10 YRS AGO – WWE Raw Results (4-7-2014): Ultimate Warrior speech, The Wyatts vs. Sheamus & Big E & Cena, The Usos defend against Batista & Orton, Bryan vs. Triple H, Hogan, Brock, Rusev

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor

Hulk Hogan (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


The following report originally published 10 years ago this week here at PWTorch.com…

WWE Raw TV Results
April 7, 2014 – Episode #1,088
Live in New Orleans, La.
Aired on USA Network
Report by James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Announced for Raw: Bryan vs. Hunter for the WWE Title, Usos vs. Orton & Batista for the Tag Titles, the Ultimate Warrior, Daniel Bryan opening the show, Brock Lesnar discussing ending The Streak, and a big six-man tag of John Cena, Big E., and Sheamus vs. the Wyatts.

WWE Network Pre-Game Show

– Josh Mathews introduced the show from the pre-show panel with Booker T, former NFL star Shawn Merriman, and Alex Riley. Booker said it’s like Opening Day and the start of a new march to WrestleMania, Riley called it arguably the biggest Raw of the year, and Merriman said this is his first Raw after WM30.

Booker hyped Daniel Bryan’s big night tonight, then announced that Bryan is opening Raw. Riley focused on Brock Lesnar appearing on Raw tonight to address ending The Streak. Mathews then fed to a video package on the Bryan vs. Hunter match last night at WM30. Then, a look at Bryan conquering Randy Orton, Batista, and The Authority to finally become WWE World Hvt. champion.

– Back at the studio panel, Merriman talked about the devastation of Undertaker losing at WM30, then Booker hyped Bryan as the Face of WWE. Merriman said that Bryan showed something special last night. Mathews then fed to a video package on Brock Lesnar ending The Streak last night.

Back at the panel, the studio panel sold still in shock re-watching the end of The Streak match. Booker said “thank you” to Undertaker, then Mathews said he thinks a lot of people didn’t want to see this to end. Merriman said The Streak wasn’t just contained to the wrestling world, but to all of sports. He talked as if Taker’s career is over, thanking him for years of performances. Riley said he’s never seen or experienced a moment like that where the audience was truly in disbelief and then disappointed.

– After a break, Josh Mathews hyped Shawn Michaels saying good-bye to WWE four years ago, but WWE instead fed to a video package on Kofi Kingston temporarily avoiding elimination in the Andre Battle Royal last night. Mathews re-directed the conversation to Cesaro winning the Andre battle royal. Booker hyped Cesaro as one of the strongest guys he’s ever seen. Apparently the Kofi clip was supposed to be for the Superstars broadcast since Kofi’s entrance played in the background for the second Superstars match taped before Raw. Mathews then fed to a video on the end of John Cena vs. Bray Wyatt last night.

– Back to the studio panel, Booker received some breaking news that it will be John Cena & IC champ Big E. & Sheamus vs. the Wyatts in a six-man tag match on Raw. Mathews tried to throw to a video package on Shawn Michaels retiring four years ago, but a Scooby-Doo spot aired. So, Mathews tried a third time and got Michaels’s retirement speech post-WM26. Then, Cena and The Rock post-WM27, then Brock Lesnar returning to take out Cena post-WM28, then Dolph Ziggler cashing in MITB last year post-WM29.

– The pre-show closed with a backstage shot of new WWE World Hvt. champion Daniel Bryan walking down the hallway preparing to kick off Raw.

Live Raw on USA Network

Raw opened with a video package documenting Daniel Bryan’s rise from an NXT Rookie to WWE World Hvt. champion last night at WrestleMania 30. Great video package documenting the journey that concluded with still shots of Bryan celebrating at the end of the PPV.

Live in the arena, the crowd was hyped doing “Yes!” chants. Justin Roberts then formally introduced the new WWE World Hvt. champion, Daniel Bryan. Bryan emerged on-stage with the World Hvt. Title belt around his waist and WWE Title in his right hand. Bryan led the crowd in “Yes!” chants down to the ring as Michael Cole noted that Bryan survived Triple H, Randy Orton, Batista, and a crooked referee to become champ.

Bryan hit the ring to loud “Yes!” chants before Cole, Jerry Lawler, and JBL talked on-camera about Bryan becoming champ. Bryan’s music stopped and the crowd broke into a sustained “Daniel Bryan” chant. Bryan soaked up the moment and sold becoming emotional over his big moment in the sun. JBL called it incredible. The chant seemed to pick up steam mid-way through and then grew louder. Bryan opened by asking if they ever get tired. “No! No! No!” chants followed.

Bryan said he wants everyone to know it’s difficult doing the “Yes!” now that he’s holding two titles, then the crowd applauded and broke into more “Yes!” chants. Bryan decided to do it anyways and did “Yes!” hand motions with the crowd. Big applause from the crowd. Bryan said it’s funny that a little over two years ago, he started doing “Yes!” and now here they are the day after WrestleMania 30 and it seems like everyone here was united with one word, “Yes!” The crowd responded with a “You deserve it” chant.

Bryan said he might deserve it a little bit, but he thinks the crowd deserves it. Because when he started doing the “Yes!” it wasn’t just a word or a hand gesture or any of that. It’s about the power of the audience to make change and because of the fans, last night, he went into WrestleMania 30, he beat The Authority, and now he stands here as new WWE World Hvt. champion!

Suddenly, Triple H’s music played. Hunter emerged on-stage with a big frown on his face. Stephanie McMahon followed behind also upset. Hunter and Steph hit the ring apron and Hunter’s music stopped. The crowd broke into a “You got beat” chant, then an old-school “a-hole” chant.

Hunter said he’s not going to step into the ring because he doesn’t want to do something he will regret. Bryan interrupted and checked that Hunter isn’t going to get in the ring, then he removed his title belts and walked right into Hunter’s face to do the “Yes!” with both title belts. Hunter smirked and told him to enjoy his moment. “It’s not going to last,” he said. Hunter said it can’t last.

Matter of fact, it won’t even make it through the night. Hunter vowed to make sure of it personally because Bryan is going to defend the World Title tonight in this very ring against … Hunter. Hunter screamed that he’s going to end it all tonight. “Because the reality is this is my show and there is not a damn thing you can do about it!” he said before throwing down the mic. Hunter walked off in a huff, then Steph followed from a distance. Bryan smiled inside the ring and led the crowd in “Yes!” chants.

[Q2] Announcers: The celebration shifted to a sour mood when WWE flashed an image of Brock Lesnar standing tall over The Undertaker on the big screen. Cole said Lesnar is here tonight.

[Commercial Break at 8:16]

WM30 Photo Gallery: The Rock. The Undertaker. Triple H. Hulk Hogan. Undertaker losing. Bryan winning.

Office: Stephanie told Hunter that she can’t wait to see Hunter shut this all down tonight. Batista then jumped in and said he’s confused by all of this. He said it’s all Hunter’s fault since he lost to Bryan in the opening match. Hunter told Batista not to go there, then Randy Orton walked in and said he’s guaranteed a re-match and he wants it tonight. Hunter said they will all get re-matches and he is the COO, so he takes care of if tonight. Steph said they will sort it all out after tonight, then she booked them in a tag match against the Usos for the Tag Titles. Orton said he doesn’t care about the tag belts, then said he wants his title shot. Hunter calmed them down and said when they are on the same page, no one can stop them.

Suddenly, the Wyatts’s video interrupted. Bray Wyatt told N’awlins that they’re here. Bray’s music played and the post-Mania crowd clapped along to the beat of Bray’s catchy tune. The Wyatts were suddenly at ringside when the lights came on and Bray called out to the crowd in anger over losing to John Cena last night. Cole hyped the big six-man tag up next.

[Commercial Break at 8:24]

Back from break, Sheamus was on his way to the ring to join IC champion Big E. at ringside. John Cena’s music then played to boos and some cheers to bring out WWE’s top star. The post-WM30 crowd broke into some sort of chant during Cena’s entrance music, then Cena charged the ring and Big E. and Sheamus followed him into the ring to begin the match.


1 — JOHN CENA & IC champion BIG E. & SHEAMUS vs. THE WYATTS (BRAY WYATT & ERICK ROWAN & LUKE HARPER) — six-man tag match

The big brawl settled down into Bray controlling Cena, trying to take out his frustration over losing to Cena last night. Sheamus tagged in to boos and he put the boots to Bray in the corner. Bray fought back to cheers and the crowd broke into a “Let’s Go Wyatts” chant that sounds like “Daniel Bryan.” Sheamus then corner-mounted Rowan and went for Ten Punches that the crowd responded to with “boo” for each one.

Big E. tagged in next to boos and delivered power offense to Rowan. Big E. eventually got the crowd on his side by doing something impressive showing power and strength, but Harper tagged in to cheers. Cena then tagged in to boos, taunted Bray, delivered the Five Knuckle Shuffle, and Harper countered the AA with a face-first plant for a two count. Cole sent the show to break as Bray tagged in to cheers.

[Commercial Break at 8:33]

Back from break, the crowd was hot mid-chant. JBL deftly made a sales pitch to get the App just to hear the crowd during commercials. The heels continued to work on Cena as the crowd broke into a “He’s got the whole world in his hands” chant. Bray tagged in to put the boots to Cena, drawing applause. The crowd then started singing, “John Cena Suuuuucks.” Bray then held Cena in his hands and headbutted Cena to try to get the focus back on their feud and story of Bray trying to draw the monster out of Cena. A 25/75 dueling chant of “Let’s Go Cena / Cena Sucks” chant broke out next.

At 11:00, Cena reached his corner to tag in Sheamus, who ran over Rowan to boos. Sheamus then mocked Bray’s pose and teased the Brogue Kick, but Bray caused a distraction allowing Rowan to deliver a huge clothesline. Big E. took a tag from Sheamus, but walked into a big kick from Harper. Harper then flew through the ropes with a big splash to Sheamus.

Back in the ring, Bray got into position for the crab pose. Bray walked backward toward Big E., popping the crowd. The crowd broke into a “Bray’s Gonna Kill You” chant a la Samoa Joe, then Bray dropped Big E. with Sister Abigail. It was good for the pin and the win.

Post-match: Cena was shown crawling away from ringside, selling for Bray “building a following,” which is how the announcers tried to frame the audience backing Bray’s character in a storyline context.

WINNERS: Wyatts at 13:46. Electric atmosphere for the Wyatts backed by an audience that appreciates Bray’s unique character and work. This was also a referendum on what the hardcore fans see as lame WWE babyfaces … unless you can do something cool in the ring.

Announcers: Cole, Lawler, and JBL wondered if Daniel Bryan’s celebration ends tonight against Triple H, then Cole fed to a video package on the animated Slam City show.

[Q4] [Commercial Break at 8:45]

Vignette: “Impossible” is “I’m possible.” Bo Dallas is coming.

In-ring: Fandango’s music played to bring out Summer Rae dressed to wrestle. Fandango followed behind wearing something like peacock feathers on his coat. The post-WM30 crowd re-lived last year with loud “Fandango’ing” chants as the duo hit the ring for a mixed tag. Santino’s music then played to bring out Santino and Emma. This should be interesting. Before the bell, Cole hyped tickets for Money in the Bank in Boston going on-sale Saturday.

2 — SANTINO & EMMA vs. FANDANGO & SUMMER RAE — mixed tag match

Fandango and Santino started things off with a mock dance battle. Santino quickly pulled out his Cobra sock puppet and teased Fandango, but Fandango reached his corner to tag in Summer, which meant Emma had to enter. Emma took advantage by submitting Summer to her Muta Lock submission. Post-match, Emma’s dance music played and Santino joined her for a celebration. They tried to pass the torch from Fandango’ing to Emma’s dance, but it didn’t catch on.

WINNERS: Santino & Emma at 1:30.

Up Next: Brock Lesnar will speak on breaking The Streak.

[Commercial Break at 8:53]

WM30 Photo Gallery: The Superdome, Austin and Hogan sharing a beer, Hogan and Rock sharing a beer, Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman, Undertaker with a leg drop to Brock, and Bryan celebrating.

Brock Lesnar Promo

Two minutes before the top of the hour, Brock Lesnar’s music played. The crowd was mixed with rumblings and groans and boos. Lesnar then emerged on-stage sporting a black eye. Paul Heyman followed behind as Lesnar bounced up and down before the duo walked down to the ring. JBL hyped none of Lesnar’s accomplishments comparing to when he broke The Streak last night. Cole said last night’s result altered the history of WWE.

[Q5 — second hour] Once in the ring, Heyman bowed down beneath Lesnar, who flashed his “Eat Sleep Beat The Streak” t-shirt to the crowd. Once Lesnar’s music stopped, the crowd booed and Heyman smiled. Heyman and Lesnar kind of looked around and listened to the crowd noise to feel out the audience.

Heyman said his name is Paul Heyman and it is the greatest privilege of his career to serve as the advocate for the Beast, Brock Lesnar, the Conqueror of The Undertaker’s Streak. (boos) Heyman said it’s a Streak that lasted nearly 25 years that ended in three seconds. “Bulls—” chant from the crowd. Heyman said he understands the crowd is shocked, which shows their lack of intelligence because they told them so.

Heyman then read the text on Lesnar’s t-shirt and accused the crowd of doubting his strategy and the credentials of the most dominant WWE athlete ever. Heyman said Brock is not here to put smiles on people’s faces, but to shock the fans and put tears in the eyes of children. The crowd popped for Heyman’s delivery.

Heyman said he would like to go off-page and “shoot from the hip.” He said that five seconds after Taker walked through the curtain, he collapsed. He said as all of the paramedics and doctors panicked, the most ruthless man who has ever met him, Vince McMahon, rode in the ambulance with Undertaker to the hospital. Heyman said Taker came “this close” to a broken neck, a cracked skull, and the greatest thing he ever did was not getting his shoulder up on the third F5 because Lesnar would have cracked his skull and broken his neck.

Heyman said Brock was not going to rest until “The Streak … was … dead.” He said what gets to him is that when the match was over, JBL and those two people who call themselves announcers stood up and gave a standing ovation to The Undertaker – the guy who lost the fight. Heyman said Lesnar taught him that there is always a winner and a loser, and last night, Taker was a loooooser. And, the winner was Brrrrrrock Lesssssnar!

Heyman continued that this “wild crowd” should be empowered because every one of them is like every member of the locker room – a bunch of wannabes. Heyman said when Lesnar walked through the curtain, no one gave him a standing ovation. He said Lesnar didn’t care because he doesn’t like anyone, barely even Heyman.

Heyman called Bryan and Cena wannabes, too, because they can’t stand up to Lesnar. Heyman proceeded to run down Hogan, Rock, and Stone Cold not being able to pull off Lesnar’s accomplishments because Lesnar is “the one.” He said Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, and Triple H didn’t break The Streak when they had a shot because they are wannabes, too, because Brock is the “one” in 21-and-1.

Heyman paused to mock “What?” chants, saying, “Brrrrrock Lessssnar is the oneeeeeee in twenty-oneeeeeeee annnnnnnd oneeeeeeeeeee.” Heyman got back to business that there are WWE Hall of Famersssss, Legendssssss, and Superstarsssss who are all lumped together, then one man stands alone on a platform of his own. Heyman and Lesnar then left the ring before his music played. The duo hit the stage and continued walking to the back.

[ JC’s Reax: A lot of babbling and Heyman traveled all over the map, but his delivery and battle with the post-WM Crowd was fantastic. Plus, cutting through the “worked shoot” business, WWE subtly set up future big-money matches with Bryan, Cena, and perhaps some others. ]

Up Next: Usos vs. Batista & Orton for the Tag Titles.

[Commercial Break at 9:11]

Vignette: The Exotic Express, namely Adam Rose, is coming.

[Q6] In-ring: Batista’s music played to bring out the 2014 Royal Rumble winner. Batista marched down to the ring, then former WWE World champion Randy Orton emerged looking naked without his title belts. Lawler also noted that it looks strange. The Usos’s music then played to bring out the tag champs.

3 — THE USOS vs. BATISTA & RANDY ORTON — WWE Tag Title match

The match started with Batista and Orton controlling the action. The crowd tried to “get in the heads” of Batista and Orton with non-related chants, namely “C-M Punk,” “Justin Roberts,” and “JBL.” Orton and Batista took the Usos to the floor, where both teams were counted out to boos. Batista then delivered a Batistabomb on the ring steps. The challengers hit the ring and raised their arms in mock victory to close the segment.

WINNERS: Double count-out at 2:12; Usos retain the Tag Titles.

Still to come: Hulk Hogan is on Raw to present the Andre the Giant trophy to Cesaro.

[Commercial Break at 9:23]

WM30 Photo Gallery: WrestleMania, Brock & Heyman, Hunter as a king, Cena staring at Bray’s crab walk, Daniel Bryan celebrating, and Brock celebrating.

In-ring: Justin Roberts formally introduced … Rob Van Dam. The crowd was somewhat hushed since there was no build-up to RVD’s return. Van Dam then emerged on-stage to a stronger crowd reaction. Damien Sandow was already in the ring to face RVD.


The early bit was Sandow cutting off RVD’s name chant, as RVD only got in “Rob,” then “Rob Van” before Sandow attacked him. RVD came back with kicks and strikes before placing Sandow on the guardrail in front of John Cena’s dad. RVD followed with a flying roundhouse kick to Sandow, knocking him off the guardrail. The crowd insulted him with a “You Still Got It” chant, then RVD took Sandow back into the ring for more offense. Rolling Thunder led to a Five-Star Frogsplash and a three count for a decisive return win.

WINNER: RVD at 2:50. Basic warm-up match in front of an appreciative crowd to get RVD back in the mix.

[Q7] Still to come: Bryan vs. Hunter for the WWE World Title.

[Commercial Break at 9:32]

Tomorrow: WWE is airing a “Journey to WrestleMania” special on Daniel Bryan on WWE Network at 9:00 p.m. EST. It follows WWE Main Event.

In-ring: Rey Mysterio’s music played back from break. Not much crowd reaction for a legacy star who WWE has downplayed in recent months. Rey hit the ring, then Wade Barrett’s music played to a big pop from the international crowd. Bad News Barrett emerged on-stage and dropped his heel jacket in dramatic fashion. Barrett played to the appreciative crowd.


Barrett took the mic after the bell sounded and told the crowd he’s afraid he has some bad news, which popped the crowd. But, Rey kicked the mic out of Barrett’s hand to boos. Rey then knocked Barrett to the floor to continue the attack. Back in the ring, Barrett assaulted Rey with right hand strikes to cheers. A European football chant broke out before Barrett delivered a Black Hole Slam for a close two count.

Barrett continued to work on Rey as the crowd broke into another football chant. Rey knocked Wade off the top rope to boos, then hit a seated senton into a spinning DDT for a two count. Rey connected with a 619 to boos, then climbed to the top rope to louder boos. Rey paused to acknowledge with a smile, then Barrett crotched him to cheers. Barrett followed with a Bullhammer Elbow, then he covered Rey for the pin and the win.

WINNER: Barrett at 3:50. It will be interesting to see where WWE goes from here with Rey and Barrett in front of a typical Raw crowd.

Announcers: Cole said they have some good news – WWE stars will be on E!’s “The Soup” this Wednesday. Cole then fed to a video on a “big-time debut” up next. Cole held his pose for a while waiting for the video to play, then a video package aired on Rusev.

[Q8] [Commercial Break at 9:44]

Vignette: Adam Rose gave a tour of his “Exotic Express” party bus. Coming Soon.

In-ring: Justin Roberts introduced the “ravishing Russian,” Lana, who emerged on-stage to introduce the super-athlete, Alexander Rusev. Rusev emerged on-stage with a cold look in his eyes before hitting the ring to find Zack Ryder standing in the ring. Rusev did some sort of pre-match posedown before the bell sounded.


Rusev opened with swift kicks to Ryder’s mid-section, then cut off a brief comeback. Rusev followed with kicks against the ropes before powerslamming Ryder. From ringside, Lana called for the end. Rusev then lifted Ryder into the air for a swinging bodyslam to boos. Rusev followed with The Accolade Camel Clutch for a submission win. JBL said he can’t wait to see someone really test Rusev.

WINNER: Rusev via submission at 1:20.

Announcers: Cole, Lawler, and JBL were shown on-camera to set up a video package on the Hall of Fame this past Saturday, focusing on Jake Roberts, then Lita, Paul Bearer, Mr. T, Carlos Colon, Scott Hall, and finally Ultimate Warrior.

Up Next: Ultimate Warrior returns to Raw for the first time in 18 years.

[Commercial Break at 9:55]

WM30 Photo Gallery: Cesaro with the Andre trophy, Orton posing, Brock & Heyman, Cena teasing a chair shot on Bray, and Ultimate Warrior on the stage.

Ultimate Warrior Promo

[Q9 — third hour] At the top of the hour, Ultimate Warrior’s music played to bring out Warrior dressed in a suit. Warrior smiled and waved to the crowd, then made his way down to the ring with a slight limp as he walked. Warrior hit the ringside area and put on a Warrior jacket before shaking the ropes in classic form.

In the ring, Warrior asked the crowd to speak to him. He said when he was preparing to come out here, he was having trouble finding the words. He then pulled out a colorful Warrior mask and turned into Ultimate Warrior to tell “Warrior” to shut up and let him talk. Ultimate Warrior talked his talk about the fans making him live forever.

Ultimate Warrior said the crowd will decide whether future stars become legends like he became. “I am Ultimate Warrior. You are the Ultimate Warrior fans. And the spirit of the Ultimate Warrior will run forever!” he said before snarling.

Warrior’s music played and he removed his Warrior mask before playing to the crowd. Cole plugged the HOF special after Raw on USA Network. Warrior then shook the ropes before struggling to exit the ring. Warrior made his way up the ramp with a victory lap to close his segment.

Backstage: Divas champion A.J. Lee and Tamina were shown walking down the hallway. A.J. was giddy after retaining the Divas Title last night, while Tamina was not in a good mood. A.J. will speak next.

Announcers: Cole, Lawler, and JBL thanked the WWE Universe, then threw to a video package on the production team setting up WWE arenas for the fans. “Thank you,” the video closed over the WWE logo. That was random.

[Commercial Break at 10:07]

Back from break, A.J. Lee’s music played to bring out A.J. and Tamina for a promo. Cole said today marks Day #295 of A.J.’s reign after she survived Vickie Guerrero’s Invitational last night. In the ring, A.J. said for 295 days, she has been your Divas champion. And a couple of months ago, she stood atop the stage and tore the Divas a new one. But, she gave them 294 days to prove her wrong. “And they couldn’t,” she said.

A.J. said she is the hero of this story. After all, last night’s WrestleMania was A.J. Lee vs. The World. She said she overcame those odds, going from a poor girl in New Jersey to being the Best Diva in the World, which the crowd applauded. The crowd responded with a “C-M Punk” chant. She called herself the savior of the Divas champion. “I am the Divas division,” she said.

Suddenly, screeching noise played. And out came NXT Women’s champion Paige for a dream exchange for the hardcore fanbase. No title belt for Paige. Paige sized up A.J. as the crowd chanted, “Paige, Paige, Paige.” A.J. asked what she is doing here. Paige said she came to do what no one else would. And that’s congratulate A.J. on doing great last night.

A.J. thanked Paige for her kind words, saying every Diva should be lining up to thank her. But, she thinks Paige should go back to NXT and not interrupt the champion. A.J. said since Paige is here, perhaps she should beat her right here tonight. Paige humbly said she’s not ready. “I think you are,” A.J. said, then slapped Paige. “Are you ready now?” she asked. A.J. then called for a match right now. And she will put her title on the line, which popped the crowd. A.J. called for a ref right now.


7 — Divas champion A.J. LEE (w/Tamina) vs. NXT Women’s champion PAIGE — Divas Title match

“This is awesome!” chant before the bell sounded. Once the bell sounded, A.J. jumped Paige and beat her down. Paige continued to sell not being ready, then A.J. pranced around the ring. A.J. put Paige in the Black Widow, but Paige broke free of A.J.’s unbreakable finisher. Paige then dropped A.J. on her head with the Paige Turner and pinned her for the win, popping the crowd.

Post-match: Paige took the Divas Title belt and jumped out of the ring while A.J. sold being shocked, then stunned, then freaked out. WWE replayed the finish, then cut to back-and-forth shots of Paige celebrating and A.J. losing her mind.

WINNER: Paige at 1:22 to capture the Divas Title. Paige showed great confidence in her big moment, creating this year’s version of Dolph Ziggler cashing in MITB on the post-Mania show.

Up Next: Cesaro and Hulk Hogan.

[Commercial Break at 10:21]

Vignette: Bo Dallas repeated cliches as generic sports clips played.

Moments Ago: Paige escaped the Black Widow and pinned A.J. to become Divas champion. On commentary, JBL hyped this as a big night for NXT.

Hulk Hogan/Cesaro Segment

In-ring: The Andre Battle Royal trophy was shown in the ring. Hulk Hogan’s music then played to bring out the WM30 guest host. Cole hyped Hogan, The Rock, and “Stone Cold” Steve Austin in the same ring at the same last night as Hogan posed in the ring.

In the background, Sign Guy held up a “cue card” that read: “Smoothie King Center” to help Hogan remember the building tonight. Hogan said they had the biggest, baddest WrestleMania last night … in the Superdome, which popped the crowd for Hogan getting it right tonight. Hogan said last night produced a lot of great moments, but the one that stood out to him was the Andre battle royal. Pause for a “Ces-aro” chant.

Hogan said when he was watching the battle royal and saw Big Show get bodyslammed over the top rope, he felt real good in his heart. Now, every single Mania going forward will feature Andre’s legacy. He then gave it up for the battle royal winner, Cesaro.

The Real Americans’s theme played to bring out Cesaro as the crowd sang along to the “Real Americans” tune. Zeb Colter joined Cesaro on the way to the ring as WWE replayed Cesaro ending his partnership with Jack Swagger on the WM30 pre-show.

[Q11] Hogan congratulated Cesaro, then handed him the mic and left the ring. Cesaro prepared to speak, but Zeb took the mic and said he’ll take it from here. Zeb said he would like to talk about what kind of guy Cesaro is. He said he brought Cesaro into the fold several months ago as a “real American.” And not only did he make him a real American, but a Zeb Colter Guy. Cesaro smirked.

Cesaro cut off Zeb to a pop, then said he’s not that guy. Cesaro said he’s not a Zeb Colter Guy. He’s a Paul Heyman Guy. The crowd freaked out as Heyman emerged on-stage to introduce himself. Heyman said not only is he the strategist for Brock Lesnar, but the advocate for the King of Swing, Cesaro. Zeb asked Cesaro if he’s really dropping him for Paul Heyman. “Yes!” from the crowd.

Heyman confronted Zeb, telling “grandpa” that on behalf of his new client, he would like to instruct JBL and the other two clowns on how to discuss the future of the King of Swing, Cesaro. Heyman left to the announce position as Zeb confronted Cesaro. Jack Swagger then jumped Cesaro from behind and knocked him out of the ring. Swagger smashed the Andre trophy, then dumped it over the top rope to the floor, smashing it into pieces. Cesaro, seething on the outside, hit the ring and clotheslinde Swagger over the top rope to the floor as the crowd chanted, “Cesaro, Cesaro.” Raw cut to break.

[Commercial Break at 10:35]

8 — JACK SWAGGER (w/Zeb Colter) vs. CESARO (w/Paul Heyman)

The match was in progress back from break. Ringside, Heyman was clutching the Andre trophy, which Lawler said makes him sick. Lawler followed by asking Cesaro why he would align himself with a leech like Paul Heyman. Swagger controlled the action while the crowd picked up a “We The People” chant. Cesaro fought back as Heyman shouted from ringside that it’s Cesaro’s time.

Cesaro grappled Swagger in the corner, then hoisted him clear over the top rope from the ring apron to suplex him back in the ring. The crowd and announcers popped for the feat of strength that resulted in a two count. Multiple corner European uppercuts followed, then Cesaro called for the Big Swing, but Swagger bailed from the ring. Swagger high-tailed it up the entrance ramp as the ref started counting. “P—-” chant from the crowd as Zeb held off Swagger, who was then counted out.

Post-match: Heyman entered the ring and handed the Andre trophy to Cesaro, who posed as Heyman smiled in the background, having recruited a new rising star that he can use for his gain.

WINNER: Cesaro via count-out at 5:10. Very interesting developments. Heyman is still in heel mode obviously using Cesaro, who has dreams of bright lights and big victories after Heyman guided Lesnar to breaking The Streak, but Cesaro is still able to wrestle like a babyface.

Announcers: Cole announced Wyatts vs. Shield in a six-man tag match tomorrow night on Main Event on WWE Network. Then, the Daniel Bryan WrestleMania special.

Tonight: Bryan vs. Hunter for the WWE World Hvt. Title.

[Q12] [Commercial Break at 10:45]

WM30 Photo Gallery: Brock Lesnar beating The Streak grabbed newspaper and website headlines across the world.

Announcers: Cole transitioned to a happier note on Daniel Bryan celebrating his WWE World Title victory at WrestleMania. But, Triple H wants to end the good feelings tonight.

Backstage Office: Stephanie McMahon brought in The Shield and Kane. Steph said she doesn’t care what happened between Shield and Kane last night or what happened to Kane’s brother, Undertaker, last night, she wants to make sure Hunter becomes WWE World Hvt. champion again because an *injustice* is happening here.

Shield joked that Kane is missing some buddies, the New Age Outlaws. Kane, angry, said Hunter sees Shield as nameless, faceless thugs. He kept talking over Steph telling him to calm down, revealing that Hunter had him take out Shield a few weeks ago on Smackdown. “Kane!!!” Steph shouted at Kane, who finally piped down after revealing Authority’s plots. Steph tried to get everyone back on the same page unified under the boss, Triple H. “Do I make myself clear?” she tersely asked Kane. “Do I make myself clear?” she nicely asked Shield. “Crystal,” Roman Reigns replied.

This Friday: Big Show vs. Cesaro in a re-match from the end of the Andre Battle Royal.

Up Next: Hunter vs. Bryan for the WWE World Title. It’s either more of an angle than match or WWE is looking to pop a big over-run rating with a long title match to boost the third hour.

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WM30 Photo Gallery: Bryan celebrating, Shield unified, Batista’s ring entrance, Cena flying at the Wyatts, Hunter posing, and Hogan on the entrance ramp.

In-ring: Justin Roberts announced the WWE World Title match one minute before the top of the hour. Daniel Bryan’s music played to try to warm up a tired crowd. Bryan hit the ring and posed with both title belts before handing them off to referee Mike Chioda.

[Q13 — over-run] Suddenly, Batista and Orton emerged on-stage to no music. The duo slowly walked down to ringside, then circled the ring. They teased entering the ring, then Orton attacked Bryan and Batista joined the beat down. Batista and Orton beat down Bryan, then Orton hit an RKO. Orton taunted the crowd, then Batista scooped up Bryan to deliver a Batistabomb. “Looks like we’re not having a championship match,” JBL said.

Kane’s pyro suddenly shot off to bring out the Director of Operations for The Authority. Kane told Orton and Batista to back up, then Kane looked down at Bryan, grabbed him around the throat, and delivered a chokeslam. Kane, Batista, and Orton stood together in the ring and the crowd responded with a “3MB” chant.

Triple H’s music then played as Cole dejectedly said this is convenient. Hunter marched down to the ring dressed to wrestle as Stephanie followed close behind. Hunter, with a taped left thigh, slowly entered the ring and mockingly pointed down at Bryan. Hunter smirked toward the crowd, then called for the referee. Ref Chioda checked on Bryan, then Steph demanded that Chioda call for the bell. Hunter asked Mike if he likes his job, then forced him to call for the bell.

9 — WWE World Hvt. champion DANIEL BRYAN vs. TRIPLE H (w/Stephanie McMahon) — WWE World Hvt. champion

The bell sounded, Hunter mocked the crowd with “Yes!” chants, and Shield’s music suddenly played. Shield came through the crowd and surrounded the ring. Meanwhile, Batista, Orton, and Kane stood on the opposite side of the ring. The crowd chanted, “Hounds of Justice,” as Hunter tried to keep everyone calm. Reigns then led The Shield to the ring apron. “This is not going to happen!” Hunter told both trios.

Reigns brought Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins into the ring, then Hunter told them to back down. On the other side, Kane brought Batista and Orton into the ring. Kane wanted a piece of The Shield, but Hunter backed him up. “No, this is not happening,” Hunter tried to tell Kane and Co. Suddenly, Reigns exploded onto Hunter with a spear. The fight was on. Bodies flew out of the ring before Reigns landed a Superman Punch on Kane as Steph freaked out ringside.

Shield surrounded Hunter, who slowly recovered in the ring. The crowd popped for what was to come. Hunter slowly got up and tried to sort things out, but turned right into a flying knee from Daniel Bryan. Kane then helped Hunter out of the ring as Shield stood tall in the ring and Bryan recovered in the background.

Bryan then collected himself and stood tall as Shield showed unity in the ring. Bryan led the crowd in a celebratory “Yes!” as Hunter stumbled away from ringside and vowed to get back at them. “This is war!” Hunter declared as Bryan stood tall to close Raw ten minutes past the top of the ohur.

WINNER: No Decision around 5:00. And the answer is angle, not match. Extreme Rules could go one of two ways – Bryan vs. Orton, Batista, or Hunter and Shield vs. the other three heels, or an all-out four-on-four match. Dare I say War Games?

FINAL THOUGHTS: Very strong Raw resetting WWE TV after WrestleMania. A lot of new items for WWE to play with and flesh out, plus one big question – The Undertaker’s future.

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