VIP AUDIO 4/5 – The Fix w/Todd Martin (pt. 1 of 2): In-depth on Roman Reigns fan response on Raw, where WWE goes from here with him, and whether Cena-Reigns comparison work, plus Hardys, Revival, Cena, Vince (68 min)

WADE KELLER PODCAST - Royal Rumble preview with Sam Roberts
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SHOW SUMMARY: In part one of this week’s edition of The Fix with PWTorch columnist Todd Martin hosted by PWTorch editor Wade Keller, they discuss in-depth for more than half of the show what is going on with Roman Reigns, how WWE is framing it, whether their apparent plan for him in terms of the heel/face classification makes sense and can work, how his situation now as a booed babyface is similar and different than John Cena at a similar stage of their pushes, and more. Then they run down Raw including Vince McMahon’s segment, the debut of The Revival, the return of Finn Balor, and the prospects for the Hardys.

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