WWE star Kane to run for political office?

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Kane (Glenn Jacobs) - WBIR-TV Interview


WWE star Kane (Glenn Jacobs) says he is considering running for mayor of a town in Tennessee in two years.

Jacobs talked to WBIR-TV about his political ambitions potentially running for the Knox County mayoral seat in 2018.

Jacobs said he will make a final decision after the current U.S. presidential election to evaluate the political landscape.

“Yes, I’ve talked about it with some folks but there’s nothing too solid yet,” Jacobs told WBIR 10 News. “I think the most important thing is I care very deeply about this community, like a lot of people do. And that’s the only reason I would consider getting into any sort of government because I do care very deeply. And I think it’s incumbent upon people who care about the communities to try to make a difference.”

Jacobs also talked about why he wants to represent his local community by running for political office.

“I could live anywhere, but the reason I live in Knoxville is that I love it here – I love East Tennessee,” he said. “I love the people. I think they have great values and I think they have common sense. And for me, the political philosophy should reflect that – to keep Knox County a great place to live and a great place to raise a family.”

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