2/1 Raw TV Ratings – Raw loses post-Royal Rumble gains

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


The post-Royal Rumble gains from last week were lost this week, as Monday’s Raw fell nearly 20 percent.

WWE Raw TV Ratings Tracking

February 1: Raw scored a 2.38 TV rating, down 19 percent from last week’s 2.93 rating after the Royal Rumble.

Raw fell below the pre-Royal Rumble episode, which scored a 2.45 rating. This week’s show was more at the level of Raw against the NCAA football title game.

Raw averaged 3.383 million viewers, down 17 percent from last week. Viewership fell below the pre-Rumble episode, erasing a gain of 600,000 viewers with a loss of 715,000 viewers.

Most concerning is the hourly trend falling throughout the show.

  • 3.592 million first hour viewers
  • 3.464 million second hour viewers
  • 3.094 million third hour viewers (down nearly 1.0 million viewers from last week’s third hour)

– In the key demographics, Raw fell sharply across the board, even dipping below the pre-Rumble Raw in males 18-34 and males 18-49.

  • Adults 18-49: 1.22 rating this week, 1.49 rating last week post-Rumble, 1.22 rating pre-Rumble.
  • Males 18-49: 1.59 rating this week, 1.95 rating last week post-Rumble, 1.61 rating pre-Rumble
  • Males 18-49: 1.43 rating this week, 1.90 rating last week post-Rumble, 1.49 rating pre-Rumble

Caldwell’s Analysis: Raw felt extraordinarily too long this week and too much like a maintenance show/infomercial for WWE Corporate. It was not Raw, and viewers seemed to catch on as the show went along. Plus, they went through the advertised Brock Lesnar portion of the show in the first hour. WWE simply has not developed a roster (healthy or not) to support three-hour Raws week after week. Undercutting their own product by exposing the storylines as a put-on within the show does not help either.

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