WWE MAIN EVENT TV RESULTS (4/10): Ivar vs. Julius Creed, Kayden Carter & Katana Chance vs. Shayna Baszler & Zoey Stark

By Mike Meyers, PWTorch contributor

WWE Main Event results and analysis


APRIL 10, 2024

Announcers: Blake Howard, Brian “Road Dogg” James


Carter and Baszler started things off with a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Baszler forced Carter back into a corner, then broke at the ref’s count. Carter rolled up Baszler for a surprise one-count, then hit her with a low drop kick. Chance tagged in and nailed Baszler with a senton. Baszler overpowered Chance and dragged her into enemy territory where Stark tagged in. Chance escaped from a suplex, then totally missed a drop kick that Stark sold anyway. Chance took Stark down with a huracanrana, then Carter tagged in and monkey-flipped Chance onto Stark for another senton. Carter covered Stark for one.

Chance tagged back in and and was dumped onto Stark by Carter, but Stark got her knees up to block. Baszler tagged in and kneed Chance in the jaw, then covered for two. Baszler missed a stomp to Chance’s hand, but still applied an arm bar afterward. Chance escaped with a jawbreaker and nailed Stark (who had just tagged in) with an enzuigiri, which gave Chance enough space to tag in Carter.

Carter went on the attack, nailing both opponents with elbow strikes. Carter kicked Stark in the face, then ran the ropes and booted her again, nearly through the ropes. Carter landed a springboard guillotine leg drop, then covered Stark for two. Chance tagged in, and the duo hit a simultaneous moonsault and leg drop. Chance covered, but Baszler ran in to bust up the pin. Baszler and Carter tangled out to ringside while Stark blasted Chance with the Z-360. Stark covered for the three-count.

WINNERS: Baszler & Stark by pinfall in 4:50.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Quite a good match with the exception of the whiffed dropkick. From certain angles it wouldn’t have been noticeable, but the shot they used captured it perfectly.)

(2) IVAR vs. JULIUS CREED (w/ Brutus Creed)

The men locked up and Creed applied a headlock, but Ivar fired him off and clotheslined him to the mat on the rebound. Ivar shouted his own name at the crowd. They locked up again and Creed briefly lifted Ivar with a rear waist lock. Ivar beat him down to the mat, then Creed ducked two clotheslines and shoulder blocked Ivar. Ivar stumbled back to a corner. Creed hit a drop kick, which also staggered Ivar. Creed clotheslined Ivar over the top rope to the floor, then quickly jumped over the top rope to level Ivar with a cross body. We cut to break as the Creed brothers celebrated at ringside.

Ivar gained control during the break, and crushed Creed with a seated senton in the ring. The men exchanged blows, then Ivar tossed Creed into a corner. Ivar sat on the top turnbuckle, but Creed knocked him down to the floor with a dropkick. Ivar side-stepped when Creed tried another cross body, then knocked Creed to the floor with a big boot to the face. Ivar went up the steps to the apron, and took Creed down again with a somersault senton.

Creed rolled Creed back into the ring, then climbed to the middle rope. Creed popped up to meet him there, then superplexed him to the middle of the ring. Creed covered for two. A “Let’s go Ivar” chant started in the crowd. Creed blocked a suplex, then reversed into a suplex of his own. He covered Ivar for two. Creed hit a double-underhook sit-out powerbomb, then remained on top for a two-count cover.

Creed hit a rising knee strike, then dumped Ivar to the mat. Creed took down his shoulder straps, then climbed to the top rope. He launched into a 450 splash, but Ivar rolled aside. Creed landed on his feet, allowing Ivar to level him with a spinning heel kick. Ivar covered for two. Ivar was first to his feet, and he climbed again to the second rope. Creed repeated his response, jumping to meet Ivar on the second rope. This time, Ivar scooped Creed up and fell into a power slam on the canvas. Ivar climbed all the way to the top and crushed Creed with the Doomsault. Ivar covered for the three count.

WINNER: Ivar by pinfall in 7:25.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Really good action. Lots of crash-bang big moves, which all built up to Ivar’s climactic moonsault off the top rope.)

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 8.4

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