Crimson arrested on alleged domestic assault

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Crimson (Anthony Mayweather)

The top headline on “The Leaf Chronicle” newspaper website Tuesday afternoon was “Wrestler charged with headbutting wife.”

The accused wrestler is former TNA star Crimson (Anthony Mayweather), who allegedly headbutt his wife, Heather, outside of a hotel in Tennessee early Sunday morning.

A nearby security guard claimed he saw Crimson headbutt his wife, causing her nose and lip to bleed. When police officers were called to the scene, she claimed she fell down.

Both were arrested on the scene – Crimson for domestic assault on a $2,500 bond (booking sheet) and Heather for public intoxication on a $439 bond (booking sheet). According to police records, Heather’s fines and cost have been paid.

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