WWE WRESTLEMANIA XL – NIGHT ONE RESULTS (4/6): Keller’s report on Reigns & Rock vs. Cody & Rollins, Ripley vs. Lynch, Gunther vs. Sami, Tag Team Title Ladder Match, more

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


APRIL 6, 2024

Commentators: Michael Cole, Corey Graves, Pat McAfee

Ring Announcer: Samantha Irvin

They opened with an aerial view of the stadium as Michael Cole introduced the show and touted the sellout crowd. They showed Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins arriving separately. They cut to Roman Reigns and The Rock arriving earlier in the stadium also.

-A music video package then aired with images of downtown Philadelphia.

-They showed Rhea Ripley warming up. Cole said it’s 52 degrees but feels like 48 with the wind. They showed Becky Lynch pacing backstage.

-Coco Jones sang the “Star Spangled Banner” from center ring. They showed troops in Africa standing for the anthem who were watching WrestleMania live. Fans chanted “USA!”

(Keller’s Analysis: The imagery is great throughout the opening minutes of the show. The visual just feels so well done and big time.)

-Paul “Triple H” Levesque then made his ring entrance to his theme song. He soaked up the scene and took a deep breath. Cole said, “This era should be known as the Triple H Era here in WWE.” It is Triple H’s first event he’s overseen in its entirety without any Vince McMahon presence. Graves said, “It’s finally go time. WrestleMania is here.” Triple H stood on the second rope and extended his arms. Cole noted Triple H has competed 23 times at WrestleMania. A “Triple H!” chant broke out. “Man, I live for this,” he said. “Welcome to a new time, welcome to a new era. Welcome to WrestleMania!” His voice went from calm to grinding and loud as he hit the crescendo.

(Keller’s Analysis: Levesque seemed to be welling up with emotion as he stood in the ring.)

-They went back to Cole, Graves, and McAfee at ringside. Graves noted he is 40 so WrestleMania lines up with his age every year.

(1) RHEA RIPLEY vs. BECKY LYNCH – Women’s World Title match

As Becky made her entrance, they plugged her new book. Cole said she’s been sick all week and they’d get more into that. A live performance then took place for Ripley’s entrance with Ripley posing on the stage with the band, “Motionless in White” from Scranton, Pa. The hair of the woman in the ring showed how much the wind was blowing in the center of the stadium. Cole noted she is suffering from strep throat. Graves said she had a temperature as high as 102 degrees. The bell rang 19 minutes into the hour. Becky dropkicked Ripley out of the ring a minute in. They battled briefly at ringside. Back in the ring, Ripley slammed Bevk to the mat, but Ripley came right back with a back suplex into a bridge for a two count.

Becky took sustained control. Ripley hit a sudden knee to the head and scored a near fall at 7:00. Becky went for an extended armbar. Ripley fought it and eventually lifted and slammed Becky. Becky held on through two slams but the grip broke with a third slam that turned into a sitout powerbomb. Cole mentioned the “cold weather” again. (They’re really talking a lot about that, and it’s not getting any warmer.) Becky leaped off the top rope with a legdrop two minutes later, but Ripley rolled out from under and applied the Prism Trap. Becky crawled toward the bottom rope, but Ripley pulled her back to the middle and fully cinched on the hold. Becky rolled over and leveraged Ripey’s shoulder’s down for a two count.

Becky landed a Manhandle Slam for a two count as a counter to a Rip Tide and scored a two count at 12:00. Ripley landed a Rip Tide for a near fall a minute later. Becky came back with a superplex and then applied her Disarm Her. Ripley powered out and lifted Becky onto her shoulders. They tumbled over the top rope. Ripley landed on her feet and fell backwards with an Electric Chair slam on the ringside mat. Back in the ring, Ripley leaped off the top rope with a frog splash for a near fall.

Becky and Ripley battled on the top rope. Ripley got the better of Becky and gave her a Rip Ride on the top turnbuckle and then a Rip Tide for the win. Becky leaned in the corner and soaked up the loss as Ripley celebrated.

WINNER: Ripley in 17:00 to retain the Women’s World Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: Good match. It would’ve made Ripley look weak to lose to Becky with how much they emphasized that Becky had been sick all week. It worked to give her a bit of an out for losing.) [c]

(2) FINN BALOR & DAMIEN PRIEST vs. THE NEW DAY (Xavier Woods & Kofi Kingston) vs. AUSTIN THEORY & GRAYSON WALLER vs. NEW CATCH REPUPLIC (Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate) vs. MIZ & R-TRUTH vs. DIY (Tommaso Ciampa & Johnny Gargano) – Tag Team Ladder match for the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Both pairs of belts were hanging above the ring, but far enough apart to make two separate ladder climbs necessary. The bell rang 50 minutes into the hour. After lots of chaotic action in the opening minutes, Bate lifted Balor onto his shoulders when Balor was holding a ladder, then spun him and the ladder around like a helicopter. Kofi entered the ring and got knocked down by the ladder. Balor dropped the ladder, but Bate held on and spun Balor into the ladder leaning in the corner.

Bate and Dunne climbed a tall ladder at ringside and then moonsaults off of them onto crowds of wrestlers at ringside, who all took a tumble. As Bate climbed a ladder in the ring, Priest rammed Dunne into him to knocked him down. Bate landed on Dunne in a crash landing. Priest climbed a ladder. Miz yanked him down. Balor and Priest leaned a ladder in the corner. R-Truth stood on the ring apron and grabbed the tag rope and asked to tag in. Fans cheered. Cole explained how confused Miz was. Miz ducked a Balor and Priest clothesline and tagged in Truth. Truth rallied against Balor with the John Cena routine. The crowd ate it. Truth gave Balor a Death Valley Driver onto the ladder and pinned Balor, counting the pin himself. Miz explained to a celebrating Truth that a pin isn’t relevant in this match. Miz and Truth gave Priest a Skull Crushing Finale.

Truth & Miz chatted with Gargano & Ciampa. They devised a plan to each go after separate pairs of titles. Theory and Waller tipped over both ladders. Waller pulled down the Smackdown belt. They were declared the new Smackdown Tag Team Champions.

WINNERS #1: Waller & Theory 7:00 to win the Smackdown Tag Team Titles.

Bate punched Waller on the ladder, knocking him out. Bate and Dunne then threw Waller over the top rope onto a ladder bridged at ringside. Fans chanted “We Want Tables” as wrestlers brawled at ringside. Gargano and Ciampa pulled tables out from under the ring as fans chanted “ECW! ECW!” In the ring, Xavier springboard elbow dropped Gargano on a bridged ladder. Kofi and Xavier cleared the ring and climbed a ladder toward the red Raw tag belts. Kofi leaped off the ladder onto a crowd at ringside. Theory pulled Xavier off the ladder and threw him to the floor. Dunne and Bate then gave Theory a Burning Hammer.

Gargano and Ciampa entered the ring. Ciampa climbed a ladder with Bate as Garvano leaped and DDT’d Dunne off the ring apron through a table at ringside. Ciampa then delivered a leaping Air Raid Crash off the top of the ladder. Truth entered the then-empty ring and climbed the ladder. J.D. McDonagh interfered, yanking Truth down. McDonagh then encouraged Balor to enter the ring. He guided him to the ladder and encouraged him as he climbed. Xavier and Kofi intervened. Kofi bashed Balor across his back. They trapped McDonagh on the ladder and tipped it over. McDonagh somersaulted over the top rope through a table at ringside. Priest nailed Xavier with a chair and then gave Kofi a Razor’s Edge onto the chair.

Fans booed as Priest began to climb the ladder. He took his time and smiled. Miz rushed into the ring and climbed quickly. The ladder was damaged and buckling on Miz’s side. Priest shoved Miz off with a South of Heaven. Priest got rid of the broken ladder. Truth slid a different ladder into the ring. Priest grabbed it and set it up. He climbed, but htis time Truth tipped the ladder over. Truth then gave Priest an Attitude Adjustment over the top rope to the floor. Truth then set up the ladder. Everyone else was down and out at ringside. He climbed and unhooked the belts to win. Cole said it was Truth’s first win at a WrestleMania.

WINNERS #2: R-Truth & Miz to capture the Raw Tag Team Titles in 17:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: I doubt many people had their money on those two teams walking away with the belts. This is a signal from Levesque that he wants to “tell stories” with the tag belts with silly personalities more than he wants the belts and the overall division to be taken seriously. The splitting of the belts is an interesting move, as it signals a stronger divide between the two brands which could carry over into the Netflix era, but not necessarily as that’s a long ways off. Fans are really into Truth at this point, and Waller & Theory will be obnoxious as champs, so they can at least lean into that in coming weeks. I wouldn’t bank on either team being champs for long, though. The match itself featured comedy spots mixed with seeming high-risk stunts, so perhaps it pleased a wide swath of different types of WWE fans.) [c]

(3) DOMINIK MYSTERIO & SANTOS ESCOBAR (w/Humberto, Angel, Elektra Lopez) vs. REY MYSTERIO & ANDRADE (w/Zelina Vega, Carlito, Cruz Del Toro, Joaquin Wilde)

Cole noted during Rey’s entrance that it’s his 12th WrestleMania. The bell rang 20 minutes into the second hour. Cole said it’s Escobar’s first WrestleMania. A minute in, Andrade nailed Dom with an elbow to the head. Andrade put Rey on his shoulders and they leaped off the ring apron onto Dom and Escobar at ringside. Cool spot.

Rey had Dom in the corner and pulled off his belt to whip him. Dom fought back before Rey could use it. He tagged out to Santos who went after Rey at ringside. McAfee said it’s “more cold than you can imagine” for the wrestlers exposed to the wind. Cole noted there was a lot of chatter online about Carlito’s reaction to Rey choosing Andrade to replace the fallen Dragon Lee.

Rey gave Escobar a Code Red at 7:00. Andrade and Dom each tagged in. Andrade got in a flurry of moves including running double-knees into Dom in the corner. He followed with the Charlotte-style moonsault where the opponent moves so he landed on his feet and then hit a standing moonsault instead. Andrade tagged Rey back in and set up a 619 on Escobar. He tossed Dom over the top rope and then hit the 619. Andrade then leaped off the top rope with a moonsault press onto Dom.

Escobar took Rey off the top rope with a leaping huracanrana. Lopez distracted the ref. Vega yanked her off the ring apron and then leaped off the second rope with a moonsault at Lopez that barely grazed her. More chaos with the men at ringside diving on each other. Carlito then shoved Humberto into Del Toro. Carlito and Del Toro launched Wilde off the second rope and he flew far onto Angel and Humberto on the ramp.

Back in the ring, Escobar went back on the attack on Rey and threw him shoulder-first inot the ringpost. Two men leaped off the ringside barricade and threw Dom into the ringpost and then into the ring. Rey then gave both Dom and Escobar a 619 at once. Rey landed a top rope splash o Escobar for the win.

Jason Kelce and Lane Johnson from the Philadelphia Eagle unmasked afterward and celebrated with Rey and company.

WINNERS: Rey & Escobar in 11:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: A fine tag match. Nothing epic, but enough athletic spots to keep things moving. It just didn’t have much of a story outside of the various spots and then the finish with the local football stars.)


Lil’ Wayne was introduced as “the greater rapper of all time.” He then came out rapping on the stage briefly which the morphed into Jey’s entrance theme. He made his way to the ring with Wayne. Jey leaped onto Jimmy as he arrived at ringside. He threw him into the ringpost. When they entered the ring, the ref called for the bell 44 minutes into the second hour. Cole and Graves talked about Rikishi saying how proud he is both, but it’s tearing the family apart. Jimmy took control. He taunted the crowd at 3:00 as he climbe to the top rope. He went for a leap, but Jey moved and then Jey kicked Jimmy in the face. They stood and took turns hitting each other as fans yelled “Yeet! / No Yeet!”

Jimmy got the better of Jey and landed an enzuigiri. Jey fired back with his own enzuigiri. Both were down and they eyed each other. Jey dared Jimmy to superkick him. He did, and Jey no-sold it and then kicked Jimmy. Jey asked for another kick, and Jimmy obliged. Jey then fired back with his kick, sending Jimmy into the corner. Jey then ran and landed a leaping superkick. Jey talked to Jimmy as Jimmy struggled to stand. When Jey went for another running superkick, Jimmy held up his hand and Jey held up. Cole said Jey was showing compassion for his brother.

Jimmy said, “I’m sorry.” Fans booed. Jey kneeled. Jimmy offered his hand. Jey helped him up. Fans booed. Jimmy hugged him, but then shoved him off and superkicked him. Jimmy then landed a quick top rope frog splash for a near fall at 10:00. Jey surprised a charging Jimmy with a spear. Jey then quickly climbed to the top rope and landed a splash for a three count. Cole said Jey won the Usos civil war.

WINNER: Jey in 11:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Eh, it was okay, but nothing special. Sure, it told a story with the back and forth and the emotions and all that, but given the epic backstory, it just didn’t rise to the occasion overall. The crowd got more into as the match progressed, but it never hit a high level of passion. This match just came too late in the Bloodline saga. It’s cool, I suppose, they had their match at a WrestleMania, but it ended up feeling well past the peak moment for the match. Jey can be forgiven for trusting Jimmy since he’s always been the one seemingly most wanting to think reconciliation is possible when all signs point otherwise.)

-They showed Cody Rhodes getting out of his bus with a ring jacket with his and Seth Rollins’s logos.


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(5) BIANCA BELAIR & NAOMI & JADE CARGILL vs. DAMAGE CTRL (Asuka & Kairi Sane & Dakota Kai)

Damage CTRL made their entrance first. Then Jade, Naomi, and Belair each had their music play and then they walked from the stage to the ring together. (Someone in the crowd held up a “Naz Reid” banner; he’s an ultra-fan-favorite player on the Minnesota Timerw0lves and a top Sixth Man of the Year candidate. The bell rang 8 minutes into the third hour.

Naomi started against Asuka.

Naomi had an extended period early where the heels isolated her. She tagged Belair at 3:00 and she beat up all three heels. She pressed Kairi over her head and dropped her onto Dakota and Asuka before landing a running handspring moonsault onto all three. McAfee said it’d be hard to be humble if he pinned three wrestlers at once. A “We Want Jade!” chant started with some fans briefly. The heel trio took control briefly, but hten Belair tagged in Jade.

Jade took on all three, including giving Asuka a backbreaker. She caught Kairi mid-air and gave her a backbreaker Dakota entered, but Jade gave her a back body drop. Jade then landed a a Michinku Driver on Dakota, but Kairi and Asuka broke up the cover. Belair and Naomi entered and attacked Asuka and Dakota, getting control after Asuka accidentally blew mist in the eyes of Kairi. Belair whipped Asuka with her braid and then delivered a KOD. Jade then gave Dakota her Jaded finisher for the win.

WINNER: Jade & Belair & Naomi in 8:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: Jade didn’t do much at all in this one. It says something they didn’t turst her to do much at all despite so much training given all the hype. What she did do, though, looked impressive.) [c]

-A video package previewed the IC Title match. Then they cut backstage to Sami Zayn with his wife and little boy. Sami asked his wife to take his little boy away and not let him watch. He asked to see it on TVm, though, so Sami told him to watch it on TV only. Chad Gable then walked up to Sami and said it was time. Sami said, “Let’s go.” Gable said he wanted him to do it by himself. Sami asked if he was serious. Gable said he’s got it on his own and he already did. He told him not to forget he owes him a favor, though. Sami then headed to the stage.

(6) GUNTHER vs. SAMI ZAYN – Intercontinental Title match

Sami Zayn made his entrance through the tunnel and the camera followed him. He ran into Kevin Owens who hugged him and yelled for him to go do it. Then his music played and he headed out to the ring. Cole said the last time was such an underdog was last February 2023 against Roman Reigns and he almost pulled it off. Gunther had a relative understated entrance. McAfee said, “The aura is palpable.” The bell rang 30 minutes into the third hour. The announcers brought up Rocky and noted that Gunther and Sami each had their first U.S. matches in Philadelphia.

Gunther grounded Sami a minute in with a boot to his face. Gunther contorted Sami over the top turnbuckle. Gunther methodically brat on Sami for six minutes. Sami made a comeback with a tornado DDT. Gunther caught a charging Sami with a sleeper. At 9:00 Sami caught Gunther with a Helluva Kick for a two count in a surge of adrenaline. Graves called it the Hail Mary. Cole said he 100 percent agreed it was Sami’s moment “and, dammit Corey, Sami knows it.” Sami went for a second Helluva kick, but Gunther hit him with a clothesline. He then powerbombed him twice and scored a believable near fall. The crowd popped. Gunther sat up in disbelief. They cut to Sami’s wife multiple times during big moments for her reactions. Gunther looked down at her and she trash-talked back.

Gunther pelted Sami with some knees and then shoved his boot into his throat at 11:00. As he stomped away, Cole said Gunther switched into destruction mode. Sami fought back again and delivered a brainbuster suplex off the top rope that practically looked like a botched superplex. Sami then landed a Helluva kick. Gunther collapsed. Sami riled up the crowd. Sami delivered another Helluva as Cole asked, “Do you believe in miracles?” Sami draped his arm over Gunther and scored a three count. Cole exclaimed,
“The 666 day reign is over!” Sami cried as the ref handed him the belt. Cole called it one of the biggest upsets of the last decade.

Sami kissed and then hugged his wife, who was crying. Sami reentered the ring to celebrate some more.

WINNER: Sami in 15:00 to capture the Intercontinental Title.

(Keller’s Analysis: Easily the best match of the night. No chicanery from Chad Gable, either. Just a pure clean underdog win that people will remember. I didn’t expect that at all, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a really cool WrestleMania moment. Curious to see if Gunther gets a rematch or declares he’s going after “bigger and better things” and aims at one of the world titles. I expect Gable to take credit in a heelish way.)

-Adam Pearce and Nick Aldis stood mid-ring. They thanked the fans. Aldis said it’s the biggest WrestleMania ever and they’ve only just begun. Pearce announced a crowd of 72,543.

-They showed George Kittle, Venessa Hudgens, Wale, and Druski at ringside.

-Cole plugged the Slammy Awards tomorrow morning and the WrestleMania Press Conference after the event tonight. They shifted to a rundown of tomorrow night’s line-up.


Cody made his entrance first. He hugged his mom at ringside. Then he hugged his father-in-law, whom Cole said was here after going through cancer treatment recently. Seth then made his entrance. Fans sang his song. He wore a robe that stretched roughly 12 feet behind him. The Rock then made his entrance with a Brahma Bull belt that looked like a pro wrestling championship title belt. Then Roman made his entrance with Paul Heyman. Formal ring introductions took place. Cole praised Samantha Irvin for her great ring introduction. He said this is the biggest tag match in WrestleMania history. He then said this is Seth’s first WrestleMania main event. The bell rang 24 minutes into the hour.

Both teams squared off as Cole said, “Let’s get it on at WrestleMania!” After an extended staredown with all four. Graves said he never imagined he’d have a chance to call a Rock match at a WrestleMania. Cole said there are only two men who have main evented WrestleMania in four different decades – Undertaker and Rock. Rock and Cody exited, and Reigns and Seth circled each other. They locked up two minutes after the bell rang. Fans began singing Seth’s song. After some low-key exchanges, Cody asked to tag in. Seth tagged in Cody. They engaged in a Greco-Roman knuckle lock. Seth tagged himself in as Cody hit the ropes. Roman backed away from Cody and Seth. Rock had some wordsfor Seth. Fans chanted “Rocky!” briefly. Roman tagged in Rock. Cole said for the first time in eight years, Rock has entered a match.

Rock circled Seth. They locked up. Seth outmaneuvered Rock and shoved him from behind. Fans sang Seth’s song. Rock looked irked and then nodded and said, “Okay.” Rock charged out of the corner and clotheslined Seth. Rock then turned and invited Cody to enter the ring. Seth tagged Cody’s extended hand. Cole said Rock decided as a member of the Board he wanted to face Reigns at WrestleMania, but Cody didn’t want to give it up, and in response Rock slapped him. McAfee said Rock loves the business. Cole asked if he has a massive ego. Cody punched and kicked Rock in the corner. Seth tagged in and he joined Cody in a double-team as the ref counted. Rock bumped onto his back after Cody and Seth elbowed his chest.

When McAfee said Rock claimed he was saving the business, Graves quickly pointed out the business didn’t need saving and pointed to the crowd of 72,000. McAfee said that’s what Rock said. All four squared off again mid-ring. A four-way brawl broke out. They fought to ringside. Cody and Reigns brawled up the ramp. Rock threw Seth into the ringside steps. He told the ref if he counts him out, he’ll fire him. “I don’t f— around!” he shouted, and he wasn’t bleeped. Seth fought back and threw Rock over the barricade, leading to the “walk-‘n’-brawl” phase of the match. They went to a two picture view of both pairs of fights for a while.

Seth leaped off the ring barricade and hit Rock with a double axe handle. Reigns clipped Seth’s leg from behind, knocking Seth off the ring apron. Seth grabbed his knee and pounded the floor in pain and frustration. Cole said that doesn’t bode well for Seth with a World Hvt. Title match tomorrow night. Rock then focused on Seth’s knee in the ring. Rock rammed Seth’s leg around the ringpost twice. Rock then tagged Reigns into the match.

Reigns methodically beat up Seth for several minutes, then tagged Rock back in. Rock spread Seth’s legs and punched him low. Cole said the ref apologized to Cody and said he couldn’t do anything about it. Seth began to fight back. He landed an enzuigiri. Rock went down. Both were slow to get up. Reigns ran at Seth, but Seth threw him out of the ring. When Seth leaped to tag Cody, Reigns yanked Cody off the ring apron. Rock then applied a Sharpshooter mid-ring. Cody entered and slapped Rock. Rock released the hold. Cody snapped Rock’s neck over the top rope. Seth superkicked and stomped The Rock. Seth grabbed his knee in pain and went down. Cody and Roman both reached for tags. Both tags were made.

Cody went at Roman. Cody landed a snap powerslam. He followed with a Disaster Kick and then a Cody Cutter for a two count. Roman had a bloody nose. Reigns fired back with a Superman Punch for a two count. Roman wiped blood from his noise and snorted and looked angry and fired up. He then set up a spear. Cody leaped over and sunset flipped Reigns for a two count. Cody then launched himself off the top rope at Reigns with a quick Cody Cutter attempt, which turned into more of an inverted shoulder block. Seth then landed a top rope frog splash for a dramatic near fall.

Seth stood and went for a Stomp, but Reigns caught him and powerbombed him. Rock was standing on the floor this whole time. Seth kicked Reigns as he charged with a spear attempt..Cody and Seth superkicked Reigns. Seth then landed the Stomp. Cody then followed with a Crossroads for near fall. Rock pulled the ref out of the ring before he could count to three. “This is getting ridiculous,” said Cole. Graves said this is what Bloodline Rules could look like tomorrow night,

Rock threw Seth into the barricade at ringside as Reigns gave Cody a low blow and a spear. The ref counted to two. Rock threw a fit at ringside. Reigns and Cody were slow to get up. A “Cody! Cody!” chant started. Reigns stood and rubbed his boot into Cody’s face. Reigns applied a guillotine. The ref checked on Cody’s arm, but it didn’t drop. Rock held down Cody’s leg. Cole said it’s so stupid because of The Rock. Seth then gave Reigns a Stomp to break up the hold. the Stomp seemed to hit both Roman and Cody. Rock re-entered the ring and threw Seth to the floor. Roman tagged in Rock. Fans booed. Rock stared down at Cody’s mom and father-in-law. He then picked up the white belt and told them the blood that’s about to get on the belt is on them.

Cody yanked the belt from Rock and punched away at him. He then gave him a bionic elbow. Rock caught Cody with a spinebuster. Rock then went into the People’s Elbow routine. Cody stood and caught Rock with a Cody Cutter. Cody pounded his chest and played to the crowd to a mixed reaction. Cody then set up a Crossroads, but Roman landed a Superman Punch to stop him as the show cross into the fifth hour.

Reigns leaned in the corner and let out a yell. He then went for a spear, but Seth moved Cody out of the path and Reigns speared The Rock. Reigns looked shocked. Seth then gave Romans a Pedigree as Cody gave Rock a Pedigree. Cody and Seth made the covers and each scored a two count. “Dammit!” yelled Cole. Seth leaped off the top rope onto Reigns at ringside. Meanwhile, Cody cleared the announce desk. Rock raked Cody’s eyes and then cleared the Spanish announce desk. Rock picked up Cody for a slam and yelled at Cody’s mom, “Look at your son!” Rock then stood on the announce desk and set up a Rock Bottom. Seth pulled Rock’s boot. Cody elbowed free and gave Rock a Rock Bottom through the announce desk. Reigns then speared Seth through a ringside barricade. “There are bodies everywhere!” exclaimed Cole.

Reigns gave Cody a Drive By. Reigns climbed to his corner and Rock tagged him in. Reigns, looking exhausted, went after Cody 42 minutes into the match. Cody and Reigns exchanged wild swings. Cody delivered a Crossroads. He did it a second time. Rock then whipped Cody with the belt before he could do a third one. Reigns then speared Cody. Rock asked for a tag. Reigns hesitated, nodded, and tagged in Rock. Rock gave Cody a Rock Bottom and then stood over him and did a throat slice gesture. Rock landed a People’s Elbow and scored a three count. “Cody is screwed,” said Cole. Graves said it’s time for Cody to find a new dream because tomorrow night won’t be Cody’s night.

Cody was face-down on the mat as Rock’s music played. Cody eventually sat up and looked dejected.

WINNERS: Rock & Reigns in 43:00.

(Keller’s Analysis: An epic match with ton of drama. Rock did enough physically to not seem like he was taking it easy, but also managed to play it pretty safe overall. The spear Reigns gave Rock was left there without further mention, but certainly can be brought up later and it was a nice tease of something that didn’t end up mattering in the finish. They’ve created a sense of almost no hope for Cody going into night two, which can set up a lot of interesting things with Bloodline Rules in effect. The match at times felt long and yet it all came together with some dramatic closing moments.)

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