WWE Video – Natalya in weekly Michael Cole interview – talks Bret Hart in her corner at Payback, Charlotte’s turn, more

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

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Natalya joined Michael Cole for this week’s sit-down interview on WWE’s website leading into the Payback PPV.

Natalya talked about her Women’s Title shot against Charlotte on Sunday, Bret Hart being in her corner to counter Ric Flair, and Sunday being her “defining moment.”

Natalya said Bret has dealt with good and bad days since his battle with cancer earlier this year. She said it means a lot to her that he will be appearing at the PPV to neutralize Flair.

As for Charlotte, Natalya played up Charlotte’s heel turn by saying she needs to be humbled. Natalya said she feels duped by Charlotte after watching a “nice girl” at NXT grow into a top women’s wrestler. Now, Charlotte is bragging about accomplishing more in one year than the entire roster combined, which Natalya said she won’t stand for.

Cole also hyped Charlotte and Natalya’s interview segment with Dean Ambrose Thursday night on Smackdown.

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