NXT TV RESULTS (5/21): Wells’s live report on Natalya & Karmen Petrovic vs. Shayna Baszler & Lola Vice, Wes Lee vs. Josh Briggs vs. Joe Coffey, Thea Hail vs. Fallon Henley, more

by Kelly Wells, PWTorch Contributor


MAY 21, 2024

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T

Ring Announcer: Mike Rome

Backstage Correspondent(s): Kelly Kincaid




(1) THEA HAIL vs. FALLON HENLEY – NXT North American Championship ladder match qualifier

Major Roku issues here. I missed the first segment before the commercial. [c]

Henley hit a neckbreaker for two. The two did a simultaneous headbutt that looked like it may actually have connected pretty sharply, though it may just have been good selling. The two got to their feet and exchanged rights. Hail hit a neckbreaker. Full body slam and a rolling senton followed by a springboard back senton by Hail for two. The two went up in the corner and Hail went for a suplex from the second rope. Fallon fought it off and the two jockeyed for a big move. On the mat, Hail jumped into a Kimura lock and the two spilled outside to the floor. Henley flung Hail into the barricade to break. Back inside, Henley hit a flash boot.

WINNER: Fallon Henley. Match time was 10:29 courtesy of prowrestling.net.

Jazmyn Nyx hit the ring in a full gray bodysuit and picked the bones on hail to boos. That’s a different look for a wrestler.

-Earlier today, new Heritage Cup champion Tony D’Angelo and the Family ran into Axiom and Nathan Frazer. Luca Crusifino took a shot at the old A-Kid, and Axiom pretended he didn’t know who he meant. The friendly yet chippy conversation ended in a tag team championship match for tonight: champs will defend against Stacks & Luca Crusifino after the break. [c]

-Recap of Gallus beating down Ivar, Wes Lee and Josh Briggs last week. It was the kayfabe reason for Ivar’s legit injury. Via X, Josh Briggs had a challenge for Joe Coffey, who was added to the triple threat in place of Ivar.

-Kelly Kincaid talked with Gallus. Joe Coffey. They ran down the roster and said they were the ones who did that next week. Coffey said when he wins the triple threat, Oba Femi will find out just how dangerous Gallus are.


It’s fairly rare to see championship matches in any spot other than opener, main event or crossover, but here we are. Mike Rome handled formal introductions. Rome mispronounced “Frazer” the same way Vic always does. Save them, Booker.

Crusifino and Axiom opened with quick reversals. Frazer and Stacks both tagged in. The two also went with quick reversals until Stacks got in a few kicks. From the apron, Frazer floated in and rolled up Frazer for two. Stacks hit a deep kick for two. Axiom tagged in and hit a basement dropkick on Stacks, assisted by Frazer. They tagged again and Frazer ran the ropes and booted Stacks, who was in an abdominal stretch from Axiom. Everyone got involved and Stacks ended up laying out Frazer on the outside as the match went to commercial. [c]

The Family teamed up on a hard charge to the corner on Frazer. Stacks covered for two. Crusifino tagged in and they hit a team move with Crusifino charging his knees to Frazer’s back for two. Crusifino cut off the hot tag and charged Frazer to the heel(?) corner. Frazer hit a springboard slam and both guys sold on the mat. Stacks made the tag and Frazer made the hot tag, all while they focused on a replay of another spot. Axiom beat down both challengers and hit a high-angle half-and-half. Stacks landed mostly on his neck. Axiom covered for two. Axiom hit some stiff kicks to the chest and tagged Frazer, who hit a brainbuster for a long two; Crusifino charged in for the save. Again, everyone was involved for a moment. Crusifino made the tag and he and Stacks hit a slam on Frazer. Axiom made the save and all four guys got involved again. Stacks tagged in and Frazer dropped his head on the bottom turnbuckle. The two went up in the corner and Stacks hit a superplex. Crusifino went for a big splash. Axiom booted him out of the air. Charlie Dempsey, Myles Borne and Damon Kemp charged the family. In the madness, the champs won with a rollup. The Family and No Quarter Catch Club fought up the ramp.

After the two factions fought up the ramp, the Good Brothers hit the ring and hit the Magic Killer on the champs, then held up the titles.

WINNERS: Axiom & Frazer at 10:33.

-Mr. Stone was pumping up one of the women from the combine. Lexis King showed up and ran her out of the scene. King said Stone is wasting time looking for the next big thing when he should back a sure thing. Ava showed up and King tried to leave, but she said he’s got a match tonight and he’ll find out who he’s facing when he’s in the ring. Stone wanted to be the one, but Ava reminded him what happened last time he got in the ring.

-Oba Femi entered, likely to sit in on commentary on the triple threat match. [c]

-Chase U and Ridge Holland jawed backstage. Riley Osborne and Ridge Holland broke down and yelled at one another over Thea’s loss. Andre Chase told them to settle it in the ring. Osborne said gladly. Duke Hudson wanted a word with Holland, but Chase said not now.

(3) WES LEE vs. JOSH BRIGGS vs. JOE COFFEY (w/Wolfgang & Mark Coffey) – Triple threat match for a shot at Oba Femi’s North American Championship

Lee entered first to the usual great reaction. Good heat for Briggs. Vic introduced Oba Femi on commentary and he went in for a fist bump. Booker laughed. Femi stared at Vic without bumping, of course. I take some swipes at Vic, but he’s great in those doofy moments. Coffey entered last to some heat, though not as strong as that of Briggs.

Gallus got involved early as they held Coffey’s legs so he wouldn’t be double-teamed. Lee and Coffey tried to double-team Briggs but he blocked them both to the mat. Briggs caught Lee from the air and Coffey dropkicked them both, causing Briggs to toss Lee overhead. Lee hit Coffey with a headscissor takedown, sending him to the ramp side, and then he hit him with a tope. Briggs charged around the corner and charged into Coffey, and asked if he saw a tooth go flying. Briggs also laid out Lee, taking control as the match went to split-screen. [c]

The two big heels were going at it when we returned to full-screen. They exchanged rights and lariat attempts. Briggs splashed Coffey for two; Lee hit a senton from the top to break the count. Lee used quick kicks to down Briggs, then went at Coffey. The three did a move that can’t easily be described, but Lee got the best of it and hit a splash from the top for two. The heels went to the outside and Lee flew out and hit Briggs. Coffey slammed Lee on the apron, then rolled Briggs inside. Briggs hit a running shot on Coffey. Briggs went high but Lee met him there, and so did Coffey.


The spot broke down and Briggs took control on the mat, choke slamming both guys. He slammed Lee onto Coffey and covered both guys, but both kicked out. Coffey revived first and he and Briggs went at it. Coffey controlled with rights to the midsection, then hit two corner backsplashes and a high cross-body for two, broken up by Lee. Lee and Coffey paired off next and Lee cleared Coffey and hit him with a tope suicida. Outside, Gallus wiped out Briggs and rolled him inside. A move ended with everyone laying in a heap – both Coffey and Lee were covering Josh Briggs. It was good for the finish. Oba Femi laughed.

WINNERS: Wes Lee and Joe Coffey at 10:52.

(Wells’s Analysis: It felt like we weren’t getting out of this story without two challengers for Femi, and here we are. Weird that Briggs, who was in the whole story, was shoved aside, but they could hardly reintroduce Coffey just to have him get double-pinned and hope he came out of it with any heat left. Strong triple threat with a finish that was probably overly cutesy.)

-Karmen Petrovic and Natalya talked backstage with Kelly Kincaid. Natalya said tonight, this would be a well-oiled winning machine.

-By the lockers, Edris Enofe said he was cooked, due to all the bad luck. Brinley Reece did some stretches as Malik Blade tried to pump up Enofe. Reece said it wasn’t about luck, it was about confidence. She said whatever they want to do, she’s up for. Reece faces Jaida Parker next. [c]

-Backstage, Oba Femi briefly spoke with Ava, who confirmed it would be a triple threat match for the championship. He gave a little “hmm” and walked off.

-Next week, Sexyy Red will show up on NXT in some capacity.

(4) BRINLEY REECE vs. JAIDA PARKER – NXT North American Championship ladder match qualifier

Bronco Nima and Julien Price walked out to the ramp with Parker, but went back afterward. The two talked a little trash and then Reece got the early upper hand with some high-energy offense. Armdrag takedown by Reece kept Parker grounded for a moment. parker yanked Reece’s hair to break. The two went around and round in the corner until Reece charged Parker into it, but Parker again used the hair to charged Reece to the corner. Reece jumped at Parker, who threw a knee to take control. Parker threw quick rights and then hung up Reece across the second ropes and hit her with a hip attack. Parker leaned on Reece against the ropes.

Reece got into it with some offense and fought off a pin attempt with a bridge and one of her own. Parker side-slammed Reece for two. Backstage, Enofe and Blade were watching on a monitor. Since we couldn’t hear them, they hugely overacted with hand gestures at the monitor, as if the other guy wasn’t looking at it. Reece hit a running block and a body slam, then a somersault clothesline for two. Blade and Enofe were now watching from the ramp. Parker hit the Teardrop Hip Check to finish.

WINNER: Jaida Parker at 4:51.

(Wells’s Analysis: Parker makes it four in the ladder match so far. Very high energy stuff here, which kind of made up for the occasional light-looking offense of Reece. No surprises in the qualifying matches yet. Hail could easily be a contender for the title, but she’s also pretty well a finished product at this point and may not need it)

-Jazmyn Nyx and Fallon Henley talked backstage. Nyx said she thought Henley didn’t need friends to be successful, but here we are. She said this is why she waited until after the match to get her revenge on Hail. Henley furrowed her brow as Nyx left.

-Wendy Choo snored on a black screen, then the lights came up as she stopped. We didn’t see her face, but she was still in her pajamas and she slipped into her slippers. I know the talent in question is fine with this gimmick, and she knows the company needs people at all levels, but I honestly think she’s too good for it. [c]

-Roxanne Perez cut a pre-taped promo on the whole roster. She said the championship is her Why and she’ll never give it up.

-Ava was on the phone. She said she talked to Nick and Adam and everything’s good to go. She said something big is coming at Battleground.


King said he was on a hot streak and whoever comes through the curtain will join a long list of people who have lost to the King. Mr. Stone hit the ramp, and he introduced Dante Chen, in fresh gear and music, to cheers. Booker sold it like King was going to finish him off early.

King hit a block and covered for one. Ground and pound to boos. Stone stayed at ringside with Chen. Chen got in a few shots and a back bodydrop, then another. Chen charged in the corner, then jumped from the top into a boot for two. Of (minor) note, the commentators are saying Robert or Rob Stone instead of Mr. Stone now. King threw a few palm strikes and put Chen’s head into the corner. King kicked down at a grounded Chen. The crowd tried to will Chen into it. Chen caught a kick and held on for a lariat. Chen threw some chops and a back kick. Chen hit a big splash and an inverted atomic drop, followed by a charging boot. Chokeslam by Chen got two. King took back control and hit the drive-by and stared out at Rob Stone. Stone hit the apron and King let himself get distracted. King still managed a superkick. King set up the Coronation and yelled “Long Live” out at Stone. Chen wrapped King in a small package and got the victory.

WINNER: Dante Chen at 4:57.

(Wells’s Analysis: Listeners of PWT Talks NXT will know that the three of us are out of our minds at the appearance and victory of Chen. This wasn’t exactly a dominating victory, but he’s got to start somewhere after a long series of losses and then backstage appearances with Boa that never went anywhere before Boa was cut. King had indeed been on a winning streak before this, so I wouldn’t be overly surprised if he won a rematch)

-Shayna Baszler and Lola Vice talked it over at the lockers. Baszler wanted Vice to keep the dancing back there tonight and be serious out in the ring. Vice said she’s all business between the bells, but she’s “a Latiiiiiina” so she has to move sometimes. She jiggled while saying the aforementioned, and Shayna rolled her eyes. [c]

-“Whoop That Trick” played our champion to the ring. He grabbed a mic and said he appreciated the chant but he had to get serious. He ran down Noam Dar and said he got dropped backstage, but he wouldn’t wish that on nobody. He took off his shades and looked into the camera and told Noam Dar he didn’t attack him. He said if he had done it, Dar wouldn’t be sitting there with a bad leg, he’d have a Jordan 23 tattooed on his forehead because he attacks to people’s face.

Meta-Four, minus Noam Dar, showed up on the ramp. Lash Legend was conflicted. Oro Mensah and Jakara Jackson ran down Trick and said he needed to admit it. Lash said it obviously wasn’t Trick. Trick said Oro needed to shut up before he snapped “those tap-dance loafers right off yo ass.”

Gallus’s music played Joe Coffey to the ramp. He said people were probably wondering why he was out there after already getting an opportunity. He said they’d find out why right now. Wolfgang and Mark Coffey attacked Trick, and they made it three with Joe joining. Je’Von Evans charged in to a good reaction and he briefly got the upper hand before the numbers caught up. Williams had a hope spot but they took him out of the picture again. Gallus has had a lot of stop-start pushes over the years, but this is a pretty bold statement upon return.

-The main event duos walked backstage ahead of their main event match. [c]

-Backstage, Rob Stone congratulated Dante Chen. Ava said Stone made a star tonight, and well done.

-Next week, Roxanne Perez’s Battleground: Las Vegas opponent will be revealed. This is probably related to Ava’s statement that she talked something over with Adam Pearce and Nick Aldis. Also next week, the final two ladder qualifiers as well as Trick Williams & Je’Von Evans versus Mark Coffey & Wolfgang. Evans is really getting fast-tracked. Clearly he deserves it, but still, it’s rare.


Natalya put her sunglasses on a fan a la Bret Hart – the fan in question was Vic. Booker called out that she put them on upside-down and Vic got after Booker for ruining a great moment. The two bantered a bit more, as they have much of the night.

The heels took the early advantage with some frequent tags, isolating Nattie in their corner. Natalya got some shots in and crawled, then jumped, for the early hot tag. Petrovic used her rangy legs to beat down Shayna convincingly. Petrovic hit a float-over neckbreaker for two. Everyone got involved and the babyfaces hit stereo lariats as the match went to split-screen. [c]

Petrovic was face in peril upon return. Baszler cut off the hot tag and swept the leg for two. Baszler dragged Petrovic over for a tag. Vice held on a headlock, then shaked her booty at Nattie on the outside, allowing a brief flurry of shots by Petrovic. Baszler tagged in and hit a suplex for two. A corner graphic promoted Riley Osborne vs. Ridge Holland for next week. Petrovic was able to bump the heels together and make the hot tag. Nattie dominated both heels and had suplexes for everybody. Vice missed in a corner but managed an armdrag. Nattie hit an immediate hard lariat and covered for two.


Petrovic tagged in and hit a high cross-body for two. The faces tagged for a team suplex but Baszler chop-blocked Karmen’s leg. Vice hit a backfist but Karmen made the save. Nattie charged Baszler off the corner apron and Vice booted her. Vice again shook her ass for a while, allowing Nattie to turn the tables on a figure-four attempt and hit the Sharpshooter. Baszler made the save. Bonzo gonzo and eventually Petrovic cleared Baszler and made the tag. Petrovic an Nattie used the Hart Attack to finish Lola Vice in a very cool moment.

WINNERS: Natalya & Karmen Petrovic at 11:08.

The winners went up the ramp, leaving us open to the very obvious coda . Oh damn – Baszler held up Vice for what we would all assume would be a turn, but Vice instead spin-kicked her and then shook her booty down at the face of Baszler for quite a while. Vice then danced on the apron long enough for Baszler to snatch her with a headlock into the ring. A gaggle of refs broke it up and they kept trying to go at it. Ava hit the ramp and said “if you want this, say less, because I want to see it too. You’ll get one another at Battleground.” Baszler grabbed the mic and said “Nah – NXT UNDERGROUND.” Vic salivated over the idea of Underground at Battleground as the show went off the air.

(Wells’s Analysis: For a match that only really existed to set up another one, this was pretty good. I still don’t know if I see Petrovic as an uppercard talent, but she’s certainly bringing it in the ring lately and she might be something special if she can shine on the mic when the kid gloves come off. Nattie’s part in NXT might be over now, but Baszler certainly has at least one big match left, and very likely will beat Lola Vice in a way that still allows her to gain something from it in the end.)

FINAL THOUGHTS: I’ve been on the road away from home for a week so I’m taking the podcast off to see my daughters, but I regret that I won’t be able to talk about what was a pretty good hype show for Battleground (and especially the return of Dante Chen). We’re potentially all set for the show in terms of matches, though we still need Roxy’s partner as well as the last two combatants in the inaugural Women’s NXT North American Championship ladder match. Gallus returned with a bang, but it remains to be seen whether too much damage has been done to them for them to be taken seriously at this stage. Lots to unpack for Bruce Hazelwood and Nate Lindberg on PWT Talks NXT tonight. Cheers.


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