UFC 200 betting odds – Brock Lesnar still not expected to win

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Brock Lesnar (art credit Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


July 7 Update

One month after UFC 200 betting odds were initially released, Brock Lesnar has remained a firm underdog against Mark Hunt.

In what is now the UFC 200 main event, Lesnar is a +150 underdog against Hunt at -180 in Las Vegas sportsbooks.

Betting opened with Lesnar at +160 to Hunt at -200.

International odds have followed the same path. The best odds for Lesnar are +150 to Hunt at -163. (Thanks to David)

As for the fight result, the favorites are Hunt to win inside three rounds and Hunt to win via three-round decision. Then, it’s Lesnar winning before three rounds followed by Lesnar winning a three-round decision.

June 7 Report

Brock Lesnar has opened as an underdog in his UFC return fight from both U.S. and international oddsmakers.

Bovada in Las Vegas is listing Lesnar as a +160 underdog against Hunt at -200.

Int’l oddsmakers have set Lesnar at +163, in-line with Vegas. (Thanks to David)

Bovada also released prop bets on whether the fight will go one full round, two rounds, or the distance. Plus, the “method of victory.”

Notably, Vegas is predicting the fight does not even go past the first round in favor of Hunt.

– Will the fight go one full round?

  • No is the favorite at -145 to Yes at +105.

– Will the fight go two rounds?

  • No is stronger at -360.

– Will the fight go the distance?

  • No is even stronger at -700.

– Total number of rounds?

  • Under 1.5 Rounds is -220
  • Int’l oddsmakers are also leaning toward under 1.5 Rounds at -187

– What will be the method of victory?

  • Hunt winning inside three rounds is the favorite
  • Lesnar winning inside three rounds is next
  • Hunt winning a three-round decision is the next favorite
  • Lesnar winning a three-round decision is next
  • Draw is a distant underdog

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