NXT TV RESULTS (4/9): Wells’s live report on Breakker & Corbin vs. Axiom & Frazer, Je’Von Evans debuts vs. Scrypts, Henley & Jordan vs. James & Dame, more

by Kelly Wells, PWTorch Contributor


APRIL 9, 2024

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T

Ring Announcer: Alicia Taylor

Backstage Correspondent(s): Kelly Kincaid



-Stand & Deliver recaps. It ended with Trick Williams standing tall on the turnbuckle after his main event victory. Vic welcomed us to a “brand new era.”

-Alicia Taylor introduced the new NXT Champion, Roxanne Perez. She asked if we were even surprised. As always, the crowd gave the nasty heel a “you deserve it” chant. She turned on them immediately, and told them to shut up, because she needed them a year ago. She talked about targeting Lyra Valkyria’s injured arm. There was a “shut the hell up” chant and she said she was the champion, so she’d keep talking, and the crowd should shut the hell up. She said the next time she has to lose this belt is when she gives it up because she gets drafted.

Lyra Valkyria stepped out to the ramp. The crowd gave her a “you tapped out” chant. They literally did an injury angle, people. She asked if this is what the fans were in for. She said she wanted a rematch tonight. Perez laughed and said she wasn’t even cleared. Tatum Paxley showed up and said she’d take care of it. Lyra pushed back until finally putting her foot down by saying “I’m good!” Paxley asked “Are you?” and then tossed Valkyria into the ring steps, yelling that she didn’t love her anymore. Perez quipped that there wouldn’t be a title match tonight.

Natalya came out to her music and said she’s forgotten more about pro wrestling than Roxy will ever learn, and there’s only one championship in this company that she hasn’t won. Perez gave it a hard pass and said this was her show. Ava’s music played her to the ramp and she said the match was a good idea. Perez tried to sucker-punch Nattie, who ducked it and almost snapped on the Sharpshooter, but Perez escaped to the ramp.

-Earlier today, Trick Williams entered. They showed a gathering of people cheering as he entered the building, and then a drone shot also caught Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin. Vic showed some social media posts that led to tonight’s tag team championship rematch.

-Kelly Kincaid interviewed Axiom and Nathan Frazer, who acknowledged that if they didn’t win tonight, they don’t get another shot. Frazer said if they don’t win tonight, they should go their separate ways. So if that happens, “It’s been a nice ride, amigo.”

-Vic threw to a Chase U segment where Andre Chase presented Fallon Henley and Kelani Jordan with honorary Chase U diplomas. Thea Hail rushed in, afraid she missed it. Jacy Jayne and Jazmyn Nyx stepped in and Riley Osborne held Thea Hail back. Jayne asked if Thea Hail remembered Chase’s gambling issues. She said Chase had placed a big bet on Thea Hail winning on the night he had to throw in the towel. Jayne said this proved Chase cared about “a loser like you” more than the university. Hail wanted to call her a liar, but Chase acknowledged the wager. Hail left in a huff.


Things broke down before the bell. The faces did a shoulderblock to Dame and she took a hilariously stagey bump out of the ring. The bell sounded and tags were fast and frequent. The majority of the early match had illegal participants. After a spot to the outside, finally Dame and Jordan reset in the ring as the legal women. Dame dropped Jordan’s midsection on the top rope and tagged James, who hit a vertebreaker and tagged Dame again. Dame battered Jordan from corner to corner and hit a running elbow drop for two. Dame shoved Jordan down by her head as she tried to tag, and then pushed her back into the heel corner and tagged James. James mocked Henley and continued the beatdown of Jordan in her corner with a splash. Dame tagged in and hit a big flapjack that was probably closer to the face corner than intended, though the move looked good.

Dame worked Jordan with an abdominal stretch. Jordan escaped and reached far for the tag but Dame slammed her down and tagged James, who hit a slam for two. Jordan finally rolled underneath a lariat attempt and made the hot tag. Henley dominated James as well as an interfering Dame. Corner backsplash by Henley, followed by a suplex for two, with the cover broken up by Dame. Jordan showed up to neutralize Dame, and Henley sacrificed herself to block Jordan from a move, but it left her open to a 401K from James. Vic said “Again, our first 30 minutes commercial free tonight,” but I’m pretty sure he never actually said it before now.

WINNERS: Kiana James & Izzi Dame at 6:58.

(Wells’s Analysis: It sure seems like Henley could be working on a turn here, but Perez recently completed a heel turn and Tatum Paxley turned heel earlier tonight, so it would be a little much. Dame still needs a good bit of work. James seems locked in a spot where she’s holding the hand of a much greener worker and somehow seems no closer to the main roster than she was a year ago, though the draft has plenty of potential to surprise)

-Je’Von Evans hype segment. He’s 19 years old. I don’t know if I’m supposed to get “stoner” from this, but he’s definitely a laid-back, devil-may-care kind of act. All four members of OTM were watching and Scrypts acted unimpressed. Jaida Parker said to hit their music. The group headed to the ring for the match, and the show went for its first commercial just under 30 minutes in. [c]

-No Quarter Catch Crew (minus Drew Gulak) were talking together. Charlie Dempsey put over his appearance at Bloodsport. Stacks, Adrianna Rizzo and Luca Crusifino showed up and apparently there was a match brewing with Tony D, but he isn’t here tonight. The two sides got mouthy and a match was teased for tonight.

(2) JE’VON EVANS vs. SCRYPTS (w/Bronco Nima & Lucien Price & Jaida Parker)

Vic said Evans could be a “future centerpiece of NXT.” No pressure, friend. Evans made good on the hype early with some quick offense. He hit a huracanrana and a a big high-angle dropkick. He chopped Scrypts in a corner and attempted to go high, but Scrypts yanked him into the turnbuckle, then leaned on him on a lower buckle. Scrypts got in some chops and hit a standing shooting star press for two. Scrypts threw down a few rights and hit a back elbow for two. Scrypts got in another minute or so of offense to slow it down until Evans got back into it by grounding Scrypts and raining down rights. Evans hit an impossible-looking springboard cutter for a long two. Springboard clothesline from Evans, and Scrypts bailed to the rest of OTM. Evans hit a plancha into the three men. He went back into the ring and the two exchanged kicks. German suplex by Scrypts. Scrypts went up and missed a big moonsault. He landed on his feet but Evans took him down, then hit a move from the turnbuckle, flipping backward and twisting before landing on Scrypts. Vic said the name of the move and mentioned it was a nod to his late grandmother, but I couldn’t make it out. (It sounded like “Holding in the Road” and at least a couple other people on social thought so too, so maybe that’s it after all) Vic framed this as a huge upset. What’s that based on?

WINNER: Je’Von Evans at 5:30.

(Wells’s Analysis: Evans can certainly go in the ring, and it seems like the company could have another Ricochet waiting in the wings, or something more if he finds a strong character to match. Scrypts got a lot of offense here. I know the company loves to let everyone get their work in, but Scrypts isn’t even being promoted as a wrestler, let alone a winning one, so it sort of stuck out)

-Natalya prepared for her match. [c]

-Last Saturday, Ridge Holland attacked Joe Gacy on the way to ring, where Gacy beat Shawn Spears on the pre-show.

-Earlier today, Kelly Kincaid was having her makeup done and she sprung out of the chair after practicing her interview skills because she saw Ridge Holland. He got in a few words but Joe Gacy appeared through a curtain and said it had to be hard going from being a wrestler in the ring at WrestleMania last year to being a panelist this year. He took his leave and Ridge ran into LWO, who didn’t buy his sob story. Ridge stormed off and Cruz del Toro tried to talk through the door, but Holland slammed the door on his hand. Wilde said he supposes this is an accident too. Holland threw up his hands and left.

(3) NATALYA vs. ROXANNE PEREZ (c) – NXT Women’s Championship match

During Perez’s introduction, there was a “Nattie’s gonna kill you” chant. What are they basing that on? Nattie got a good pop and Perez got the intended heel reaction with a few scattered fans. Alicia Taylor handled formal intros.

Perez shoved Nattie, who rolled her up for two. Lots of early mat reversals. “Let’s go Nattie”/”Nattie sucks” dueling chant. Natalya grounded Perez with an armbar. Perez rolled through and pushed Nattie to the ropes, then slapped her. Nattie slapped her back and it threw Perez to the mat. Perez bailed and Nattie followed her and laid her out with a running clothesline. Action went back inside and Perez begged for mercy as the match went to split-screen. [c]


Nattie put up Roxy in a stretch, and Roxy rolled free. Roxanne bailed again and Natalya rolled her back in. Roxy rolled right back out, suckering Natalya to a spot where she could shove her into the stairs. She suplexed Natalya on the floor, then drove her head into the announce table a couple of times. Perez rolled Natalya in and covered for two. Perez beat her with strikes to the back of her head, then worked a body scissors on the mat. She rolled it into a trap pin and Natalya kicked out but couldn’t break free. Natalya rolled to a kneeling base and threw some rights, but Perez added a front chancery. Natalya powered her way to her feet and put down Perez with a powerslam for two. There was an “NXT” chant, which was weird timing on a basic exchange, though the match has been very strong.

Natalya hit a suplex for two. Perez got in an arm drag but Nattie immediately laid her out with a clothesline for two. Perez snapped on a crossface and Natalya rolled her up to break. Perez tried Pop Rox but Natalya thwarted it and snapped on the Sharpshooter. Perez crawled to the ropes on a second effort. She slipped to the outside and Nattie rolled her in, but Lola Vice appeared behind her out of nowhere and threw a stiff kick. When Nattie recovered and hit the ring, Pop Rox was waiting for her.

WINNER: Roxanne Perez at 11:26.

(Wells’s Analysis: Very good stuff here as Perez continues to get better and Natalya can make it work with basically anyone. Natalya immediately shifts to another feud to keep her in NXT for a while, and Perez gets another win as her reign gets going. Of note, nothing was said about Perez’s win on Monday Night Raw)

-Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin got ready for their tag match. Breakker wanted Corbin to admit he likes hanging out with him. Corbin said he’ll never do that, but Breakker should admit he was right when he said he could stop Breakker’s losing streak at Stand & Deliver. Breakker continued getting revved up for their match and slapped playfully at Corbin before leaving the frame. Corbin grunted that he hates it when Breakker slaps him. [c]

-Vic showed some stats that proved it was the biggest WrestleMania ever.

-Damian Priest met Aaron Judge at Yankee Stadium III.

-An unseen interviewer tried to get an explanation from Lola Vice. Before she could get very far, Natalya jumped her from behind and a bevy of refs broke it up.

(4) THE FAMILY (Channing “Stacks” Lorenzo & Luca Crusifino) (w/Adrianna Rizzo) vs. NO QUARTER CATCH CREW (Damon Kemp & Myles Borne) (w/Charlie Dempsey)

As with their defenses, we didn’t know who was representing NQCC until Kemp and Borne stepped forward. Borne and Crusifino were legal. I’m not sure if Gulak is absent as a result of some of the allegations against him, but at any rate, they haven’t even mentioned his absence. Crusifino got the better of Borne with power stuff and tagged in Stacks, who hit a cannonball on an interfering Kemp. He attempted one on Borne, but Dempsey pulled Borne to safety, sending Stacks barreling into the turnbuckle. Kemp tagged in and suplexed Stacks for two. Borne tagged in and the heels worked Stacks with a German suplex. Borne covered for two. Crusifino made the hot tag to little reaction, though he tried to get the crowd into it. The Family has been weirdly presented recently, so it’s possible the crowd isn’t sure whether they’re faces again or not.

Bonzo gonzo. Dempsey was neutralized and Crusifino finished off Kemp in a flurry of movement.

WINNERS: Crusifino & Stacks at 3:59.

(Wells’s Analysis: Decent stuff, but it got so little time that the guys tried to get everything in and it was practically a spotfest as a result. Crusifino gets his first somewhat meaningful pinfall on NXT)

-Recap of Ava announcing the Women’s North American Championship.

-Oba Femi was introduced. He was in a polo and jeans. He said some things in life are just inevitable. He said he knew he was going to win on Saturday. He said 17.000 people witnessed his power. He said he still stands in front of all of us as North American Championship. He said that wasn’t going to change for a very long time, and that’s inevitable. He held his belt up, and the Viking Raiders music played.

Ivar stepped out to the ramp and said he could tell from the look on Femi’s face that he didn’t expect him today. He said when he saw the match on Saturday, he loved the chaos. Three big men beating the hell out of each other, desperately trying to win the championship. “Slapping meat” chant. Ivar smirked at it. He said that’s the kind of match he lives for. Femi said he knows Ivar didn’t come here just to compliment him. Ivar said he watched it and wanted to be in the fight. He said Femi remained the immovable object, but Ivar was the man who could chop him down and take the North American Championship. Femi said “We shall see” and tried to walk past Ivar. Ivar grabbed him and said “Yeah, we will.” Femi got in a headbutt, but Ivar was able to take him down and stand tall with the championship as the segment ended.

-Meta-Four put themselves over for hosting the most-watched NXT show in history. Noam Dar, Jakara Jackson and Lash Legend got hyped up about it, but Oro Mensah was still worked up about Oba Femi. He said he wanted to get him back and the rest of the group got awkward as they lied that they believed he could do it. Dijak entered the lounge and wanted to know whose idea it was to take swipes at him on Saturday. Dar admitted it was him, but he should knock next time. Dijak said this is Dar’s one warning. He won’t get another.

(5) BRINLEY REECE (w/Edris Enofe & Malik Blade) vs. JAIDA PARKER (w/Scrypts & Lucien Price & Bronco Nima)

The two hooked up and moved around the ring. Reset. Parker grounded Reece and then used a hip attack on her in the corner. The match went to an early commercial. [c]

Parker dominated Reece on the mat. Reece fought her way to her feet and Reece held onto an armbar. The two went round and round in the move and Parker powered Reece into a corner. Reece charged Parker to a corner, but Parker came out of the corner with a cutter. Parker worked Reece with a chinlock and then threw a few strikes. Reece ran the ropes and hit a shoulder tackle, then a body slam on Parker. Enofe and Blade cheered her on. Reece hit a lariat from a cartwheel for two. Spinebuster by Reece got two. Parker laid out Reece with a right and hit another fierce hip attack to finish. Booker T said it was “like a drive-by, man.”

WINNER: Jaida Parker at 7;50.

(Wells’s Analysis: Good basic stuff here. The two were trusted with a slightly longer match but there was a commercial to keep risk low. Parker continues to look very crisp in the ring while Reece is fine enough but so far has a very limited moveset)

-Arianna Grace bored Sol Ruca with a story about how important she was for WrestleMania weekend. She said she loved her conversation but she had to leave. Lola Vice showed up, ranting and raving about Natalya. Ruca said she shouldn’t have gone after her because after all, she’s the BOAT. Vice said she should be careful what she says because a lot has changed since she left.

(6) AXIOM & NATHAN FRAZER vs. THE WOLFDOGS (Bron Breakker & Baron Corbin) – NXT Tag Team Championship match

Axiom and Breakker got it started. Breakker took down Axiom early and worked a wristlock. A big right by Breakker was followed by a quick kick and an enzuigiri by Axiom. Breakker ran the ropes and hit a huge shoulder tackle. Frazer tagged in and ran the ropes for a big back kick to Breakker. Corbin tagged in and Frazer ducked a lariat and snapped on a headlock. Frazer ducked a couple more shots but Corbin caught him for an overhead toss. Frazer hit an armdrag and Axiom tagged in, and the two used a lot of quick offense to send both champs outside. They hit the champions with tope suicidas and Axiom hit a moonsault on both heading into split-screen commercial. [c]

The champs took control as we returned to full-screen. They hit more power stuff for some near-falls. Everyone was involved for an extended sequence and the champs hit a Steiner Special and Corbin covered Frazer for two; Axiom turned and kicked Corbin in the face to break it up at the last moment. Frazer caught Corbin with some more quick offense and put him to the outside. Frazer went for a tope suicida but Corbin chucked him into the steps. Axiom became legal and he fought off Breakker attempting a spear with the Golden Ratio. Once again everyone got involved. They could’ve just called it a tornado match. Breakker almost accidentally speared Corbin. Ask he checked on him, the challengers knocked them together, dumping Breakker from the ring. There’s their opening. Indeed, Golden Ratio, Phoenix Splash, new champs.

WINNERS: Axiom & Nathan Frazer at 11:34.

The Final Testament showed up. AOP destroyed the new champions to a “welcome back” chant. All five members were present.

(Wells’s Analysis: They freed up Breakker to be a full-time player on the main roster, and likely freed up Corbin to return there, and got the new champions ready for a feud straight out of the gate. Apparently the Good Brothers-WolfDogs thing was just a fever dream I had? Not much of a match, as they went from spot to spot with everyone involved almost for the entire runtime.)

-Trick Williams walked backstage ahead of a celebration when we return. [c]

-Vic said Josh Briggs suffered two fractured ribs in the triple threat match.

-Spring Breakin’ will be a two-week event on April 23rd and 30th.

-Next week, Joaquin Wilde faces Ridge Holland, Dijak faces Noam Dar, and Sol Ruca faces Lola Vice.

-Trick Williams came out to his music. A sign said “Trick finish your story.” I think his story might take him to the main roster sooner than later, though he might be asked to anchor NXT for a while.


Williams put over the crowd for being there for him. He said y’all don’t see him in this ring, in this spot – without one man. Carmelo Hayes. He might not agree with all Hayes did, but he helped him get where he is. He did indeed say that if he wants to get to the next level, he has to slay the mad dragon, Ilja Dragunov. Dragunov beat Shinsuke Nakamura on Raw, so he may be in line for a draft pick, so I guess they could put Trick over on the 23rd or 30th. He called Dragunov to the ring.

Dragunov came out and put over Williams and his charisma. He said Williams was really feeling it now, and he should be, because he won in a big spot. He said his answer was no, because he had his shot and it was time for someone else. Dragunov seemingly just wanted Trick to insist, because he did end up agreeing to a match at Spring Breakin’ in two weeks (the first of the two Spring Breakin’ shows, interestingly). They shook hands, and Dragunov tried to leave, but Carmelo Hayes showed up and attacked Williams, who ran into Dragunov. Hayes took down Williams and said “You’re not going to get to Spring Breakin’, because I’m gonna take you out next week in a steel cage, sucka.” The crowd didn’t hear his non-mic’ed comment, so they booed, but that’s a big main event ahead of a two-week special.

FINAL THOUGHTS: A whole load of new stories got cooking tonight, both in the short term and the longer term, as they got a lot done in a short amount of time as they head to a two-week special with another week to fill before that. There’s a lot to be excited about already, but of course the biggest question is who will be called up, which will inform a lot of what happens on the weekly show here. It feels like they’ve had more ready-for-prime-time players than they have in a long time, so it’ll be interesting who gets to head up immediately and who has to play Bayley and help out the division for a spell before they get their turn on the bigger stage. Bruce Hazelwood and I will break it down tonight on PWT Talks NXT. Check us out tonight or stream tomorrow. Cheers.


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