Fast Lane Betting – oddsmakers correct on the top matches

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


Feb. 21 Update: All of the favorites to win at Fast Lane were victorious, except for The Wyatt Family, who lost to Big Show & Kane & Ryback in a six-man tag match that was added after the opening lines were released.

There was not much late betting movement for a typical WWE PPV. The favorites held their positions and won, except for the Wyatts, and no curveballs were thrown.

– Kalisto beat Alberto Del Rio on the pre-show as a -430 favorite.

– Becky Lynch & Sasha Banks beat Team B.A.D. as -460 favorites.

– Kevin Owens beat Dolph Ziggler as a -460 favorite.

– Show & Kane & Ryback were +340 underdogs against The Wyatts.

– Charlotte beat Brie Bella as a -300 favorite.

– A.J. Styles beat Chris Jericho as a -280 favorite.

– Roman Reigns beat The Field as a -300 favorite.

Since there was not late movement, any betting shifts seemed to be fan-driven. Some bettors took the bait on Dean Ambrose, who went from a +800 individual underdog to a slight +180 underdog at close.


[ Thanks to PWTorch correspondent David ]

February 14 Report

This time next Sunday, WWE will make it very clear what the Road to WrestleMania will look like. Oddsmakers are confident WWE will not throw any curveballs.

Current odds have Roman Reigns as the favorite to win the #1 contender match to the WWE Title, which would set up Reigns vs. Triple H for the WWE Title at WrestleMania.

– Reigns is -530 against The Field at +350. Or, Reigns is -530 against individual opponents Brock Lesnar at +550 or Dean Ambrose at +800.

– U.S. champion Kalisto is a slight -230 favorite over Alberto Del Rio to end their hot potato with the U.S. Title belt.

– Divas champion Charlotte is -400 over Brie Bella at +280.

– Sasha Banks & Becky Lynch are also -400 over Naomi & Tamina.

These are the only four matches announced thus far for the PPV. It appears any curveballs will be reserved for additional undercard matches, barring last-minute booking changes.

[ Thanks to PWTorch correspondent David ]

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