VIP AUDIO 7/21 – Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast – Interview with Jack Swagger and John Piermarini on the dynamic between writer and wrestler in WWE, plus Battleground Preview with Mitchell, more Mailbag (78 min)

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SHOW SUMMARY: In this episode, the “Interview Friday” edition of the Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast, PWTorch editor Wade Keller interviews ex-WWE Creative Team member John Piermarini and former WWE World Champion Jack Swagger. The focus of the interview is on the dynamic and creative process between a WWE Creative Team member and a wrestler. Do the same writers usually work with the same wrestlers? How did John and Jack become friend and how did that help the creative process? What was it like working with Vince McMahon as part of the overall process? What were some of their favorite storylines including the Real American gimmick? They go behind the scenes on the process of creating ideas, pitching ideas to management and Vince McMahon, and how it then makes it onto the air. Insight into Pat Patterson, Dutch Mantel, and others. After that, PWTorch senior columnist Bruce Mitchell joins Wade again today to preview Sunday’s WWE Battleground PPV. And the show closes with Keller answering more Mailbag questions ( left over from yesterday.

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