VIP AUDIO 11/12 – 10 YRS AGO Caldwell Audio Show: Why Joe vs. Liger only went 7 minutes, Benoit-Booker, Angle-Cena, TNA


SHOW SUMMARY: In this week’s “Chillin’ with JC,” PWTorch columnist James Caldwell discusses TNA’s ratings trend, Bound for Glory’s probable buyrate, what TNA is doing wrong on PPV, why TNA might be influenced to be like WWE, why TNA isn’t a true alternative right now, how TNA’s booking is influenced by 40 years ago, why TNA’s booking doesn’t work in the context of TNA’s style, why the wrestlers can’t pull off TNA’s style of booking, how to better utilize TNA’s booking style by eliminating gimmick matches, why TNA needs to use less to mean more, an EXCLUSIVE on why Samoa Joe vs. Jushin Liger went only seven minutes, why TNA’s characters don’t match their actions, the Vince McMahon parody angle, why the segment was wrong for a different reason than content, how WWE can fix the situation of focusing on non-money drawing storylines, why no one’s talking about John Cena-Kurt Angle, what Smackdown is doing right with Eddie Guerrero, how Chris Benoit and Booker T have made the U.S. Title mean the most since the late ’90s, Ring of Honor’s weekend line up, and much more.


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