NXT TV RESULTS (5/28): Hazelwood’s live report on Sexyy Red’s appearance, Williams & Evans vs. Gallus, Yim (Michin) vs. Paxley & Jordan vs. Sinclair in last two qualifiers, more



MAY 28, 2024

NXT Commentators: Vic Joseph, Booker T

Ring Announcer: Mike Rome

Backstage Correspondent(s): Kelly Kincaid

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-The show began with Ava in the ring and a little stand behind her. She welcomed viewers and said NXT has the best women’s division in the game, pushing barriers and making history. She hyped the first Women’s North American Championship match coming at Battleground. She said the last two qualifiers are tonight. She pivoted to introducing Sexyy Red. Sexyy Red came out and the crowd was popping for her. Booker T put her over as well. She twerked a bit in the ring and then strutted around. Ava handed her a mic and she twerked again. A little kid in a Rey Mysterio mask looked up at his dad. Ava said NXT is thrilled to have her here as a guest and that Sexyy Red has a special announcement: she will be hosting Battleground. Ava then had Sexyy Red unveil the new Women’s North American Championship with white strap. Tatum Paxley appeared and tried to take the strap away. Michin rand down and went at Paxley. She threw her outside and then threw her into the barrier.

(1) MICHIN vs. TATUM PAXLEY – North American Championship ladder match qualifier

Back in the ring, the ref called for the bell. Michin kept the advantage early. She whipped Paxley hard into a corner, then again into the opposite corner. Paxley fought back with body shots, then dodged a corner kick and took advantage. Paxley shoved her boot in Michin’s throat in the corner as Jaida Parker made her way to ringside. Michin hit a leg trip on the apron and then a baseball slide that sent Paxley to the floor in front of Parker. Michin hit a tope, then taunted Parker, who walked away toward the announce desk area. [c]

Paxley had Michin in a body scissors as they returned, but fought out. Michin then hit some counters, including a pounce, that floored both women. Parker was on commentary and rejected Vic Joseph’s handshake, saying she heard about him and called him a snitch. Michin hit a strike combo and then a release German. She hit a big chop and a bevy of headbutts in the corner. She set and hit the running cannonball in the corner. A matchbox cover resulted in a two-count. Michin went for Eat De-Feet/Seoul Food, but Paxley countered with some kind of flipping pump handle slam. She hit a big belly-to-back for a two-count. Paxley and Michin had a dueling spot of poses and then crawled toward each other. Michin Too Sweeted Paxley’s face, then hit a small package counter. She dodged and hit Eat De-Feet for the win.

WINNER: Michin at 9:11 (Eat De-Feet) to qualify for the North American Championship ladder match

-Gallus was in the back and talking said Ava only slapped the wrist of the Gallus family by allowing two of them at ringside. Meta-Four (sans Noam Dar) appeared. They asked why they jumped Dar and Gallus looked confused. They said if they attacked Dar, they’d know about it and Joe Coffey said that’s a stupid question and they thought better of them. Oro Mensah kept on that it was Trick Williams and Lash Legend said it wasn’t, again.

-Riley Osborne made his way to the ring with Chase U. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Normally, one would think Paxley would go over for a showcase of NXT talent. However, Michin does have NXT roots in WWE and brings a veteran presence to the match at Battleground. I don’t think Michin would win – and believe me, as a fellow Korean-American, I would be ECSTATIC – but she seems to be the one who will end up as ring general of the match.)

-They returned with a recap of Lola Vice’s turn on Shayna Baszler last week, and then Baszler choking her out until the refs came out to break it up and they brawled instead until Ava made the announcement of a match and Baszler said Underground. Vice was shadow boxing in the back as Arianna Grace approached and asked her if she is going to through another “barbaric” Underground match and she said yes. “Oh, sugar.” Grace said Baszler is dangerous. Vice said so is she and said Grace cand find out how dangerous first-hand. “Oh sh*t!” She then covered her mouth and looked around to see if anyone heard.

-Ridge Holland made his entrance.

(2) RILEY OSBORNE (w/Chase U) vs. RIDGE HOLLAND – Singles match

They circled and then tied up, Holland forcing Osborne into the ropes and then snapped him down to the mat. They locked up again and Osborne slapped Holland. Holland looked reluctant to really get going, opening up a sequence of strikes for Osborne, but one from Holland stopped the momentum. He hit an uppercut that floored Osborne, then a big side head lock takeover. He held onto the lock for a bit before Osborne fought to his feet. Holland hit a few big chops, then ate one himself, before hitting a snapmare and a rear chin lock (been watching that Randy Orton tape I see). Holland had it on, but didn’t even have Osborne’s head in his elbow area, a really loose hold. Osborne hit his feet and then an enziguri. However, Holland hit a big short-arm clothesline that flipped Osborne.

Holland then whipped Osborne hard into the corner, exploding him out of said corner. He stalked and hit a few uppercuts in the corner, then another hard whip to the opposite corner. The crowd was pretty much silent for this. Holland went for another whip, but Osborn countered with a second rope Whisper in the Wind basically. He hit an enziguri and then a running shooting star before running and forcing both of them through the middle rope and outside. Chase U looked on concerned as both men writhed in pain. [c]

Holland had Osborne in the Randy Orton Special as they returned. Osborne hit a jawbreaker to counter, but Holland immediately went to a sleeper, then an elbow to the back of the head. He went for a vertical, but Osborne slipped out for a rollup, then a dropkick. He climbed to the top, but Holland met him and bodyslammed him off. he then hit a corner avalanche and a big overhead belly-to-belly. Holland then tried throwing Osborne out of the ring, but he held on to land on the apron. Holland then brought Osborne back in and lifted him to his shoulders. He went for a running powerslam, but Osborne slipped out and hit a thrust kick to send him over the top and outside. He hit a triangle dropkick to send Holland back outside, but his tope was thwarted by a Holland forearm. Holland went to remove the steps, but Thea Hail looked at him. He shook his head and stopped. He then went back and almost ate a rollup pin, but he kicked out. This allowed Osborne to hit a comeback sequence. After a series of corner slaps to the chest, Holland was able to counter a second rope attack by kicking out the leg and then hitting his Ram-Paige style DDT that I think Joseph called the Redeemer. Chase U immediately hit the ring to check on Osborne. Holland lifted Osborne up for a handshake and Osborne looked conflicted. He rolled out of the ring.

WINNER: Ridge Holland at 11:19 (Redeemer)

-Kelly Kincaid was with The Good Brothers in the back. Karl Anderson said they keep getting the silent treatment by the NXT Tag Team Champion. Luke Gallows said they’re sick of being overlooked. Anderson said they’ve had title reigns around the world longer than Axiom and Nathan Frazer have been a team. They called them out for a title match. Kincaid got something in her ear and said something is happening. They went to a camera running up on Mensah having been attacked in the back.

-Edris Enofe and Malik Blade made their entrance with Brinley Reece. The Good Brothers made their entrance.

(3) THE GOOD BROTHERS (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) vs. EDRIS ENOFE & MALIK BLADE (w/Brinley Reece) – Tag team match

Anderson immediately kicked enofe in the gut as he was talking to Blade, but Blade made a sneaky tag and they hit a quick high-low variation for a two-count. Enofe made another sneaky tag and hit a second rope axe handle to Anderson. A double drop toehold led to double dropkicks, then one to Gallows as he tried to interfere. Enofe high fived Breece, but Anderson shoved Blade into Enofe, who fell hard on Breece. Enofe immediately called for refs to help her as Anderson took over in the ring. [c]

Gallows had Blade in a Randy Orton Special as they returned. They showed Anderson hitting his patented spinebuster during the commercial break. Blade fought to his feet, but a gut knee and big right from The Big L.G. stopped that. He then hammered away at Blade in the corner, tagging in Anderson along the way. Anderson whipped Blade hard into the corner, almost Bret Hart chest-first, then a traditional one back-first into a neutral corner. Anderson worked Blade in their corner a bit more before Gallows tagged in and hit a snap suplex. Gallows then wrenched on the mouth of Blade. Blade hit a jawbreaker and sold the top of his head. Enofe got distracted by Anderson, then noticed too late as Gallows dragged Blade away. Blade evaded a belly-to-back and finally made the tag…to no reaction. Enofe hit a combo dropkick double fist combo to drop both men, then took it to Gallows with a reverse sling blade. He went to the top after depositing Anderson and missed, hurting himself. Gallows hit a big chokeslam. Anderson tagged in, took out Blade, and they hit a Magic Killer.

After replays, Axiom and Frazer attacked and sent both men to the outside, enraging them. Axiom said it doesn’t take a genius to know what they want. Frazer called them “fraudulent clowns” and said some stuff that Axiom had to stop him for and said they’ll see them at Battleground.

WINNER: The Good Brothers at 9:04 (Magic Killer)

-They showed last week’s HIGHLIGHT OF THE YEAR when Dante Chen beat Lexis King. It was a vignette for him about how he’s waited his time, and they showed him in the background of a lot of scenes. He said he wanted to represent as the first WWE wrestler from Singapore. He said he’s hungry for more victories and said he’s ready for whoever is whatever is next. They showed him in the locker room getting praise from Hank & Tank and some others (Shawn Spears was speaking to O.T.M. in the background). King approached and said it was a fluke. Chen objected and called for the match tonight. King accepted.

-They showed Roxanne Perez making her way to the ring. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Can we please just get to the culmination of this Enofe-Blade-Reece story? They have a lot of potential and it’s a bit disappointing to see them constantly relegated to enhancement status. I wouldn’t be surprised to see The Good Brothers win at Battleground considering the face champion team keeps attacking them from behind and rightfully drawing boos from the crowd. Also, DANTE MOTHER F*****G CHEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

-They returned with the announcement of Minneapolis hosting SummerSlam 2026, so Kelly and Wade will be there (along with a slew of other wrestling people).

-They showed Trick Williams and Je’Von Evans working out in the locker room and Williams was telling Evans they need to be on the same page. Sexyy Red came in and twerked some more. She already stood facing the camera instead of the wrestlers, so she’s WWE ready. She wished them luck, then Evans stopped her before she left. He propsed that she walk out with them tonight and she said to follow them.

-Perez made her entrance.


Perez took a mic as Joseph said we will find out who she will defend against at Battleground. She said can we all just acknowledge the fact that she’s the only woman in WWE that has appreciated that title since its inception? She said she saw the title jump from waist to waist to waist and held by women who use it as a vehicle or stepping stone to get to something bigger and better, but she is the only one who has shown true committment to the title. She said at 13-years-old she began training to become “The Prodigy” and become the Women’s NXT Championship. She said no one can say they worked nine years for that title. She said she didn’t care about Raw or Smackdown and everyone sees that title as future greatness instead of present greatness, which she assured us we are in now.


She asked Ava where is the respect for the title and as the face of the division – “the best women’s division in all of wrestling” – she deserves better treatment. She said she can play that game too and asked who the hell it’s going to be.  Ava walked out and put over Perez as a great champ, but said it’s more of a matter of if she will still be champ after Battleground. She introduced JORDYNNE F****G GRACE OH MY GOD SHE HAS HER TNA KNOCKOUTS CHAMPIONSHIP TOO.

Grace entered the ring after a huge pop. They had to block out the holy sh*t chants. Grace, looking freaking jacked as ever, said some might remember her from the Royal Rumble this year and said for those who don’t, she formally introduced herself as the TNA Knockouts Champion, Jordynne Grace. She put over Perez for building her name just like she did in TNA and asked who’s built the stronger foundation. She said she wants to find out and will be challenging for the Women’s NXT Championship, “and I’m fully prepared to leave Las Vegas a double champion.” Perez indignantly lifted her title as Grace left the ring smiling.

-A vignette aired for Eddy Thorpe about fire being destructive to some, but to him and his people, fire is much more. A doorway to the spirit world and used for healing. They showed highlights from his Underground matches as he said his body is healed and he now leads the way for all indigenous people with a dream. He said through the cleansing of the fire, Eddy Thorpe has been reborn.

-Vice made her way to the ring. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: Mark Perez vs. Grace down as NXT Match of the Year contender right now. Holy hell, with rumors being that it was going to be someone else – someone that I am not a fan of – I wasn’t looking forward to this, but THANK YOU WRESTLING GODS. I also haven’t read up on reports for the past few days, so that made this surprise that much more. After receiving complaints last week that there isn’t even a match for Perez or Williams on Battleground, it looks like I was right to caution because those would be solidified tonight. You don’t need build when you go promotional champion vs. promotional champion; that sells itself.)

-They showed Chase U consoling Osborne in the back and Osborne still said not to trust Holland. Duke Hudson said he agreed and the two walked away. Hail said she was done with them and had to focus on her match with Jazmyn Nyx week and left. Holland approached after and said hell of a scrap. Chase said all was good.

-Grace made her entrance. Vice was next.

(4) LOLA VICE vs. ARIANNA GRACE – Singles match

Vice must be trying to move merch because she kept her Lola Vice shirt on for the match. Grace hit a backslide, then a rollup as she tried to tall Vice to calm down and take a breath. She then caught a kick and hit a jackknife cover. Vice feinted a kick and then hit a stiff axe kick to the back. Grace caught Vice with a kick, but ate a spin kick to the gut. Vice whipped her into a corner and then hammered away with body shots. She sat Grace in the corner and went for her and hit her running hip attack. Grace’s facial reactions have me howling. She came back and chopped Vice, sent her into the corner, hit a running attack, and then a snap suplex. However, she missed an elbow as Vice moved, then suddenly hit her spinning backfist which I think Joseph called the 305. That backfist being a flash KO is nice and believable with a former professional fighter.

After the match, Vice took a mic and said Baszler has one of two options: either she gets knocked out or tapped out. “You choose, bitch!” Baszler’s music hit and she rushed down to the ring, but security separated both of them from each other. The fans wanted a fight.

WINNER: Lola Vice at 2:12 (spinning backfist)

-They cut to a video for Carlee Bright, showing photo and video of her cheering at University of Minnesota on full scholarship. She said when she graduated, she knew it was time to do something for her and wrestling became her new love. She said “NXT’s ray of sunshine has arrived.” They then showed Natalya complimenting Bright as Izzi Dame approached and Karmen Petrovic was having none of it. She told Natalya she got this and ran down Dame. She said Dame has “BIG negative energy.” Dame insulted Petrovic, who responded with a slap. They were separated.

-King made his way to the ring. [c]

-They returned with No Quarter Catch Crew lifting weights and concerned about Charlie Dempsey going hard. Damon kemp asked if he was alright. Dempsey said he lost a piece of himself when he lost the Heritage Cup and he needs to win it back. He brushed off both men and said they need to look at Tony D’Angelo of all people to run an organization: structure, power, etc. Myles Bourne said he got D’Angelo next week, but Dempsey said Kemp got it. He got aggressive and kind of maniacal with Kemp.

-They showed Legend and Jakara Jackson talking in the trainer’s room as Mensah was being checked. Legend said she’ll talk to Williams and he won’t lie to her.

-Our NXT savior, Dante Chen, graced us with his presence.

(5) DANTE CHEN vs. LEXIS KING – Singles match

King rushed, but Chen sidestepped and went at him with chops and then a big Stinger splash. He hit a big running boot and King was reeling, but answered back with a counter thrust kick and mounted punches. King slowed it down and then talked smack to Chen. He went for a vertical suplex that was countered into an inside cradle for a two-count, but then King landed a short-arm clothesline and then a jackhammer for a two-count. Chen then caught an unsuspecting King with a crucifix pin for the win! King, enraged, attacked from behind after the match. He pounded at his chest and then dragged him outside. He hit his running lariat to the back of the neck. King then removed the padding to expose the concrete and kind of sort of hit Coronation on the concrete, Chen’s neck and head landing on the padding. SOMEONE COME GET THIS DASTARDLY VILLAIN.

WINNER: Dante Chen at 1:41 (crucifix pin)

-Josh Briggs vignette. He was at a projector and narrated how he signed in 2020 with big dreams of breaking out, but his dreams were too big too early and got himself a little brother and sister (Brooks Jensen and Fallon Henley). He said it was time to find success on his own. They showed the breakup of the three. He said he got his hand raised a few times, but what is he betting on? “Am I a ‘Man of Mayhem’ in the ring or just in my damn mind?” He said we’ll find out.

-Kincaid came upon Spears, who was eagerly watching the vignette. He ignored her questions and said there are so many wandering souls in NXT with great potential, and he too has been down that path (not the one with potential, I’m guessing). He said he’ll help maximize their potential and he’ll be the answer. He walked away, leaving Kincaid confused.

-Kelani Jordan vs. Wren Sinclair is next. [c]


-They showed The Family in the back and The Don approached and said nothing else gets done until they deal with NQCC. D’Angelo said the Cup is growing on him, but for NQCC, it’s a part of them, “like their liver or something.” He asked if Luca Crusifino went over the Catch Clause and he said he’ll have everything ready after tonight. Stacks said they might need to take someone for a ride. D’Angelo said naw, they’ll beat them at their own game.

-Wren Sinclair entered first and she has lyrics to her music now! It’s still crappy music, though. Kelani Jordan was next and I think she has new music too, but it’s been so long since she’s had a solo entrance that I can’t remember.

(6) KELANI JORDAN vs. WREN SINCLAIR – North American Championship ladder match qualifier

They locked up to begin and Sinclair, in much better gear than in the past – it actually looks like wrestling gear – gained the early advantage. They slapped hands after the initial sequence. Fallon Henley was on commentary and said she is going to remind everyone why she is the “top shelf” of NXT. A lot of grappling here early, a great old school feeling out process mixed in with some newer school athleticism. Jordan hit a few dropkicks after using the top rope to hit a counter. Sinclair then used the ropes to block an arm drag and hit a big x-factor. However, Jordan sent her outside and hit a crossbody. Back in the ring, she hit a running variety for a two-count. Sinclair tried countering with a sunset flip, but Jordan matrixed out and rolled into one of her own. They then traded a bevy of different pin combos and Jordan, after a second attempt, was able to bridge up and then hit a teardrop suplex variation. She went for and hit her split-legged moonsault.

WINNER: Kelani Jordan at 3:14 (split-legged moonsault) to qualify for the North American Championship ladder match

-Joseph and Booker T then hyped Battleground including the Tag Team Championship match being made official, Oba Femi vs. Wes Lee vs. Joe Coffey for the Men’s North American Championship.

-Mr. Stone was in the back with Ava as Stevie Turner asked Ava what Grace has done to get a title shot. She turned to Stone and mentioned Chen. A knock sounded and Turner said, “Oh great, someone more important than me.” Grace walked in and Turner looked in awe of being that close to championship gold. Grace basically gave a small babyface promo and walked away. I think she said something about being on the show next week, too, but I missed it because Turner’s reaction had me cackling. Oh, she challenged Turner to a match next week! Well then. [c]

(Hazelwood’s Take: The field is set and I have seen nothing to dissuade me from sticking with my pick the night the title was announced in Fallon Henley.)

-They returned with Kincaid with Wes Lee in the back. He said it felt great to get the victory last week, but he is upset he had to share the victory. She asked about Gallus’ ambitions and he said they’re three pissed off Scotsman and they really mean it, but the only issue is they won’t make it to step two because “I need my championship.” He put over his experience in triple threats, but was stopped cold as he turned to see Femi standing there. Femi said it doesn’t matter because the outcome remains the same: “This title stays with me.” Lee said he’s made a career of proving people like Femi wrong.

-Joseph hyped next week with D’Angelo defending against Kemp, Grace vs. Turner, Hail vs. Nyx, and an inside look at Baszler-Vice in Underground.

-Gallus made their entrance. Remember, Joe Coffey said only two of them could be here on Ava’s orders, but also said they hadn’t been able to speak to Wolfgang yet so don’t be surprised if he interferes. Evans entered next with his own unique full screen graphics. Williams was next with Sexyy Red.

(7) TRICK WILLIAMS & JE’VON EVANS (w/Sexyy Red) vs. GALLUS (Joe Coffey & Mark Coffey) – Tag team match

Williams immediately exploded at Mark and talked smack to Joe. Williams hit a big shoulder tackle and bodyslam and after every move, he looked at Joe. Evans tagged in and hit Coffey with his move on an audible as the latter interfered, then both men hit dropkicks to send them outside. The faces then posed with Sexyy Red outside with the fans. Back in the ring, Joe made a sneaky tag and forced Evans to crash outside. He then hit his leaping headbutt thing that I forgot the name of to send Evans into the steps. [c]

Joe was in control of Evans as they returned. Evans fought back with some forearms, but ate a bodyslam before Joe tagged himself in hit some elbow drops to the back. Evans was able to hit a back body drop, but Joe cut him off before he could make the tag. He then leaped over a diving Coffey to make the tag.


Williams took it to both foes with leg lariats, then a leaping clothesline to Mark and a Stevie Ray flapjack to Joe. He kipped up and went for his rolling uranage. He then caught Mark trying to break it up and hit a double uranage for a double two-count. Coffey held the rope to prevent a whip, then hit a headbutt. He tagged in Mark and they hit a double slam for a two-count. Evans leaped in and Coffey helped on the leaping cutter. Mark took out Evans, then Williams Mark and the two legal men were floored. Williams and Mark traded blows in the middle of the ring, Mark getting the better until Williams hit a capoeira kick, but Mark hit a leaping kick for a two-count. Joe went for the title, but Sexyy Red grabbed it form him. Evans leaped clean over Mark to hit a tope con hilo to Coffey outside and into the announce desk. Mark then turned right into the Trick Knee. Sexyy Red entered the ring and handed the title to Williams, then raised both hands.

Meta-Four’s music then hit as Legend hit the ramp. She made her way to the ring. She dapped up Sexyy Red as Red and Evans left the ring. Legend took a mic and asked Williams to be honest with her and asked if he attacked Dar and Mensah. He grabbed the mic and the lights went out. When they came back on, ETHAN PAGE attacked from behind, forcing Williams into Legend. He took the mic and said he attacked Dar and Mensah. “Whoop that Trick? Yeah, I’m about to,” and then he hit a running knee. The crowd knew who he was as they chanted his name. Joseph almost said AEW, and then said Page “truly is ‘All Ego.'”

WINNER: Trick Williams & Je’Von Evans at 8:34 (Trick Knee)

FINAL THOUGHTS: GIVE ME NXT VS. TNA RIGHT NOW. RIGHT NOW. It reminds me of the old TNA Cups or whatever they used to do, but BETTER. Also, bring in Speedball, Josh Alexander, Chris Bey, everyone. Let’s GO.

Remember, we’re live on YouTube now!


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