VIP AUDIO 12/02 – Wade Keller Hotline – Raw ratings, Austin and Foley talk about Reigns and WWE problems (34 min)

December 2, 2015

SHOW SUMMARY: In this edition of the Wade Keller Hotline, PWTorch editor Wade Keller presents a look at the news with analysis of key stories including the Raw ratings, the Steve Austin Show conversation with Mick Foley dissecting Roman Reigns and scripted promos among other topics, the potentially exploitative hype for the Owen Hart DVD by WWE, plus more news items. […]

VIP AUDIO 12/02 – The Fix w/Todd Martin, pt. 1: Is WWE biz going to plummet? Is Mick Foley on target with criticism? (46 min)

December 2, 2015

SHOW SUMMARY: In this week’s episode of The Fix with PWTorch columnist Todd Martin hosted by PWTorch editor Wade Keller (pt. 1 of 2), they discuss these topics: Is WWE biz going to plummet? Is Mick Foley on target with criticism? Should Vince McMahon be so dismissive of the so-called Indy Favorites? What can be learned from what was done right during the Monday Night War? […]

VIP AUDIO 11/28 – Bruce Mitchell Audio Show w/Keller, pt. 2 of 2: Turkey of the Year, today’s WrestleCade, Foley (81 min)

November 28, 2015

SUMMARY: In today’s new Bruce Mitchell Audio Show, pt. 2 of 2, Bruce runs down his experience at WrestleCade including crossing paths with a lot of known wrestling names from today and yesterday, then a reaction to Mick Foley’s threat to stop watching Raw and where this fits into his history as a public figure commenting on pro wrestling industry, and finally the Turkey of the Year nominations are discussed and a winner is declared. […]

Tues. Torch Today (PM Update) – Livecast Alerts, Austin responds to Goldberg, Angle’s 2016 future, Pope taking free bookings, Flair hosts WWE Euro Tour, new Network shows, Barrett on ESPN, Rooney-Barrett, MCW change, Rock, MDM DiBiase speaking, Schamberger

November 10, 2015

TORCH TODAY – Tuesday, November 10 AFTERNOON UPDATE – LIVECAST ALERT: Listen in live to Wade Keller and Jason Powell of on today’s Livecast at 5:00 p.m. EST taking your calls and emails at […]

10/24 MCW in Winber, Pa. with Mick Foley

October 26, 2015

Maryland Championship Wrestling Results “Autumn Armegeddon Tour 2015” October 24, 2015 Winber, Pa. at the Community Building (1) The Hell Cats (Sexy Steve & Jimmy Stars) beat the Punk Rock All-Stars (Drake Carter & Shaun […]

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