12/29 WWE Main Event Results, plus Dark Match from SD taping

WWE Main Event results and analysis


Prior to the Smackdown TV taping in Washington, D.C., WWE taped a handful of matches for the “Main Event” TV show. Plus, a pre-taping dark match kicked off the night…

WWE Main Event Taping Results
December 29, 2015
Washington, D.C.
Report by Tony Shadman @TheDarthTony

Dark Match: Darren Young pinned Curtis Axel with his signature finisher. A clean back-and-forth match with both acting as faces trying to hype the crowd.

Main Event Results

(1) R-Truth beat Heath Slater. Truth was out first with his “What’s Up?” song, which the crowd loved. Slater entered next to mixed reviews, which quickly turned to boos. Truth fought clean with plenty of What’s Ups mixed in. Heath kept sliding out of the ring and fighting dirty, including trying to bust Truth’s knee on the ringpost. Back and forth with nearfalls, then Truth reversed Slater off the ropes and got a three count. No surprise.

(2) Titus O’Neil beat Adam Rose. Rose tried to slap Titus across the chest, so Titus switched places and smacked Rose hard across the chest. Standard back-and-forth for a while, then Rose tried to make Titus submit and got booed. Titus then hit his finisher for an easy three count.

(3) Jack Swagger beat Stardust. Swagger entered to a huge positive reaction. I got involved in this one. Early in the match, my friend and I started a “Cody” chant which Stardust stopped fighting and reacted to. Then I saw my friend Tom on the other side of the ring and screamed to him and the rest of the section joined which started a “Tom” chant. Then, later in the match while Stardust asked the audience “What’s my name?” And the “Tom” chant had confused some people, so a “Tom” chant started again, confusing him even more. It came up again a couple times in the Smackdown episode.

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