12/7 Raw TV Ratings Report – new historical low-point

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


Monday’s Raw fell to a new historical low point, slightly below the previous historical low-point two weeks ago. This time, though, only one hour drew fewer than three million viewers. …

WWE Raw TV Ratings Tracking

— December 7: Raw scored a 2.15 rating, down from a 2.21 rating last week. Raw was slightly below a 2.16 rating two weeks ago, which was the previous low over the past 18 years.

– Raw averaged 3.054 million viewers, down four percent from 3.168 million viewers last week.

Two weeks ago, Raw averaged 2.964 million viewers, mainly due to the final two hours drawing fewer than three million viewers.

This week’s Raw break down:

  • 3.270 million first hour viewers
  • 3.042 million second hour viewers
  • 2.850 million third hour viewers

The story remained very similar to two weeks ago in terms of competition. The NFL game featuring the Dallas Cowboys drew 14 million viewers, about the same as two weeks ago.

– In the key demographics, Raw actually improved from last week. Males 18-34 jumped to one of the highest ratings of the fall season, males 18-49 increased one-tenth to a one-month high, and adults 18-49 inched up.

It points to the main Raw audience of adults outside of the 18-49 window checking out of Raw, likely for football, hurting the overall TV rating.

– One year ago this week, Raw scored a 2.66 rating, five-tenths higher than this week’s rating.

5 Comments on 12/7 Raw TV Ratings Report – new historical low-point

  1. Look, this is really simple.

    1> End “The Authority” crap. You’ve been milking the Evil GM storyline for 20 years and it’s old. It’s also extremely inconsistent and lazy, as you have Trips and Nips being both Face and Heel on the same show.
    2> End the Even-Steven booking. It’s old, it’s endlessly predictable and it’s doing no one any favors.
    3> Stop burying or outright killing off fan favorites. You’ve deliberately kept Bryan Danielson off the air and you’ve sabotaged or buried everyone the fans cheer for organically because it doesn’t suit YOUR vision. That’s really just tough luck, Vince, but you’re doing what is worst for business by being so petty about it.
    4> While we’re on that, end the old-school pettiness in general. You’re an international corporation with modern behavioral requirements. Booking Lana in a relationship opposite her new fiance is petty and stupid. There’s just far too many things that continue to be done that could result in lawsuits, only you’re fortunate not to end up there because you’re the only game in town and people want to keep working. Some day that pattern of behavior and thought is going to cost you millions.

    • Triple H and Stephanie playing both heel and face on the same show irritates me to no end. It’s like they’ve effectively anointed themselves “King and Queen” of pro-wrestling.

  2. I was a fan as a kid in the 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s. And i dont know why vkm changed it. He did and now it isnt worth my time. its a kiddie show. and that is a losing model.

  3. That’s an odd thing to say as the-then WWF- was totally a “kid’s show” in the 80’s and early to mid 90’s. WCW was also PG programming even during the nWo/Monday Night War days.

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