WWE MAIN EVENT TV RESULTS (6/5): Dakota Kai vs. Ivy Nile, Bronson Reed vs. Tyler Bate

By Mike Meyers, PWTorch contributor

WWE Main Event results and analysis


JUNE 5, 2024

Announcers: Blake Howard, Brian “Road Dogg” James

(1) IVY NILE vs. DAKOTA KAI (w/ Kairi Sane)

The women locked up and Kai, unbelievably, muscled Nile into a corner. They separated and locked up again. They twisted into a corner, and the ref separated them. Nile took Kai down with an arm drag and then a shoulder block. Nile whipped Kai to the mat twice with waist locks, then covered for two. Nile applied an upright side headlock. Kai fired her off, but Nile hit another hip toss, then followed up with a delayed vertical suplex. She dropped Kai onto her back, then charged at her. Kai dodged and pulled Nile face-first into the ropes, stunning her. Kai covered for two.

Kai jammed her boot into Nile’s throat against the bottom rope. Nile powered out of a chinlock and tossed Kai with a release suplex. Nile hit back-to-back clothelines, then unleashed a flurry of strikes. Nile hit a running kick, then a gut wrench suplex, and another two-count cover. Nile landed a running forearm strike, but Kai managed to hang Nile up over the middle rope. Kai hit a stomp to Nile’s skull, causing her to topple onto the canvas. Kai covered for two. A “Let’s go Ivy” chant started. Kai kicked out of a roll-up cover. Nile was distracted by Sane, who had joined the fun on the ring apron. The distraction allowed Kai to blast Nile with a scorpion kick. Kai immediately followed up with the Go to Kick, then covered for the three-count.

WINNER: Dakota Kai by pinfall in 5:40.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Fun match! Kai’s two-move finishing sequence was impressive and cool, but that was balanced by Sane’s heelish interference.)


Bate attempted an early wrist lock, but Reed knocked him to the mat. Bate jumped up to apply a side headlock. Reed tossed Bate over his shoulder. Bate landed on his feet and hit a couple running shoulder blocks with minimal effect. Bate hoisted Reed onto his shoulders and actually stood upright, but quickly collapsed under the weight of the much larger man. Reed gorilla pressed Bate and dropped him face-first onto the top turnbuckle. We cut to break with Bate wincing in the corner.

Reed applied a chinlock moments after the commercial break. Bate began to power out, but Reed kneed him in the back, then applied a bear hug. Bate shook his fist and nodded at the crowd, then crawled up and over Reed’s head to get free. Bate dropped to the mat, on his back, between Reed’s feet. Reed noticed this and dropped his full weight in a seated senton, but Bate deftly rolled out of harm’s way. Bate ran the ropes opposite Reed and hit low shoulder blocks. Bate hit a knee strike in the corner, then a flying shoulder tackle. He hit an enzuigiri in another corner, followed by another shoulder tackle. Bate finally knocked Reed off his feet with consecutive clotheslines, then Bate covered for two.

Bate went back to the fireman’s carry, this time long enough to engage an airplane spin. He dumped Reed to the mat. Bate went down too, but was first to his feet. He set up a double-underhook maneuver, but Reed took charge and Alabama slammed Bate into the turnbuckles. He followed up with a powerbomb and a senton. Reed dragged Bate toward a corner on the mat, then climbed the corner and launched into the Tsunami splash. Reed remained on top for the three-count and victory.

WINNER: Bronson Reed by pinfall in 6:35.

(Meyers’s Analysis: Another entertaining match with bit of a “Spider Man vs. Giant Ant Man” vibe. The endgame was fun – you can feel the exact moment when Reed thought, “Okay, F this,” and quickly demolished Bate with power moves.)

SHOW SCORE (0-10): 8.8

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