UFC 200 – Brock Lesnar comments on Jon Jones suspension, USA Today covers Lesnar 2.0 in UFC

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

Brock Lesnar (art credit Travis Beaven © PWTorch)


– Brock Lesnar weighed in on Jon Jones being suspended from UFC 200, shifting Lesnar vs. Mark Hunt to the main event of Saturday’s UFC PPV.

Lesnar took the approach that it’s unprofessional and he feels bad for Jones’s opponent, Daniel Cormier, but it also means he gets the main event money on Saturday night.

“It’s really unprofessional of anybody at this caliber to have something like that happen… It’s unfortunate, it’s unprofessional. What else do you want me to say? Merry Christmas to Brock Lesnar,” Lesnar said at Thursday’s UFC 200 promotional event. (Full Story at MMATorch.com)

USA Today covered Lesnar’s personal maturity, thanks in large part to moving back to his country/farmer roots with his wife Sable (Rena Mero).

Lesnar did not comment for the story, so USA Today talked to his former trainer and amateur wrestling colleagues.

“She (Sable) fit right in. She’s down to earth and she keeps (Lesnar) there,” said former trainer John Schilley. “To me, it seems like his family evened him out and settled him down and made him a little more mature,’’ said Jesse Sabot, who wrestled with Lesnar at Bismark State College in the ’90s. “He seems really focused this time. He seems like he’s really got it in his head exactly what he knows he wants to do.”

As for his current training, Lesnar was described as “re-enthused” with a more serious and intense approach to a four-week training process for UFC 200.

“He knows he was a mess at one time and got away from his roots,’’ Schiley said. “His fame and fortune, his job, his money, everything came back to him when he got grounded again.”

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