12/6 WWE in Charlotte, N.C. – Charlotte defends Divas Title, Miz heels on Panthers


WWE Live results
December 6, 2015
Charlotte, N.C.
Report by PWTorch correspondent Sammie Cassell

Attendance was about 6,000-7,000. The top was blocked off and the bottom-half was about three-fourths full.

(1) Big Show beat The Ascension (Konnor & Viktor) in a handicap match. Good pop for Show.

(2) The Hype Bros. (Zack Ryder & Mojo Rawley) beat Stardust & Adam Rose. Mojo looked pretty big in-person; Stardust was the most over. Hype Bros. won with a modified Rough Ryder. Overall, weird gimmick.

(3) The Miz beat Fandango. Decent pop for Fandango, though not sustained.

(4) Jack Swagger beat The Miz. This followed the script from earlier in the tour where Miz took the mic after his victory. This time, he ran down the (still undefeated) Carolina Panthers. Swagger then came out, never took his hat off, and won in 30 seconds.

Miz ran down the Panthers some more, challenged anyone but Swagger to face him, and Mark Henry came down.

(5) Mark Henry beat The Miz in a dance-off, finishing the script from earlier in the tour.

(6) Goldust beat Bo Dallas. Goldust was over big. Shattered Dreams for the win, and he’s still over. (Note: Earlier in the tour, it was Goldust vs. Stardust. WWE switched Dallas and Stardust in matches #2 and 6.)

(7) WWE tag champions New Day beat The Dudleys and Lucha Dragons in a three-team match to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship. New Day and the Dudleys were way over. New Day won when Big E. interfered behind the ref’s back, hitting the Big Ending. Kofi Kingston pinned one of the Lucha Dragons. Afterward, the Dudleys came back in the ring and hit the 3D on Xavier Woods.

(8) Divas champion Charlotte beat Paige to retain the Divas Title. Charlotte, out in a Panthers jersey, got a big reaction. Paige also got a big reaction. Charlotte won with the figure-eight in an impressive match. Both ladies can go.


(9) Luke Harper beat R-Truth with the Clothesline from hell. He’s impressive in-person. He knows how to work small while selling and act big while on offense. He could be a Superstar one day.

(10) Roman Reigns beat WWE World Hvt. champion Sheamus via DQ; Sheamus retained the WWE World Title. Sheamus used a chair for the DQ. Reigns, who was very over, hit the Superman Punch and spear to send the crowd home happy.

Biggest Pops: Reigns, Charlotte, Paige.

Most Heat: New Day, Miz, Luke Harper.

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