4/27 Lucha Underground viewership falls 20 percent

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor


This week’s Lucha Underground episode tumbled 20 percent in total viewership.

Lucha Underground Viewership

April 27: Lucha Underground drew a combined audience of 159,000 viewers, down 20 percent from last week’s show.

The first airing drew 107,000 viewers, the fewest since March 16.

The replay then drew 52,000 viewers, slightly up from last week.

DEMOGRAPHICS: One bright spot is the original airing drew more males 18-49 viewers than last week. However, females 18-49 fell to a six-week low.

The result was a split of 84 percent m18-49 and 16 percent f18-49, the narrowest split in two months.

Lucha’s median age viewer was 46.1 years-old, falling within the desired 18-49 window.

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  1. Now more than ever, I am of the mindset that once Aztec Warfare aired a couple of weeks ago, the viewers slowly went away. It’s like they presented that as the main episode to watch. TNA does that a lot with themed episodes.

    I don’t know if that’s a good idea because you’re giving the viewers an excuse to pick and choose which episodes to tune into and which episodes to skip.

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