1/19 WWE on ESPNews – New Day introduces new trombone, more

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

WWE tag champions New Day appeared on this week’s ESPNews SportsCenter broadcast with “The Coach” Jonathan Coachman.

Included was Xavier Woods introducing a new trombone after Chris Jericho broke “Francesca” last week on Raw. Xavier christened his new instrument by playing the famous SportsCenter theme song.

Also during the interview, Kofi Kingston said he wants to win the Royal Rumble, not just do a fancy move to avoid elimination this year.

Big E. talked about trying to be the new World’s Strongest Man, heeling on Mark Henry for his powerlifting accomplishments “in the past.”

Overall, New Day’s humorous act could be enjoyed out-of-context of WWE storylines where they play heels. New Day got over the annoying aspects of their heel characters, but were also very entertaining in the appearance.

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