WWE wants to know why people are not watching Raw

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


WWE issued a new survey to their “Fan Council” on Monday night asking questions about how to improve Raw. The survey questions showed that WWE is aware of issues with Raw. However, the survey options for how to increase interest in Raw were centered on short-term/one-week solutions, showing reluctancy to address Raw’s central issues for survey purposes.

(Thanks to VIP member David in Memphis for passing along details…)

After running through a series of questions trying to get to the bottom of why people do not watch an entire Raw, only watch a specific hour, fast-forward through certain segments, etc., WWE asked the following key question:

– “How would the inclusion of the following ideas impact your interest in viewing Raw more often?” The options were:

  • Specialty matches
  • Time spent addressing the fans
  • Championship matches
  • Celebrity guest appearances
  • Celebrity guests included in matches
  • Legends appearances
  • Legends included in matches

Prior to getting to the key question, WWE asked the following questions in the survey, which provided insight on how WWE breaks down an episode of Raw…

– How often do you typically watch Raw?

– Which of the following video streaming services do you subscribe to?

– How have your viewing habits of Raw changed compared to the past?

– Which of the following ways do you watch Raw? (WWE Network, WWE App, Live, Highlights on WWE.com or social media, record and watch later, Hulu)

– Which of the following describes how you primarily watch Raw?

– Which of the following describes how many hours of Raw you tend to watch during any given week? (Less/at least an hour, at least two hours, entire episode)

– Before Raw airs, how frequently do you check to see which Superstars or Divas are going to appear on Raw?

– Who in your household also watches Raw?

– How often do you see advertisements about upcoming episodes of Raw?

– Where do you see advertisements about upcoming episodes of Raw?

– Do you ever change the channel during an episode of Raw (including during commercial breaks)?

– Do you ever fast forward during recorded episodes of Raw?

– What are some reasons why you fast-forward during recorded episodes of Raw? (Commercial breaks, match not exciting, Superstar/Diva not interested in, backstage interviews, talking segments)

– What is the primary reason you fast forward during recorded episodes of Raw?

– In general, do you watch Monday Night Football? (Yes, No, depends on who is playing)

– Do you usually watch Raw for the same amount of time each week?

– How well do you like each segment of Raw?

  • In-ring talking segments
  • Backstage interviews
  • Matches
  • Video packages
  • Superstar/Diva entrances
  • Backstage interactions between Superstars/Divas

– Thinking about Raw episodes over the last few months following Summerslam, how you would rate Raw on the following metrics?

  • Entertaining from start to finish
  • Storylines
  • Providing unexpected moments
  • Quality of matches
  • Level of entertainment
  • Athleticism of Superstars/Divas
  • Variety of Superstars/Divas featured

– Typically, do you think each of the following segments of Raw are given too much, not enough or just the right amount of time?

  • Superstars/divas in-ring promos to build storylines
  • Talking segments about what is coming up
  • Talking segments from commentators about what has happened
  • Backstage interviews
  • Backstage interactions
  • Divas/Superstar matches
  • Matches that don’t affect storylines
  • Main Event matches
  • Matches that affect storylines
  • Championship matches
  • Recaps of previous episodes

– If you were aware matches were going to appear during a specific hour of Raw before the airing of the show, would you be more likely to tune into Raw during that hour?

10 Comments on WWE wants to know why people are not watching Raw

  1. It seems like it is literally impossible for them to understand why their show is so bad. After listening to the Austin/Keller podcast, I wish like hell Austin would be given and 2would take control of booking. His ideas are spot on. No one cares about a show that doesnt even care about itself and preserving the integrity of its own storylines

  2. Poor guys can’t seem to recognize the nose that’s been swiped from their faces.

    Seriously, what wrestling fan in the world wants to see MORE celebrities involved in matches? Jesus, if that’s an option that they came up with, that’s really all one needs to know about their backward mindset.

    The crowds scream for guys like Bryan and Punk and they deny it even happens. They react with crickets to notions like Sheamus being champ and it’s full steam ahead. Give the people the type of performances (and performers) they want, WWE, not champs who draw X-Pac’s Memorial “Go away” heat.

  3. I’ve been saying it for years. This isn’t a hard problem to solve: have a USA Network representative sit in on their creative meetings and demand IN ADVANCE to look at their scripts. I guarantee you that you’d see them cut the crap real quick. If it still sucked well then that’s USA’s fault.

  4. You guys are missing the point WWE is well aware of what is wrong with the product but they have no intention of fixing it because they have no competition… This survey is all a bunch of crap and is only aimed at pleasing the sponsors and stockholders with a fake attempt to acknowledge the problem and fix it… Only way anything here changes is when those stockholders and investors start pulling out then you will see how fast things change

  5. Repetition of the same fights.Reigns still no able to enthousiam people Few wrestling holds Very poor wrestling skill. Diet Owens Diet skillful wrestler but needs really diet.HHH’s, Ziggler and Neville still in Limbo. Del Rio Poor U.S. champ if you compare to Cena. WWE going down and down Better to stop seeing WWE for the moment.Let Cena return and over Flair record and we will go back to RAW

  6. If the Authority is going to have total control continually they have to be bigger weasels, it is a given they can operate with no rules, too predictable. Being the power as a couple will be a challenge over time, and Steph could handle it but 3H needs a change of style

  7. None of this means anything, the answers won’t fix the poor storylines and 50/50 booking. They’re obviously doing this to show face and give the impression the care and will make changes.

    Was there the option to add written text or was it all multiple choice?

  8. There are so many reasons why RAW is no longer “must see TV”. You can start with FAR TOO MUCH TALKING! Why do they have to spend the first fifteen minutes just talking? Second, all of that talking leads to a very predictable main event, usually with Reigns and/or Ambrose versus the rest of the roster. Little segments like Miz TV (P.U.!!!!!!!) drag the program down. That segment with Rusev and Lana was absolutely awful! By this time, many of your viewers are checking other stations. But wait! Here comes New Day. If most people haven’t turned by now, this group will finish them off.
    What happened to plain old wrestling with UNPREDICTABLE results? How many of us cannot see the Superman punch coming, or the heel run-in, or the person on the outside lending a hand to help someone win? Is anyone getting the drift? Please, can we have a return to the “Good Old Days”? How about more wrestling, less “entertainment”, NO PREDICTABILITY and more “surprises? If you keep the fans guessing they will always come back and they will bring others with them. Finally, your announcers are getting better…..but they are still pretty bad. That does not help at all. Where is Jim Ross when you need him?

  9. spme suggestions Vince:
    1)maybe featured some actual decent wrestling matches that are alloted at least ten minutes rather than two with guys who can put on a decent match
    2) stop killing matches with stupid run-ins
    3) spend less time on stupid interviews, promos and backstage shenanigans
    4) hire actual wrestlers, and quit bringing in “celebrities”. no one gives a shit about “celebrities”.
    5) stop the constant plugging of PPV’s, the WWE Network, Twatter feeds and the website
    6) Fire Michael Cole, please! I beg you!

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