Week of 11/16 Live TV & DVR Viewership

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


For the Week of November 16, WWE TV programming made up 93 percent of the overall wrestling pie. This was mainly due to sharp declines for TNA Impact and ROH TV on Destination America.

However, TNA got its biggest DVR bump in two months to help make up for the decline in first-run viewership.

Overall Viewership – WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, TNA Impact, ROH TV (Week of Nov. 16)

– Live Viewership Pie: 5.915 million live viewers, down from 6.013 million total viewers last week.

– Live & DVR Pie: 6.624 million viewers, down from 6.752 million viewers last week.


WWE Raw (Monday, November 16): Raw averaged 3.292 million live viewers, up from 3.173 million live viewers last week.

Live+DVR viewership was 3.667 million viewers, up slightly from 3.618 million total viewers last week.

Last week’s show was a better DVR week, with 445k added viewers vs. 374k this week…

  • First Hour: 3.541 million live viewers +342,000 DVR to 3.883 million live+DVR viewers.
  • Second Hour: 3.290 million live viewers +366,000 DVR to 3.656 million live+DVR viewers.
  • Third Hour: 3.047 million live viewers +416,000 to 3.463 million live+DVR viewers.

In recent weeks, there has been a big jump in third hour DVR viewership to help boost the average. However, that was not the case with this show, as the third hour was unable to close the gap with the second hour. The overall result was a decline of about 200,000 total viewers each hour.

Overall, Raw made up 55 percent of this week’s total wrestling viewership.

TNA Impact (Wednesday, Nov. 18): Impact drew 202,000 first-run viewers, down from 277,000 last week.

Impact then drew 78,000 replay/West Coast viewers after ROH TV, down from 97k the previous week.

TNA got a DVR bump of 66,000 viewers, though, the most in two months.

Impact’s total audience was 346,000 viewers, still down from 403,000 viewers last week. However, the DVR bump helped Impact avoid being the least-watched episode since we began tracking DVR numbers in June.

ROH TV (Wednesday, Nov. 18): ROH drew 114,000 viewers in the 11:00 p.m. EST timeslot after Impact, down from 172k last week.

This was the next-to-last episode of ROH TV on Destination America.

WWE Smackdown (Thursday, Nov. 19): Smackdown drew 2.229 million live viewers, down from 2.294 million viewers last week.

Smackdown got nearly the exact same DVR bump – 268,000 added viewers compared to 265k last week.

Smackdown’s total audience was 2.497 million viewers, down from 2.559 million total viewers last week.


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