11/29 WWE in Huntington, WVA – second report on IC Title match top honors, more

WWE Smackdown analysis
Kevin Owens (artist Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


WWE Live show results
November 29, 2015
Huntington, W. Virginia
Report by Travis O’Brian, PWTorch reader

(1) Ryback beat Erick Rowan at 5:18 in the opener. Typical stuff going back and forth with the occasional botched spot. The crowd was into Ryback with the “feed me more” chants. In the end, Ryback won with Shell-shock.

(2) Zack Ryder pinned Bo Dallas at 4:31. I forgot that Ryder still worked for WWE, but he picked up the win over Dallas, who surprisingly had some pretty good heel heat with the crowd.

(3) NXT champion Finn Balor beat Baron Corbin at 8:08 to retain the NXT Title. The crowd was indifferent through most of the match. I heard a lot of people around me asking, “Who are these guys?” Pretty good match, though.

(4) IC champion Kevin Owens beat Dean Ambrose and Dolph Ziggler at 10:33 in a three-way match to retain the Intercontinental Title. The crowd was really hot for this match. Good cohesive work between the three. Dean hit Dirty Deeds on Dolph, Owens pulled him off, and Owens got the three count. This match was the highlight of the show.

– Connor’s Cure promo…

(5) Kane & The Usos beat The Wyatts (Bray Wyatt & Luke Harper & Braun Strowman) at 14:20 in a six-man tag match. Fun match, decent work among the six men, and the crowd was definitely into this one. Everyone seemed to be into Kane and the Usos.


(6) Divas champion Charlotte & Becky Lynch beat Naomi & Sasha Banks at 6:48 in a Divas tag match. The crowd was pretty hot for Charlotte & Becky. Decent tag match. Charlotte got the tap out win with the figure-eight on Naomi.

(7) U.S. champion Alberto Del Rio beat Neville at 14:30 to retain the U.S. Title. Decent back and forth match with Del Rio picking up the win with a double stomp to Neville while he was hung up in the tree of woe.

(8) Roman Reigns beat WWE World Hvt. champion Sheamus via DQ; Sheamus retained the World Title. I’m sorry to say but I did not stay for the “main event.” Me, along with many others in the arena, left out as introductions were taking place. I will say that the crowd that was sticking around (women & children) were going crazy for Reigns as he was making his way through the crowd, so to each his own.

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