AEW COLLISION RESULTS (4/13): Amin’s report on Claudio & Danielson vs. Fletcher & Hobbs, House of Black vs. Andretti & Sydal & Martin, Shibata vs. Moriarti, Rosa interview

By Amin Ajani, PWTorch contributor


APRIL 13, 2024

Commentators: Tony Schiavone, Nigel McGuiness

—AEW Collision opening played. There was a firework display. The camera panned around the arena showing the crowd cheering. Tony Schiavone and Daddy Magic were on commentary for the show. They showed highlights of Jon Moxley winning the IWGP World Heavyweight Title at the Windy City Riot show on Friday in Chicago. They showed a graphic announcing Moxley will return to Dynamite on Wednesday.

—Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli were backstage. Danielson put over Moxley, winning the IWGP World Heavyweight Title. He said Claudio will face Ospreay on Wednesday. He said he will face Ospreay on Sunday. He said there is tonight. Claudio took issue with Don Callis stating he wanted Kyle Fletcher and Powerhouse Hobbs to hurt them during the main event. Danielson said it’s easy to beat us, then hurt us. He said Callis doesn’t have much faith in Ospreay. Claudio said he has faith that all three of them could beat them. He said people have been trying to hurt them for 20 years. He said people have seen how successful BCC has been all over the world. He said he’s not about the work they do in front of the camera. He said it’s the work they do behind the camera which they don’t see. He said he goes to the ring to hurt people. He said violence is their specialty. He said they will see it tonight, Wednesday and Sunday at Dynasty.

(1) HOUSE OF BLACK (Malakai Black & Brodie King & Buddy Matthews) vs. DARIUS MARTIN & MATT SYDAL & ACTION ANDRETTI

Andretti shined early, catching Matthews with a standing dropkick. Matthews responded by rocking Sydal with a forearm smash. Sydal responded by sending Black flying with a monkey flip. Martin caught Black with a flying cannonball. Black responded, rocking Sydal with a lariat. Black and King delivered a knee strike/wheelbarrow German Suplex combo. King connected with a tope onto everyone on the floor. Matthews rocked Andretti with a running boot for two. Andretti responded by catching Matthews with a leaping enzuigiri. Sydal ran wild, rocking Matthews with a spin kick. Matthews responded by grabbing Sydal and planting him onto Black’s leg with a powerbomb for two. [c]

Sydal responded by catching Matthews with a poisonrana. Martin ran wild catching Black with a head scissors. Martin went for a dive but King caused a distraction. Martin nailed Black with an enzuigiri for two. Martin connected with a tope con hilo to King on the floor. Andretti caught Matthews with a tope on the floor. Black caught Martin with a flying moonsault on the floor. House of Black called for Dante’s Inferno but was stopped.

The action broke down with everyone hitting a big move. King rocked Andretti with a huge lariat. Andretti delivered a mid-direction splash to King to make the save. Andretti delivered a 450 splash but King kicked out at one. King caught Sydal flying off the ropes. King rocked Sydal with a corner lariat. Black, King and Matthews delivered a triple combo attack to Sydal for the win.

WINNERS: Malakai Black, Brodie King & Buddy Matthews in 14:25.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a fun, action-packed match with everyone getting a chance to shine. A strong win for House of Black heading into their trios match against Adam Copeland, Eddie Kingston & Mark Briscoe at Dynasty.)

—They showed highlights of Mina Shirakawa making the save for Mariah May on Dynamite. This led to Shirakawa kissing May on the lips.

—The screen was black and white. Lexi Nair was backstage with AEW Women’s World Champion “Timeless” Toni Storm, Mariah May and Luther. Storm said she saw a championship champagne celebration. Storm held May and told her there’s no greater love than these two lips and kissed her on her cheeks. Storm then hyped her match with AZM.

—They showed highlights of Chris Jericho and Hook getting into an argument during the trio match on Dynamite. They showed Jericho catching up with Taz after the show. Jericho told Taz he’s trying to do what’ best for Hook. He said Hook won’t answer his call or messages. Taz said Hook’s his own man. He said Jericho pissed him off last week. He said he will try for Jericho.

(2) KATSUYORI SHIBATA vs. LEE MORIARTY (w/Shane Taylor & Anthony Ogogo)

Anthony Ogogo joined the commentary team for the match. Moriarty and Shibata began with some nice mat wrestling. Moriarty went for a rolling sleeper hold but Shibata broke free. Shibata applied a Figure-4-Leg Lock but Moriarty grabbed the ropes. Moriarty rolled to the floor. The referee was distracted with Taylor. This led to Ogogo giving Shibata a body shot. [c]

Moriarty delivered chops but Shibata just walked right into them. Shibata battled back, rocking Moriarty with forearm smashes. Shibata rocked Moriarty for a corner dropkick. Shibata connected with a snap suplex for two. Moriarty and Shibata exchanged running boots. Shibata caught Moriarty in a sleeper hold. Shibata rocked Moriarty with a palm strike. Shibata followed by delivering a penalty kick for the win.

WINNER: Katsuyori Shibata in 10:30.

—Shayne Taylor attacked Shibata after the match. Hook came to the ring to make the save. Hook launched Moriarty with an exploder suplex. Hook and Taylor had a stare down. The crowd booed as Taylor left the ring.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a solid well worked match as both Moriarty and Shibata worked well together. A good bounce back win for Shibata after taking the loss to Moriarty in the trios match on Dynamite. Simple post-match interaction to set up the Hook vs. Taylor match for Battle of the Belts)

—They showed highlights of Athena retaining the ROH Women’s World Title and Billie Starkz winning the ROH Women’s TV Title at ROH Supercard of Honor.

—Lexi Nair was backstage with Athena and Billie Starkz. Nair noted Athena would defend the ROH Women’s Title against Red Velvet in the Battle of the Belts main event. Athena said she knows Red Velvet is a threat. She said she’s the best champion in all of wrestling. She said she would make an example out of Velvet.

—Lexi Nair was backstage with the Undisputed Kingdom. Roderick Strong took issue with Nair wanting to give Wardlow credit for the success. He said he’s a fighting and giving champion. He said he’s been doing it on his own like his friend Kyle O’Reilly. He said he was put on a show tonight. He said the show was called. A beating of a lifetime.


Angelico took control early, rocking Garcia with corner strikes. Angelo went for a submission hold but Garcia broke free. Garcia applied a Figure-4-Leg Lock but Angelico reversed the hold. Angelo and Garcia kept reversing each other’s hold of the Figure-4 as they both grabbed the ropes. Garcia battled back, planting Angelico with a spinning neck breaker. Garcia stood on the ropes and thrusted in Angelico’s face. Garcia applied a knee bar for the submission win.

WINNER: Daniel Garcia in 5:30

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a fine match for the time given. Angelico is a solid wrestler and is someone valuable who can make his opponents look good. A strong win for Garcia who seems stuck in the middle at the moment.)

—They showed highlights of Kazuchika Okada blasting Pac with a chair shot to the side of the head/neck.

—Pac was standing backstage. He thanked Okada for accepting his challenge and attacking him with a chair. He said he’s a perpetual headache and that motivates him to show everyone who he is. He said Okada thinks he’s God’s gift to pro wrestling. He said he’s better than Okada. He will show Okada at Dynasty.

(4) “TIMELESS” TONI STORM (w/Mariah May & Luther) vs. AZM (Anna Jay)

AZM connected with shoulder tackles but Storm just laughed. AZM used her quickness, yanking Storm to the match. AZM connected with a running dropkick. AZM connected with a stomp for a near fall. Storm stopped AZM from climbing the ropes. Storm connected with a hip attack sending AZM to the floor. Anna Jay and May brawled to the back. AZM responded by yanking Storm with a running kick. [c]

AZM and Storm exchanged strikes as they returned from break. AZM caught Storm with La Mistica. AZM rocked Storm with a roundhouse kick. AZM planted Storm with a German Suplex. AZM connected with a flying missile dropkick for two. Storm responded by catching AZM with a spinebuster for two. AZM caught Storm with a rollup for two. Storm responded by sending AZM flying with a German Suplex. Storm rocked AZM with a running hip attack. Storm followed, hitting Storm Zero for the win.

WINNER: Toni Storm in 8:40.

—Mariah May returned after the match as she started some champagne with Storm. May and Storm hugged and walked together to the back.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a fun match as both AZM and Storm worked well together. It was fun to see AZM wrestler as she looked really good. This was Storm’s best match since going into her timeless character. A good win for Storm.)

—Lexi Nair interviewed Red Velvet backstage. Velvet noted she would show why it was a mistake for Athena to enter her house. [c]

—ROH World Champion Mark Briscoe was backstage. He said he’s starting to understand how House of Black operates. He said HOB tries to strike fear in men. He said he doesn’t fear. He said himself, Copeland and Kingston are violent men. He said they are bringing the violence to HOB. He told them to be very afraid.

—Tony Schiavone interviewed Thunder Rosa on the entrance set. She thanked the fans for making her comeback so special. She thanked the fans for watching at home. She said she’s here for a reason and doesn’t need help to win. She said she was talking to Deonna Purrazzo. She said she earned her college degree, her citizenship and all of her matches on her own. She said she’s still here in AEW where the best wrestle. This is their new tagline. To remind everyone they keep saying it on every show.

She wondered what happened to Toni Storm. She said she was proud to be champion. She said her body couldn’t carry her as far as her passion. She said a part of her died when she lost the title. She said she has another chance and will win the title at Dynasty. She said will carry the title, the pride of her people and the support of her family. She said would uplift every woman in that locker room even if it meant breaking every bone in her body. She told Storm you can’t kill what’s already dead. She said she was coming for Storm and will drag her to hell.

(Amin’s Thoughts: A strong promo from Rosa as she spoke with great confidence and passion. Rosa did a good job explaining why the match at Dynasty is important to her and why she wants to be champion again.)

—Deonna Purrazzo was backstage. She said it’s fine if Rosa doesn’t want her help. She said she would help herself. She said Toni Storm doesn’t embody a champion. She said she does. She said she could make excuses why she’s not champion. She said if she can’t get her hands on Storm. She said she will get her hands on the other Storm. She said she will face May next week. She threatened to break May’s hand.

—Tony Schiavone told us the AEW World Tag Team Title match between FTR and The Young Bucks will now be a ladder match at the Dynasty PPV. [c]

—Kyle Fletcher said he and Powerhouse Hobbs were on a mission to protect the golden goose in the Don Callis Family. He said Claudio was going to be a cakewalk for Will Ospreay on Dynamite and Danielson at Dynasty. Hobbs said Danielson might as well guarantee he won’t walk out on his own.


The match began with a brawl between both teams. Danielson rocked Fletcher with a running dropkick into the barricade. Danielson launched Fletcher over the barricade. Claudio and Hobbs exchanged strikes. Claudio caught hobbs coming off the ropes with a scoop slam. Claudio draped Hobbs onto the ropes. Danielson rocked Hobbs with a flying knee drop. Hobbs responded by planting Claudio with a suplex. Hobbs pulled Claudio to the corner. Claudio rocked Fletcher with corner strikes. Fletcher responded by sending Claudio to the floor. Fletcher caught Claudio with a running knee strike sending him to the floor. [c]

Fletcher placed Claudio in a sleeper hold as they returned from break. Claudio broke free planting Fletcher with a gut wrench suplex. Danielson ran wild rocking Fletcher with a running clothesline. Danielson rocked Fletcher with a roundhouse kick. Danielson went for a tope but Hobbs caught him on the landing. Hobbs took control planting Danielson with a World’s Strongest Slam onto the ring apron. Danielson responded by catching Hobbs with a running knee strike. This gave Fletcher the opening to rocking Danielson with a running boot. Claudio appeared rocking Fletcher with a running uppercut. [c]

Fletcher went for a superplex but Danielson broke free. Danielson planted Fletcher with a super backdrop suplex. Danielson placed Fletcher in the LeBell Lock but Hobbs made the save. Danielson responded by shoving Hobbs into Fletcher. Claudio ran wild rocking Hobbs with rapid fire uppercuts. Claudio rocked both Fletcher and Hobbs with corner uppercuts. The crowd cheered as Claudio delivered the Giant Swing to Hobbs. Claudio placed Hobbs in a Sharpshooter but Fletcher made the save. Claudio rocked Fletcher with a popup uppercut. Hobbs caught Claudio with a spinebuster for two.

Danielson caught Fletcher with a tope on the floor. Claudio planted Hobbs with a Death Valley Driver for two. Claudio rocked Hobbs with a running clothesline for two. Fletcher yanked on Claudio’s foot. Hobbs planted Claudio with a World’s Strongest Slam but Danielson made the save. Hobbs grabbed a chair. The referee stopped Hobbs from grabbing a chair. Fletcher caught Danielson with a tope on the floor. Hobbs and Fletcher cleared the announcers table. Claudio rocked Hobbs with a running uppercut on the floor. Claudio caught Fletcher with a flying hurricanrana on the floor. Claudio connected with the Neutralizer for the win.

WINNERS: Bryan Danielson & Claudio Castagnoli in 26:50

—Konosuke Takeshita appeared, attacking Danielson and Hobbs after the match. Takeshita planted Danielson with a brainbuster on the floor. Claudio checked on Danielson. The show ended.

(Amin’s Thoughts: This was a very good action packed match. A strong showing from everyone getting a chance to shine. I liked the match layout and both teams working with great intensity. A strong win for Claudio before he faces Ospreay on Dynamite.)

OVERALL THOUGHTS: This was a fine episode of Collision. The opening and main event were both good matches. Here’s the downside about Collision. You can watch good wrestling matches on Dynamite. They also save the big angles for Dynamite. That makes Collision a pretty skippable show for most weeks.

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