TNA IMPACT TV RESULTS (4/11): Lilly’s report on Moose vs. Seven, Grace/DeLander Contract Signing

By Darrin Lilly, PWTorch Contributor


APRIL 11, 2024

-Commentators: Tom Hannifan, Matthew Rehwoldt

-The show started with Josh Alexander and Hammerstone brawling at ringside. They took it in the ring and traded moves. Officials came out to break it up. Fans chanted “Let them fight!” Hammerstone was taken out of the ring. Alexander broke free and dove on Hammerstone. Hammerstone eventually got back in the ring. Tommy Dreamer came out and held back Alexander. Dreamer got on the mic and urged them to stop fighting. Dreamer got in the ring and told Hammerstone that Alexander got to the top through hard work.

Dreamer said he was responsible for Hammerstone coming to the company and that Hammerstone had everything that Alexander has. He said that Alexander had all the ability and doesn’t need to go down this path. They eventually shook hands — before Hammerstone attacked Dreamer from behind and put him in the Torture Rack. Alexander returned for the save. Fans chanted “Coward!” at Hammerstone. Alexander got on the mic and challenged Hammerstone to a Last Man Standing match.

-“Cross the Line” intro.

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt appeared on camera and ran down the matches for the show.

-Laredo Kid and Crazzy Steve did the ring entrances for their match. [c]

(1) CRAZZY STEVE (c) vs. LAREDO KID — TNA Digital Media Title match

After some early back and forth action, Steve took control after a clothesline to the back of Kid’s head. Kid eventually made a comeback and led the fans in a chant. Steve gave Kid a cannonball for a two count. Steve was going to twist Kid’s neck but waved himself off and went for Kid’s mask instead. This fired up Kid and he exploded with punches. When the referee tried to stop him, he shoved the referee to the mat for the DQ.

WINNER: Crazzy Steve by DQ in 8:00.

They brawled some more and Steve left the ring. Kid held up the title belt.

(D.L.’s Take: Decent match. This seems to be just the start of Kid’s title chase.)

-PCO and Kon were shown in locked rooms preparing for their Monster’s Ball match. [c]

-Alex Shelley talked to Chris Sabin and Kushida backstage. Shelley apologized to them and said he has been a real jerk. He said they have been better together. Sabin agreed and talked about their losses. They all hugged.

(2) ABC (Chris Bey & Ace Austin) vs. FIR$T CLA$$ (Rich Swann & AJ Francis)

Swann and Ace started the match. AJ quickly tagged in. Fans were solidly behind ABC. Ace kicked AJ. AJ shoulder blocked Ace to the mat. Ace took Swann to the mat. ABC double teamed Swann. The teams fought on the apron. Swann used a distraction to strike Bey and send him out of the ring. [c]

First Class had the advantage coming out of the break. Ace gave AJ a bulldog and made the tag to Swann, who ran wild. All four wrestlers fought. AJ carried Ace and Bey and tossed them to the mat. AJ splashed Bey in the corner. ABC recovered and double teamed Swann. AJ tried to suplex ABC at once, but Ace escaped. ABC powered AJ to the mat and out of the ring. Bey did a dive on AJ on the outside. Swann gave Bey a neckbreaker. Swann used a distraction to roll up Ace and pin him using the tights.

WINNERS: First Class in 11:00.

Joe Hendry immediately came out. He said he gave Swann an opportunity to explain why he was with AJ a couple of weeks ago. Hendy then did the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song and ended by saying that Swann is teaming with “fat Uncle Phil.” Fans chanted “Uncle Phil” at AJ. Hendry challenged Swann to a match at Rebellion.

(D.L.’s Take: An upset win. This would seem to indicate that Swann & AJ are in the plans for TNA management. Trouble continues to brew for ABC.)

-Ash By Elegance and her assistant greeted Santino Marella backstage. They complained that Ash should get the title shot since Steph DeLander was filling in for her. Santino said it’s not going to happen and left. Ash and her assistant continued to complain.

-Kon and PCO were shown locked in their rooms again (without food, light, or water). [c]

-Prototypes of the new TNA action figures were shown (the set includes Eddie Edwards, Moose, Jordynne Grace, and Josh Alexander). The figures were impressive. Pre-orders start Monday.

-Mustafa Ali complained to the Grizzled Young Vets about facing Jake Something at Rebellion.  Jake showed up and said the match was going to happen. He left. Ali said it was a problem for all of them.

-Santino Marella was in the ring. Jordynne Grace and Steph DeLander (with Matt Cardona) came out for their Knockouts Title match contract signing at Rebellion. Grace and Steph sat at the table. Cardona asked for respect from the crowd and said “All hail the Death Match King & Queen.” He predicted that Steph would win the Knockouts title. Steph signed the contract. Grace said she was glad they showed up. She said she wasn’t going to roll over and let Steph take something she worked hard to earn. She went over her accomplishments. Cardona stopped her and noted that he beat her for the Digital Media Title.

Steph said that they have both had a busy year. She said she jumped on the opportunity for the 8-4-1 match. She said that Grace was distracted by activities like bodybuilding contests and the Royal Rumble. Grace said her goal was to represent TNA. Grace said she prides herself on outworking everyone and that she would retain the title and cement her legacy. She said that she’s already beaten her, her “boyfriend”, and her “boyfriend’s” wife. She said “I’m the Juggernaut, bitch.” Cardona objected and said “Don’t you dare call her that!” Grace replied “I’m not talking to her, bitch.” Fans chanted “bitch!” at Cardona.

Grace signed the contract. Steph attacked Grace, but Grace made a comeback. Santino got knocked down. Cardona attacked Grace from behind. Steph chokeslammed Grace through the table and posed with the belt.

-Masha Slamovich did a promo, but was quickly interrupted by Brian Myers, Eddie Edwards, and Alisha Edwards. Eddie noted that Masha doesn’t have a partner, but her and Alisha could be Knockouts Tag Team Champions. Masha said something in Russian and left. Alisha complained that she couldn’t understand Masha. [c]

-This week’s Jonathan Gresham segment was titled “Truth, Part II”. Gresham told the table that he has three masks to feel heard: one that he shows to the world, one that he only shows to friends and family, and one that he can’t show to anyone. The person at the head of the table said it’s because it’s the truest reflection of  who he is — of who “we” are. A voice said “I saw a tree before me and as it began to touch the sky, a voice said to cut it down.” A quick shot of Gresham’s entrance octopus mask was shown.

(3) MOOSE (w/The System) vs. TRENT SEVEN (w/Mike Bailey)

Seven chopped Moose several times. Moose dropped Seven with one chop. Seven chopped Moose. Moose slammed Seven and punched him. Seven made a comeback and gave Moose a DDT. Bailey faced off The System at ringside. Moose gave Seven a headbutt. Seven punched and clotheslined Moose for a two count. Seven went for the Burning Hammer but Moose escaped. Moose speared Seven and got the pin.

WINNER: Moose in 4:00.

The System attacked Bailey after the match. Time Machine ran in for the save. [c]

(D.L.’s Take: This was action packed while it lasted, but had the right result with the World Champion involved.)

-The action figures were shown again.

-The System approached Santino backstage. Bailey and Seven interrupted. Santino ruled that Myers and Edwards would defend the Tag Team Titles next week and the winners would face Bailey and Seven at Rebellion. They all left. Rosemary and Havok approached Santino next. He agreed to give them their Knockouts Tag Team Title rematch at Rebellion.

(4) JAKE SOMETHING vs. JAMES DRAKE (w/Zack Gibson)

Jake shoulder blocked Drake to the mat. Jake argued with Gibson on the outside. Drake did a dive on Jake. Drake punched Jake and followed with a kick for a two count. Jake escaped a chinlock and suplexed Drake. Jake leveled Drake with a forearm shot. Gibson caused a distraction by grabbing Jake’s foot. Drake punched Jake. Gibson choked Jake with the scarf. Deaner came out and decked Gibson. Jake made a comeback and finished Drake off with the Into The Void.

WINNER: Jake Something in 3:00.

Mustafa Ali came out with people holding picket signs and complained that Jake was too big for the X Division. Jake did a dive onto the pile of protestors. Jake grabbed Ali and threw him into the ring. The Vets helped Ali escape. The Vets gave Jake the Grit Your Teeth. Deaner ran in for the save but the Vets took him out. The Vets held Jake and Ali hit him with the title belt.

(D.L.’s Take: Good win for Jake heading into the X Division Title match. Strong post-match angle.)

-Kon and PCO were shown being released from the locked rooms. [c]

Announced for next week:

*The System vs. Motor City Machine Guns

*Hammerstone in action

*Nic Nemeth appearance

-Hannifan and Rehwoldt were shown at ringside and explained that PCO and Kon have not had food and water for 24 hours.

(5) PCO vs. Kon — Monster’s Ball match

Fans were solidly behind PCO. Hannifan noted that this is the 58th Monster’s Ball match in TNA and that PCO is 2-0. PCO and Kon battled with a kendo stick and a chair. PCO did a dive to the outside but was greeted with a trash can from Kon. PCO hit Kon with a cookie sheet. [c]

Kon stuffed PCO in a trash can. Kon punched the trash can and got a two count. Kon set up a table at ringside. They fought on the apron. PCO backdropped Kon, but Kon missed the table and hit the floor. PCO did a running cannonball on Kon on the outside. PCO set up another table at ringside. PCO did a senton from the top rope and put Kon through a table at ringside.

Back in the ring, Kon gave PCO a low blow and hit PCO with the kendo stick. PCO hit Kon with the kendo stick and knocked him off the top rope and through one of the tables at ringside. Fans chanted “PCO!” Kon threw PCO off the top rope and through a ladder that was set up at ringside. Fans chanted “TNA!” Kon poured a bag of tacks in the ring. Kon put a handful of tacks in PCO’s mouth. PCO spit tacks into Kon’s eyes. PCO chokeslammed Kon into the tacks. PCO poured more tacks onto Kon. PCO did a PCOsault onto Kon and got the pin.

WINNER: PCO in 15:00.

(D.L.’s Take: The expected wild brawl from beginning to end. Certainly a crowd pleaser. This appears to be the end of the feud. I think that Kon was elevated from this feud and can be booked as a legitimate threat going forward.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: A fun show that flew by. Rebellion is next week and this week’s show did a nice job of making the card come together. I liked that the show had an unconventional start with the Alexander/Hammerstone brawl. The System continues to be booked in a strong position. The Grace/DeLander angle was on the higher end of contract signings and it’s good to have DeLander and Cardona on the show as fresh faces. The Jonathan Gresham segments are well done and intriguing. An action packed and brutal match capped off the program.

Darrin Lilly is a Pro Wrestling Torch contributor who writes the weekly Impact Wrestling TV results and co-hosts the Impact Wrestling podcast for the site with John Laslo. You can find him on Instagram and Threads at dklstl or on You Tube at Darrin’s Wrestling World.

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