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RadicanSean_profileCHIKARA KING OF TRIOS 2015
SEPT. 6, 2015

King of Trios Teams

(1) Bullet Club (A.J. Styles & The Young Bucks)
(2) Team AAA (Drago & Fenix & Aerostar)
(3) Fight Club Pro (Dan Maloney & Trent Seven & Tyler Bate)
(4) Trios from Attack Wrestling in the U.K.

(5) BWO (Stevie Richards & Nova & Blue Meanie)
(6) Devastation Corp. (McMassive & Rumblecrunch & Smashmaster)
(7) Dasher’s Dugout (Dasher Hatfield & Icarus & Mr. Touchdown)
(8) Snake Pit (Eddie Kingston & Ophidian & Shynron)

(9) United Nations (Juan Francisco De Coronado & Mr. Azerbaijan & The Proletariat Boar of Moldova)
(10) Gentleman’s Club (Chuck Taylor & Gulak & Swamp Monster)
(11) BDK (Jakob Hammermeier & Soldier Ant & Nokken)
(12) Battle Hive (Amasis & Fire Ant & Worker Ant)

(13) Nightmare Warriors (Frightmare & Silver Ant & Hallowicked)
(14) The Arcane Horde (Oleg the Usurper & The Batiri)
(15) Crown & Court (Kimber Lee & Los Ice Creams)
(16) Battleborn (Kevin Condron & Missile Assault Man & Lucas Calhoun)

Gavin Loudspeaker came out to introduce the show.

Devastation Corporation came out first and the fans threw a mix of trash and streamers into the ring. The fans loudly booed them. They were not accompanied to the ring by Sidney Bakabella. Team AAA was out next.

The fans chanted “We forgive you at Fenix,” who I believe swore at the previous show and it was edited off the video. Fenix apologized for swearing and Devastation Corporation jumped Team AAA from behind.

(1) Campeonatos de Parejas Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster & Flex Rumblecrunch & Blaster McMassive) vs. Team AAA (Aerostar & Fenix & Drago) in a 2015 KOT Semi-Final Round match. Fenix was isolated in the ring and Devastation Corporation began working him over. The fans started a big chant for Fenix. Fenix tried to fire back on Smashmaster and went for a springboard, but he caught him and powerbombed him into the turnbuckle. Smashmaster went after the ref a short time later and the official threatened to DQ him, so Max backed off and tagged in Rumblecrunch. Fenix took a big combination of moves capped by a swanton from Smashmaster, but he managed to kick out at 2. Smashmaster tossed Fenix out of the ring, which allowed Aerostar to enter the ring legally. He quickly took a fallaway slam from McMassive. Smashmaster and Rumblecrunch held up Drago and Fenix and McMassive went for a dive over the ringpost, but Drago and Fenix got out of the way and he wiped out his own partners. Holy crap! Fenix hit an insane step up dive off the ringpost to the floor to wipe out a pile of men. Dragon then wiped out a bunch of people with a dive of his own. Aerostar then hit a big trust fall dive to wipe out Smashmaster and the fans started a AAA chant. Team AAA continued to run wild in awesome fashion. McMassive took a series of kicks while Aerostar held him in a crucifix. Aerostar then turned it into a crucifix bomb for the pin.

The fans went nuts for Team AAA winning. Devastation Corporation tried to jump them after the match, but they managed to bail to the floor. McMassive tried to explain what happened to Smashmaster and Rumblecrunch. The fans taunted them with back-to-back chants before they left the ring selling frustration.

WINNERS: Aerostar & Fenix & Drago to advance to the 2015 KOT Finals

Star rating: (***) – This was short, but tremendous in bringing the crowd up after night 2 ended on such a down note the previous night. The high flying from Team AAA after the long heat segment on Fenix was tremendous. McMassive’s dive over the ringpost to the floor was insane as well. What a start to the night!

(2) Bullet Club (A.J. Styles & Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) vs. Fight Club Pro (Dan Maloney & Trent Seven & Tyler Bate) in a 2015 KOT Semi-Final Round match. The fans seemed split as they chanted for both teams once the match began. Jackson and Bate went back and forth during the early going and came to a stalemate. Nick finally ended up teasing a clean break before putting the boots to Bate in the corner. Bate fired back and grabbed a headlock before using his hand to shove his foot into Nick’s face. Nick fired back and caught Bate with a dive to the floor. Bate got Matt on his shoulders and blocked a superkick from Nick. He did an airplane spin on Nick while still holding Matt. He then handed off Matt to Maloney, who hit an F5 onto Nick. Fight Club Pro isolated Matt in the ring a short time later. Matt hit the too sweet eye poke on all of his opponents, but walked right into a triple superkick from Fight Club Pro! Wow! Fight Club Pro then too sweet’d each other and the fans chanted that was too sweet. Bate and Maloney went for more bang for your buck on Matt, but he got out of the way. Maloney dove right into a superkick from Nick right after that. Seven tried to go at it against Bullet Club on his own, but get sent to the floor. Bate tried to do a headstand in the corner, but Styles elevated him and the Young Bucs nailed him with a superkick. Bate then took a hallow point from Styles right into a Meltzer drive for the win.
Bullet Club left the ring after the match and the fans chanted for Fight Club Pro. They really had a fantastic performance in this match and were really good in the tournament. The fans chanted for them to come back to CHIKARA.

The KOT Finals will see Team AAA vs. Bullet Club

WINNERS: A.J. Styles & Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson to advance to the 2015 KOT Finals

Star rating: (***1/4) – This match felt like it ended sooner than it needed to. This match was really good while it lasted with some fun spots before Bullet Club got the win. This match was going so good when it ended that I was sad it didn’t go longer. This was a great little match.

The Gentleman’s Club cut a promo backstage. Orange Cassidy was passed out on Gulak. Taylor warned Swamp Monster not to hug Jervis Cottonbelly in their match tonight.

The upcoming 8 man tag is a Challenge of the Immortals match (COTI).

(3) Crown & Court (Jervis Cottonbelly & El Hijo Del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr. & Princess Kimberlee) vs. The Gentleman’s Club (Chuck Taylor & Drew Gulak & Orange Cassidy & Swamp Monster) in a COTI match. Cottonbelly wanted a hug from Taylor, but he refused. He finally caught Taylor in a bear hug and the fans applauded. He then tripped Taylor and got an ankle lock, but Taylor rolled to the floor. Cassidy rolled into the ring and appeared to pass out. Chikarason mentioned on commentary that these teams were tied for last place in COTI with 4 points each. Cassidy took a combination of moves from Crown & Court, but Swamp Monster made the save. Kimberlee tried to pet Swamp Monster and offered him her hand. He refused it and kissed Cottonbelly’s hand. Swamp Monster then tagged in Cassidy, who put the boots to Kimberlee with Taylor. Taylor and Cassidy hugged. Cottonbelly and Swamp Monster then hugged. Los Ice Creams ended up hugging each other. Gulak looked very upset. Kimberlee and Gulak broke up the hugs and cleared the ring. They then realized they were alone in the ring and decided to go at it. They went back and forth for a suplex and Kimberlee finally hit one for a 1 count.

Gulak and Cottonbelly went at it a short time later. Gulak ended up slamming Cottonbelly into the ropes and he tagged in Cassidy. Cottonbelly continued to take a beating from The Gentleman’s club. Taylor yelled at Swamp Monster and the fans chanted for him to take it back. Taylor teased a hug with Swamp Monster on the apron before shoving him over. Cottonbelly fired back and ran wild on The Gentleman’s Club. Lee got into the ring when Taylor tossed Cottonbelly to the floor. The action broke down and Swamp Monster went for a dive, but Los Ice Creams cut him off. Cassidy ended up alone in the ring and he set up for a dive. He then ended up rolling out of the ring and joining the dive pile. Taylor then hit a slow motion dive to wipe out everyone and the fans went nuts. That was a tremendous sequence. Swamp Monster hit a Rock bottom on Hijo and set up for the people’s elbow. Hijo cut him off and hit a stunner. Holy crap! Cassidy spit orange mist in Los Ice Creams eyes. Cottonbelly then cut him off and hit a big side slam, but Gulak made the save. Cottonbelly got an ankle lock on Gulak a short time later. Los Ice Creams ended up tossing Kimberlee into a hurricanrana on Taylor for the win.

Crown & Court are no longer in last place in COTI.

WINNERS: Prince Kimberlee & El Hijo Del Ice Cream & Ice Cream Jr.

Star rating: (**3/4) – There was a lot of good comedy in this one. The finish was a bit too chaotic to keep track of, but this was an enjoyable undercard match.


(4) Tag Team Gauntlet match

Loudspeaker mentioned he had no idea how many teams would be in the match.

(a) The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield & Mark Angelosetti) vs. Bee Boy & Genetic Grasshopper. Hatfield slapped Bee Boy on the rear end and teased being stung. Grasshopper and Bee Boy took Hatfield down with a series of double teams moves for a 2 count. Both teams went back and forth and Bee Boy sent Hatfield to the floor. Grasshopper then hit a hurricanrana off the turnbuckles to the apron that sent Angelosetti into Hatfield and the fans fired up. Grasshopper went for a big twisting dive, but The Throwbacks caught him. Bee Boy followed up with a dive through the ropes to wipe out everybody. Angelosetti backdropped Grasshopper to the floor shortly after he delivered a huge kick to Hatfield’s head for a 2 count. He then hit a superplex on Bee Boy, but Grasshopper dove back into the ring to break up the pin at the last second. The commentary was out, so I’m guessing they were having technical difficulties again. The Throwbacks eventually caught Grasshopper with a double team face buster for the win.

Winners: Dasher Hatfield & Mark Angelosetti (1 point) – This was a bit awkward at times with some sequences not coming off smoothly, but it was definitely fun while it lasted.

(b) The Throwbacks (Mark Angelosetti & Dasher Hatfield) vs. Argus & Mascara Purpura. The commentary came back on during the early stages of the match. Purpura hit a standing SSP on Hatfield during the early going. Purpura sent Angelosetti to the outside and faked him out with a dive. Argus then wiped out Angelosetti with a dive of his own. Argus held Angelosetti, but he got out of the way and Purpura ended up wiping him out with a dropkick. Loudspeaker’s voice sounded like it was on its last legs. Argus ended up getting isolated and took the double team face buster off the ropes, which was good for the win.

Winners: Dasher Hatfield & Mark Angelosetti (2 points) – This was over rather quickly. It’s a shame because I really enjoyed Purpura on the previous night.

(c) The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield & Mark Angelosetti) vs. Blue Meanie & Simon Dean. The fans popped big for Meanie and Dean coming out. Dean did some squats before shaking hands with the fans. They started the match with a game of 2 vs. 2 football. Dean tipped a pass intended for Angelosetti. Meanie then ran the ropes while carrying the football and took out Angelosetti with a shoulder tackle. He also took out Hatfield with a shoulder tackle and continued to run the ropes. He ended up running into the ref and the ref threw a flag on him. Meanie set up for a dive, but everyone ended up getting out of the way and the fans applauded. Hatfield ended up jumping Meanie from behind while he was leading the fans in cheers. Meanie ended up hitting a big splash on Angelosetti for the win.

Winners: Blue Meanie & Simon Dean (1 point) – This was very short as they moved along to the next match in the gauntlet.

(d) 3.0 (Shane Matthews & Scott Parker) vs. Blue Meanie & Simon Dean. The fans wanted a thumb war between Meanie and Parker. Loudspeaker came in to commentate the thumb wrestling match between Parker and Meanie. Parker won the first fall. Dean distracted the ref and Parker and Matthews double teamed Meanie in the thumb war. Meanie teased fading and the ref checked his arm, but Matthews ran in and broke up the thumb war. That was awesome! I think I’m going to see it all in this Tag Gauntlet. Parker shoved Dean into the turnbuckle and then covered him with his feet on the ropes for the win.

Winners: Scott Parker & Shane Matthews (1 point) – The thumb was an epic CHIAKRA moment.

(e) Pete Dunne & Morgan Webster vs. 3.0 (Shane Matthews & Scott Parker). 3.0 jumped Dunne and Webster when they slid into the ring. Dunne and Webster fired back and took the upper hand. Webster hit a crazy flipping back splash on Parker. Webster went up top and hit a 450 on Parker for the win.

Winners: Pete Dunne & Morgan Webster (1 point) – So much for 3.0 making a heel run through the Tag Gauntlet.

(f) The Osirian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian) vs. Pete Dunne & Morgan Webster. The fans gave The Portal a big pop. Chikarason said they hadn’t teamed up since COTI began earlier this year. Both teams shook hands before going at it hot and heavy. The Portal hit a big double dive to the floor to wipe out Morgan and Webster. Webster got isolated in the ring and took a rapid-fire sequence of moves from The Portal before Ophidian covered him for a 2 count. Dunne entered the ring when Webster went to the floor and took down both members of The Portal. He then locked in a double single crab on Amasis and Ophidian, but Ophidian got to the ropes. The Portal set up for a stacked superplex on Dunne and they landed it for a 2 count. Webster caught Amasis with an inverted DDT off the turnbuckles for a 2 count. Ophidian tried to get him in the Ophidian death grip, but Webster nailed him with a double underhook DDT. Amasis ended up breaking up the pin. Both teams went back and forth. Dunne wiped out The Portal with a double clothesline. Dunne nailed Amasis with a step-up enzuguri in the corner. Webster then hit a hurricanrana off the top into a powerbomb from Dunne for a near fall. Amasis fired back and cut off Dune. Ophidian then went up top with Webster, but he fought him off. Both teams continued to exchange big moves. The Portal eventually hit a double team face buster out of the Gory special position on Webster for the win.

Winners: Amasis & Ophidian (1 point) – This match featured some good back and forth action, but eventually it just became a collection of moves leading into the finish.

(g) The Osirian Portal (Amasis & Ophidian) vs. Battleborn (Lucas Calhoun & Missile Assault Man w/Kevin Condron & The Lithuanian Snow Troll). Assault Man hit a pair of big powerbombs on Amasis and Calhoun followed up with a senton. Ophidian eventually took a series of big moves and Calhoun made the cover for the win.

Condron got on the mic after the match. He then said he wasn’t going to say anything much to the delight of the crowd.

Winners: Lucas Calhoun & Missile Assault Man (1 point)

(h) Battleborn ((Lucas Calhoun & Missile Assault Man w/Kevin Condron & The Lithuanian Snow Troll) vs. The Colony: Xtreme Force (Orbit Adventure Ant & Artic Rescue Ant). Orbit Ant and Rescue Ant are Assault Man’s former partners. Artic Ant and Orbit Ant went after Calhoun and Assault Man didn’t do anything. Condron tapped him from the outside and he eventually wiped out Artic Ant and Rescue Ant. Rescue Ant fired back and wiped out Calhoun and Assault Man with a big flip dive to the floor. Assault Man ended up surprising The Colony with a missile dropkick off the top. He then violently attacked Adventure Ant in the corner before nailing him with the missile launcher for the win.

Condron got on the mic again after the fall. He ordered Assault Man to rip off his former partners antennas. He teased doing and then refused. Condron told him he would do it himself. He then hit the choke breaker on Adventure Ant. The fans chanted hypocrite at Condron as Assault Man sold shock. Rescue Ant tried to drag Adventure Ant for the floor as Condron sat in a trance in the ring.

Winners: Lucas Calhoun & Missile Assault Man (2 points) – This was kept short, but was fine while it lasted. The post-match angle with Condron hitting the choke breaker on Adventure Ant was heavy.

(i) The BDK (Pinkie Sanchez & Nokken) vs. Battleborn ((Lucas Calhoun & Missile Assault Man w/Kevin Condron & The Lithuanian Snow Troll). Th BDK quickly wiped Battleborn. Sanchez went up top and hit a moonsault double stomp on Calhoun for the win.

Condron was shown sitting on the outside selling dismay for his actions. Rescue Ant put Adventure Ant’s helmet back on his head. Calhoun sold dismay at Condron’s actions. The Snow Troll followed Condron to the back as the fans yelled hypocrite. Rescue Ant eventually carried his friend to the back. The cameras followed them to the back and several attendants said they would get a doctor.

WINNERS: Pinkie Sanchez & Nokken (1 point) to win the Tag Team Gauntlet.

Overall star rating: (***) – This was an up and down Tag Gauntlet. Some of the matches went by like a blur, but there was a lot of fun comedy mixed in. They ended up running a heavy angle to close the match, which allowed the BDK to get the win in the end.


The Proletariat Boar of Moldova cut a promo backstage. He said he had been facing the best of the best in CHIKARA while waiting for his opportunity tonight for The Young Lions Cup while Heidi Lovelace had travelled the world.

Loudspeaker thanked the fans for sharing their cough drops with him to open up the second half of the show. Poor Gavin!

(5) Young Lions Champion Heidi Lovelace (w/Icarus) vs. The Proletariat Boar of Moldova (w/Juan Francisco de Coronado). They had an awkward exchange during the early going, but Lovelace connected with a monkey flip. The Boar appeared to be wrestling in slow motion during the early stages of the match. The Board finally caught Lovelace and pressed her over his head before dropping her over the top turnbuckle. The Boar went to work on Lovelace’s mid-section. The Boar continued to work over Lovelace for a long period of time, as she just could not mount a comeback. The fans tried to rally behind Lovelace. Lovelace finally fired back and hit a splash off the turnbuckles. She nailed The Board with a series of running boots in the corner. The Boar went for a gore, but Lovelace countered it into a code read for a 2 count. Lovelace went for a hurricanrana, but The Board blocked it and eventually tossed her down to the mat. He then hit a gore and went for the cover, but Lovelace surprised him with a crucifix pin for the win.

WINNER: Heidi Lovelace to retain The Young Lions Cup – This match got off to a bit of a rough start, but then it clicked with The Boar in control. They heated things up nicely down the stretch leading into the finish.

Mark Andrews cut a promo on Shynron. He said Shynron is the future of the business, but he has the brightest future in the business today. He said his future starts today when he wins the 2015 Rey De Voladores.

Shynron made his entrance holding his 2014 Rey de Voladores plaque.

(6) Shynron vs. Mark Andrews in the 2015 Rey de Voladores Tournament Final. Chikarason and Quackenbush are in on commentary for this match. Devastation Corporation couldn’t go back-to-back in King of Trios this year, so now we will see if Shynron can repeat as the Rey de Voladores winner. After an initial feeling out period, Andrews got the upper hand and hit a standing moonsault for a 2 count. They went back and forth and Shynron hit a twisting arm drag off the turnbuckles that sent Andrews to the floor. Shynron tried to fool Andrews by pausing on the ropes after going for a dive, but Andrews nailed him with a dropkick and followed up with a flip dive to the floor. Shynron fired back and hit a cartwheel plancha off to the top to the floor to wipe out Andrews and both men were slow to get up. They went back and forth inside the ring and Shynron landed on his feet when Andrews caught him with a super hurricanrana. He then caught Andrews with a standing Spanish fly for a 2 count. The crowd fired up and chanted for both men. Shynron hit a handspring ace crusher, but missed a phoenix splash off the second rope. Andrews then hit a springboard dragoncanrana for a near fall. The fans fired up and Andrews went up top, but Shynron rolled away from him. Shynron hit a big dragon twist ace crusher for a 2 count. Shynron went to the second rope for a 450 and Andrews got out of the way, but Shynron landed on his feet. They battled near the apron and Shynron went for a suplex using the ropes for leverage, but Andrews countered and hit a springboard reverse frankensteiner. Andrews then came off the top with a SSP for the win. Wow!

Shynron held up his plaque from 2014 after the match after Andrews was given his plaque. Both men ended up shaking hands after the match.

WINNER: Mark Andrews to win the 2015 Rey de Voladores

Star rating: (***1/2) – This was a very good final match in the Rey de Voladores tournament. Shynron and Andrews seemed to be exchanging big moves at times and not everything came off smooth, but they had some dynamic sequences during the match and Shynron is so athletically gifted. Once he puts the pieces together, he’s going to be special.

Loudspeaker had the fans help him set the stage for the 2015 KOT Finals by banging on the mat.

Team AAA and Bullet Club both got big pops coming out for the KOT 2015 Final match.

(7) Team AAA (Drago & Fenix & Aerostar) vs. Bullet Club (A.J. Styles & Matt Jackson & Nick Jackson) in the 2015 King of Trios Final. The fans were jacked and chanted for both teams before the opening bell. The referee even got a chant during the opening moments of the match. Nick and Drago had a lightning fast sequence that saw Drago get the better of Nick. Aerostar tagged in and flipped all around the ring, so Jackson grabbed him and poked him in the eyes. Aerostar got on Fenix’s back up top and he tossed him into an arm drag on Matt. Holy crap! Styles tagged in and went for a springboard, but tripped. He screamed that he hates lucha ropes as Bullet Club tried to regroup on the floor. The action continued at an incredible pace and Fenix ended up running wild. He sent The Young Bucks and then Styles to the floor. Team AAA set up for a triple dive, but Bullet Club got out of the way. They teased leaving, but Team AAA followed them to the entranceway. Bullet Club ended up baiting them into a triple superkick and the fans went nuts again. Drago got isolated and Bullet Club began working him over. The fans booed when Nick tossed him down to the mat by the tail of his mask. The fans booed as Bullet Club continued to target the tail of his mask. Nick gyrated around like Eddie Guerrero. Matt and Nick got on their backs and continued to taunt Team AAA on the apron while gyrating on the ground. Drago got out of the ring, which allowed Fenix to enter legally. He ran wild on Styles and The Young Bucks. The fans fired up and chanted for Fenix.

Bullet Club fired back and Styles hit a brainbuster on Fenix on the apron. Matt tripped Fenix to the floor, but he managed to duck a kick from the apron from Nick. Styles went after Fenix, but he was able to fend him off. Fenix finally tagged in Aerostar, but he got cut off right away. Aerostar ducked a double superkick and The Young Bucks connected with Styles. Fenix and Drago hit a big pair of flips dives to the outside to wipe out The Young Bucks. Fenix tried to walk the ropes, but slipped. Styles held him up top and The Young Bucks nailed him with a superkick. Fenix then countered Styles up top and hit a hurricanrana. Team AAA got a triple submission, but Styles managed to save Matt and Nick before breaking free from Aerostar’s clutch. Wow! The action continued at a rapid pace and Styles set up for another springboard and connected on Aerostar with an elbow and the fans went nuts. Styles hit bloody Sunday on Aerostar for a near fall after the Young Bucks wiped out Drago and Fenix with a pair of dives. Fenix ended up alone in the ring and Styles had him in the Styles clash, but Drago made the save. Wow! Aerostar went for a dive off the top, but ate a double superkick from The Young Bucks. Team AAA mounted a comeback and the action was too much of a blur to call. Fenix finally hit an insane step-up 450 on Matt that was good for the win. Holy s—t!

Fenix tried to shake hands with Styles after the match, but Nick dragged him away. Bullet Club teased leaving, but came back down to the ring. Everyone ended up hugging and they did a curtain call as the fans applauded.

Team AAA were presented with their medals for winning King of Trios. The fans then chanted for Team AAA to come back. Fenix got on the mic and thanked the fans. He dedicated the match to Perro and the fans started a huge Perro chant. Fenix said it was also for the fans. Aerostar got on the mic and thanked CHIKARA as well. The fans started a lucha chant.

Loudspeaker then thanked the fans to close the show.

WINNERS: Drago & Fenix & Aerostar to win the 2015 King of Trios.

Star rating: (****1/2) – This was a great finish to King of Trios. These two teams had some incredible sequences and wrestled at an incredible pace during the main event. Bullet Club not being on the same page at times during the match played to the advantage of Team AAA, which ultimately got the win in spectacular fashion.

Overall Thoughts: (8.0) – This was another strong show from a storytelling standpoint. The semi-final round KOT matches felt a little rushed, but they were both were good. The finals between Team AAA and Bullet Club were a treat. I wanted that match from the beginning and it matched my expectations in the ring.

The early portion of the show brought a close to the Devastation Corporation angle that had run throughout the tournament. Team AAA got the win and prevented them from repeating much to the delight of the crowd after the heavy angle from the previous show that saw the dastardly Devastation Corporation take out an already injured UltraMantis Black. With Bullet Club winning their semi-final KOT match, the finals were set as I expected with Team AAA facing Bullet Club.

The show hit a bit of a lull as it felt like some of the matches were rushed. The Tag Gauntlet had its moments, but Kevin Condron really shined as he was given the stage here for a big character moment when he hit Orbit Adventure Ant with the choke breaker. This was a heavy angle and I’m quickly becoming a big fan of Condron’s ability to carry angles as a heel.

The Rey de Voladores final was what it should have been. There was a lot of high-flying and insane moves, but there could have been a little more give and take. Shynron got in a ton of stuff and once he figures out how to get the pacing down in his matches and tighten up his offense, I think he’ll be a major star on the indies.

The main event to determine the winner of the 2015 King of Trios between Bullet Club and Team AAA was fantastic. There was a ton of crowd heat for the match and these two teams pulled off some incredible sequences after a bit of a slow start. I really enjoyed some of the spots they put together, which was highlighted by Bullet Club baiting Team AAA into a triple superkick by teasing walking out of the match. The match was a blur down the stretch and they put together a great finishing sequence. It’s not often that AAA wrestlers are matched up with NJPW talent given NJPW’s political ties to CMLL, so this match felt really special in that regard.

Overall, I really enjoyed King of Trios this year. The final night brought a strong close to the storylines and angles that played out during the tournament. The main event/KOT Finals gave fans a dream match that they likely won’t see anywhere else anytime soon. I highly suggest purchasing this tournament. Thumbs up.

– Chikara’s “King of Trios 2015: Night 3” can be bought on VOD/MP4 for one price by clicking HERE at CHIKARAPro.com. CHIKARA is currently offering a package for all three nights of King of Trios 2015 on their website. This show is also be available on DVD/Blu-ray at SmartMarkVideo.com.


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