WWE Q2 2016 – WWE reveals new stance on outside buyer, like UFC deal


By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

WWE is now open to listening to a pitch on buying the company, WWE management revealed in the latest quarterly conference call on Thursday.

During the Q&A portion of the call, financial executive George Barrios revealed that WWE is “always willing to listen” to a buy-out pitch, similar to the UFC deal.

“We will always do what’s best for the audience and shareholders and employees. If someone has a great idea, we’re open to listening to it,” Barrios said.

The question to Barrios and WWE CEO Vince McMahon followed a question about UFC being sold for $4 billion.

Barrios said “that’s great,” as it shows the value of branded, live content in the marketplace, which WWE’s business is also built on.

Caldwell’s Analysis: The UFC sale seems to have piqued WWE’s interest, as it’s an interesting shift in how WWE approaches this type of question. WWF/E has been in the McMahon Family for generations – which has become part of the current storylines with Shane McMahon returning to TV – so it would be a huge change if any transaction took place. Obviously, WWE is not close to a transaction stage since Barrios said they’re at the stage of just being willing to entertain ideas. But, it’s something to pay attention for the future.

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