Week of 11/30 Live TV & DVR Views – Raw, SD, Impact

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


After a very poor showing during Thanksgiving Week last week, pro wrestling TV regained about 500,000 viewers. It was still about half of the 1.0 million viewers lost during Thanksgiving.

This was also the first week of DVR tracking without ROH after finishing the run on Destination America moving to over-the-air Comet TV.

The result was WWE taking 94 percent of the viewership pie for the week.

Overall Viewership – WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, TNA Impact (Week of Nov. 30)

– Live Viewership Pie: 5.506 million, up from only 5.067 million live viewers last week.

– Live & DVR Pie: 6.153 million total viewers, up from 5.732 million total viewers last week, but down from 6.624 million total viewers two weeks ago.


WWE Raw (Monday, November 30): Raw averaged 3.168 million live viewers, up from 2.964 million live viewers last week.

Live+DVR viewership was 3.515 million, up from 3.311 million total viewers last week. Raw added the exact same number of average DVR views, 347,000.

There just was not a significant bump in viewership to make up for the poor live viewing, including in the third hour…

  • Raw First Hour: 3.309 million live viewers +322,000 DVR views for 3.631 million total viewers
  • Raw Second Hour: 3.190 million live viewers +316,000 DVR views for 3.506 million total viewers
  • Raw Third Hour: 3.005 million live viewers +405,000 DVR views for 3.410 million total viewers
  • Raw averaged 3.168 million live,  with 347,000 DVR views, for a total average of 3.515 million

TNA Impact (Wednesday, Dec. 2): Impact drew 221,000 live viewers, down from 234,000 live viewers last week.

However, DVR views jumped to 69,000, up from 27,000 last week.

Impact also drew 73,000 replay/West Coast viewers.

Add it up to 363,000 total viewers, up from 337,000 total viewers last week.

WWE Smackdown (Thursday, Dec. 3): Smackdown drew 2.044 million live viewers after only drawing 1.652 million viewers on Thanksgiving.

Smackdown added 231,000 DVR views.

Smackdown’s total audience was 2.275 million, up from 1.943 million total viewers last week.



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