plus, it got the crowd going a bit which was needed.


Whoa! Was that great or what? It was an average show with some good and some bad until that final segment. That’s what I’ll remember from this show. There was great intensity from both Samoa Joe and Swerve. The facial expressions said just as much as they did on the mic. Joe was his usual confident self sending a clear message. Swerve was the battered babyface who laughed while blood dripped from his face. This was as good a closing angle as you could get for the world title and I’m very much looking forward to Dynasty where I can see either guy coming out of it with the title.



I’m dumbfounded. I’m utterly confused. I could not think of anything worse for an all-world talent like Jay White than what he had to go through in the MJF feud, but what happened on Dynamite was even worse. How are you expected to put butts in seats and start improving your product when you have a 60-year old totally dominate a former IWGP champion? Come on Tony Khan. Jay White losing to Billy Gunn by DQ?? Jay White begging Billy Gunn to stop the beatdown??? Jay White and his crew STILL getting run off in the end??? This was horrible and Jay White deserves so much better. Tony, you are ruining this guy. Brutal.
Translation: I did not like this.


The Young Bucks vs. Best Friends match was entertaining and if it was just a normal tag match with no stakes then I would have no problem with it. However, this was a tag team championship semifinal and you had the following:

1. The Bucks wasting time getting on headset to toss to a break
2. The Best Friends wasting time hugging in the ring when they had the Bucks in trouble
3. The Bucks wasting time pretending they might kick Sue
4. Trent wasting time getting a kiss from mommy when he had a chance to win

No reason for this nonsense in a match with that much on the line.

At least Trent finally got sick of losing and turned. That gets another storyline going and it was long overdue.


I understand why this was done, I just don’t think it needed to be done. The sentiment was awesome for AEW fans to hear and as a fan of AEW, I loved listening to it. In the big picture, however, it seemed like they were being defensive about what was said and had to respond. Here’s the thing. They did not have to respond. The best way to prove Punk and others wrong is to focus on creating a great product and take the high road. I agree with what Copeland said about the talent in AEW and if they continue to showcase that talent and develop the storylines, they are going to be fine. It also may have played better in front of a more energetic crowd, but that’s part of what they are trying to change.

The last segment saved this show and I’m hopeful that people stuck around to watch it. The crowd was strange. They seemed to react when prompted, but many of the entrances were mild at best. I couldn’t get a good feel of them until that last segment where they really got hot. All in all, this was a good, but not great show. I still think there is something missing and there needs to be a standout storyline that is able to bring new or lapsed viewers in and let them see what AEW has to offer.

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