Video – Former NXT’er Bull Dempsey on why he thinks he was released

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

NXT Rhode Island - April 22, 2016 (photo credit Sean Radican @SeanRadican)


Former WWE NXT wrestler Bull Dempsey (now Bull James on the independents) says he believes a contributor to his release was WWE running out of ideas for his character after some backlash for the “Bullfit” vignettes.

“I think there were some issues with using food,” Dempsey told satellite radio host Sam Roberts in a new interview about social media backlash for perceived fat-shaming.

“It was never said to me, but I always had that feeling because all of a sudden the word came down that, ‘Hey, maybe we’ll re-visit it down the line, but no more food.'”

Dempsey says he wanted the vignettes to build toward working with NXT GM William Regal, who was always open to ideas for vignettes. However, it did not get to that point.

Dempsey says the door is still open for him to return to WWE down the road. Dempsey said NXT management left it as: “We’ll revisit (you) in no specific timeframe, go do your thing, have fun, have some life experiences, keep in touch, and we’ll see where things go.”

Dempsey said he left WWE in better position than when he started and his value on the independents has increased since leaving.

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