Jim Ross addresses MLB broadcasting teaser

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Jim Ross
Jim Ross (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


Former WWE announcer Jim Ross addressed whether there is a serious chance of him broadcasting MLB games for the Pittsburgh Pirates, which he threw out on Twitter over the weekend.

“Who would have thought that me answering a simple, harmless tweet from a fan about the vacant Pittsburgh Pirate baseball broadcasting gig would have created such a stir. Being a life-long broadcaster and baseball fan, among many sports, I simply said I’d relocate to Pittsburgh, my wife’s hometown, to be able to broadcast baseball in the major leagues specially in Pittsburgh,” Ross wrote in his latest blog at jrsbarbq.com.

Ross noted that he’s “obviously had zero interaction with the Pirates organization,” nor does he expect any, but he appreciates support since he sent out the tweet.

“I think I am basically a storyteller at heart as my best work whether it has been in the ring, the gridiron, or elsewhere has been that of a storyteller.  Could I broadcast MLB? Absolutely. Do I think that opportunity will arise in Pittsburgh or elsewhere? Highly Unlikely,” Ross continued.

“Nonetheless the buzz that was created certainly shows the power of social media and the fact that many Pirate fans were willing to support their beloved Bucs in perhaps thinking outside the box. It was fun on my birthday.”

Ross’s initial tweet was picked up by numerous sports outlets, including CBSSports.com, which noted that Ross’s broadcasting career has taken on new life through voice-dubbing over new sports moments, such as big hits or big dunks or other wild events.

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