5/20 Mid-States “Unfinished Business” Results – Bobby Eaton, Bill Dundee, Memphis promoter Randy Hales

Bill Dundee - "Unfinished Business" May 20, 2016 (Photo credit David in Memphis)


Mid-States Promotions “Unfinished Business” Results
May 20, 2016
Cherry Valley, Ark.
Report by VIP member David in Memphis

A fundraiser was held Friday night at Cross County High School for the Cherry Valley (Ark.) Food Pantry. Memphis wrestling legends on-hand included “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton, “The Superstar” Bill Dundee, “Outlaw” Don Bass, and promoter Randy Hales.

– In the main event, “All That” Alan Steel (w/Rich Rude) beat Derrick King by pinfall after the show’s promoter, Brian Thompson, interfered on Steel’s behalf. Thompson had been embarrassed earlier in the night when the director of the food pantry tried to set him up with a man in drag during an in-ring segment.

Post-match, Thompson received a punch from Dundee, who had prevented interference from Steel’s manager, and took a superkick and briefcase shot from King to close the show.

King was part of WGN America’s “Wrestling with Death.” Hales served as guest ring announcer for the match and Dundee guest timekeeper.

– The meat of the card was a three-match Cherry Valley Invitational Tournament, which was won by NWA Mid-South Unified Champion Jeremy Moore.

– In the opener, Eric Wayne (the grandson of Buddy Wayne and son of “Nightmare” Ken Wayne) beat Gary “Roosevelt” Gram with a roll-up. Wayne sold a groin injury throughout the match after taking a headbutt from the area during a leapfrog attempt.

– Moore then beat Danny Dollar with a roll-up in their match. Lots of stalling as Moore was called “chicken” by the crowd. Moore defeated Wayne and won the tournament on a DQ after Dollar interfered. Some words were exchanged between Wayne and Dollar after the match but there was no physicality.

– In the other match, Pokerface with Danielle defeated Scott Fury with a DDT pin combination.

Overall: A great night of wrestling action. I was able to take a selfie with Eaton (who used to live in the area with Thompson) and picked up some Lawler-Dundee DVDs.

An estimated 250 or so in attendance with a large contingent from the Cross County Special Workshop. Approximately $2,000 was raised to help towards the Food Pantry’s goal of a new building.

Part of Thompson’s opening intro with Eaton can be seen HERE.

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