2/28 WWE in Evansville, Ind. – Owens vs. Ambrose main event, U.S. Title match, R-Truth, more


WWE Live Show Results
February 28, 2016
Evansville, Ind.
Report by Dustin Pharr, PWTorch reader

The Ford Center was 75 percent full for the event.

(1) A.J. Styles beat Tyler Breeze via submission with the Calf Crusher. The crowd was really into this match. Very good start to the show.

(2) Baron Corbin beat Zack Ryder with the end of days. The crowd was pretty silent. There were a couple of NXT chants.

(3) Sin Cara beat Stardust by pinfall. Stardust had a lot of heat with the crowd – there were “Cody” chants during the entire match.

(4) R-Truth beat Adam Rose via pinfall following interference by Goldust and Curtis Axel. R-truth was quite possibly the most over with the crowd of anyone all night.

(5) U.S. champion Kalisto beat Alberto Del Rio via pinfall with the Salida del Sol. There was very little reaction to both of these guys with the crowd getting into it late after a lot of hard work by Alberto Del Rio.


(6) Sasha Banks & Summer Rae beat Naomi & Tamina via submission. Naomi tapped to the Bank Statement. There were a couple of “We Want Sasha” chants, but the crowd wasn’t really into this.

(7) Sheamus beat Mark Henry via pinfall after a Brogue Kick. Sheamus had the most heat with the crowd all night.

(8) Dean Ambrose beat IC champion Kevin Owens via disqualification; Owens retained the Intercontinental Title. The crowd was really into the match until near the end when a lot of people started to leave the building.

– Best Match: Kevin Owens vs. Dean Ambrose

– Loudest pops

(1) R-Truth
(2) Dean Ambrose
(3) A.J. Styles

– Loudest boos

(1) Sheamus
(2) Kevin Owens
(3) Stardust

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