Monday 4/4 Torch Today – WM32 Poll Results, Rock talks WM32 plans & back to movie shoot, McGregor addresses WM32 rumor, WM32 on Dallas newspaper cover, Batista confirms big movie role, Finn Balor vows to headline WrestleMania, Big Ryck opening wrestling school, Lady Blossom autobiography set for release

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


TORCH TODAY – Monday, April 4, 2016

– It’s Post-WrestleMania Raw, which means a lot of people walking into the building looking for something better than WrestleMania last night. Our 0-10 polling is very tight sitting in the middle, leaning toward slightly below average right now…

  • 25% – Below Average (3-4 Score)
  • 25% – Average (5 Score)
  • 24% – Above Average (6-7 Score)

“The Rock” Dwayne Johnson is back in Georgia on Monday to continue filming the “Baywatch” movie after his WrestleMania cameo. Rock hyped his appearance at WrestleMania after “working hard” to deliver a big segment with The Wyatts.

– Shortly before WrestleMania started, UFC star Conor McGregor turned down a rumor that he was at WrestleMania.

IMG_3735– WrestleMania 32 landed on the front page of the Dallas Morning News. A.J. Styles got his shine as the highlighted star clotheslining Chris Jericho over the top rope from the second match of the PPV. (Thanks to Jason Embry)

Dave Bautista confirmed his “exciting news” that he will be in the new Blade Runner movie as part of the “Blade Runner 2” cast.

– NXT champion Finn Balor talked to Mike Mooneyham of the Post & Courier newspaper about making the transition from Japan to NXT. Notably, Balor said he did not want to keep his Prince Devitt name because he wanted to create a new identity starting in NXT.

“For me I’m quite happy that I was able to change my name and reinvent myself over and over again. It differentiates the chapters in your life and different periods in your career. That keeps things fresh. I’m not opposed to changing my name again next year,” Balor said. Also, for fans frustrated by WrestleMania, Balor made this vow: “Absolutely, one hundred percent yes. I will be headlining a WrestleMania in the future.”

– Former women’s wrestler Lady Blossom (Jeanie Clarke) is releasing an autobiography titled “Through The Shattered Glass” detailing her rise and fall from wrestling stardom while “suffering in silence” through “personal tragedy, the pressures of fame, and drug addiction.”

The book description continues: “This is a detailed account of her highs and lows during a lifetime in the wrestling business, and the ultimate cost it had on those around her. This is a story of personal survival that remained unknown… until now.” The book is available for pre-order –

– Former WWE star Ezekiel Jackson (Big Ryck in Lucha Underground) is starting a pro wrestling training school on Tuesday. The school titled “Bryck House Pro Wrestling School” launches Tuesday in California.

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