8/18 Midwest All Pro (Eugene’s promotion) in Sioux Falls, S.D. – Eugene & Adam Rose main event, development for next show


Midwest All Pro Results
August 18, 2016
Sioux Falls, S.D.
Report by Andrew Soucek, PWTorch correspondent

Nick Dinsmore (the former Eugene) and “Mrs. South Dakota” Stephanie Dinsmore opened up the show in the ring. He thanked the crowd for coming out, and announced that there would be a battle royal on the September 25 show to crown the Midwest All Pro Champion.

Stephanie is on her way to compete in Mrs. America, and Nick surprised her with a video on the screen featuring her career in news, along with friends and family wishing her luck in the competition in Las Vegas. Supportive tweets from Charlotte, Damien Sandow, Nia Jax, Becky Lynch, and Kalisto were all shown as well.

1 – Cody Rice vs. “International Recording Artist” Mikey Danger

Rice did a slow tease of removing his jacket and taunting like Rick Rude. He pulled some baby oil out of his trunks and oiled himself down. The two exchanged dance moves for a bit. They locked up and Rice’s excessive oil caused Danger to fall on his face. Rice went on offense, delivering shots to the back, and an eye poke. Danger eventually fought his way out of a headlock. He kipped up, delivered a Stinger Splash followed by a neckbreaker. He missed a Frogsplash, and Rice hit a corner senton. After exchanging blows, Mikey hit a cutter and scored the pin.

WINNER: Mikey Danger in 10:03.

2 – Darin Corbin vs. J.C. Slater

Corbin landed a cheap shot as Slater was turned away. His momentum didn’t last long as he was clotheslined out of the ring. They brawled on the outside before Corbin inadvertently chopped the ringpost. Slater took control until missing a corner splash. Corbin recovered, and began yelling at a fan at ringside and showboated a bit. He was in control before Slater found his momentum, and hit a flurry of offense on Corbin. Corbin responded with a jawbreaker, but Slater quickly recovered. The ref lost his glasses and Corbin low-blowed Slater, then handed the ref back back his glasses to pick up the tainted victory.

WINNER: Corbin in 8:03.

3 – Josh Price vs. Dagz

They locked up in the ring briefly, then Price began jawing with the crowd. Dagz locked in a headlock, and hit a shoulder block followed by an arm drag. Price was knocked outside of the ring with Dagz following up with a couple of knife-edge chops. Inside the ring, Price landed a DDT for a nearfall. He remained on offense for the next couple minutes until a suplex attempt was reversed. Price soon regained control again, hitting a neckbreaker. Dagz eventually reversed a turnbuckle attack, and hit a sidewalk slam. He then followed up with his Bossman Slam-like finisher for the win.

WINNER: Dagz in 9:32.

4 – Maru & “The African Prince” Ali vs. “The Belgian Brawler” Jason Bates & Yellow Dog

Yellow Dog and Maru started things off. Bates quickly tagged in and connected with a shoulder tackle. The crowd chanted “USA” to get under the skin of The African Prince. Maru tagged in, but was locked in an armbar. The heels were losing control and began ripping up signs at ringside. Back inside Dog was used as a battering ram into Maru’s gut. Dog was then double teamed as the ref’s back was turned.

The heels continued to beat down Dog until Ali missed a splash. Bates took the hot tag and cleaned house. He press slammed Dog into his opponents in an impressive spot, then he hit his clubbing blow to the back finisher for the pinfall.

WINNERS: Jason Bates and Yellow Dog in 10:55


5 – Brian Austin Night & The Dragon Kid vs. Julian Richards & Nicky Valentine

It was Dragon Kid’s first match ever, and Night’s first match with his new name (the former BlackjackX). Night and Richards started things off. They tagged out to their partners who locked up. Richards was tossed to ringside and Night beat him up behind the ref’s back. Some back and forth action proceeded with all members entering with quick tags. Richards eventually connected with a bulldog on Dragon Kid for the victory.

WINNERS: Julian Richards and Nicky Valentine in 6:40.

6 – Scotty Story vs. Shawn Nautilus w/Jaysin Strife

They locked up with Nautilus quickly tossing the much smaller Story to the ground. Stroy tried again, only to be bodyslammed. Nautilus no-sold a flurry of offense before hitting a clothesline followed by a great looking chokeslam.

WINNER: Nautilus in 1:24.

7 – Nick DinsmoreAldo Rose vs. Devin Thomas & Nate Redwing (w/Jaysin Strife)

Aldo is the former Adam Rose. He’s shaved his head. Some local fans who bought VIP tickets were his Rosebuds. Nick and Rose went up to the balcony and brought another big section of the fans down with them to join in. A couple dozen people circled the ring for the intro before the match started.

Eugene started off against Thomas. Eugene did a series of squats, wearing himself out. He locked up and was bodyslammed. He returned the favor with a bodyslam of his own. They locked up and Rose was tagged in and dished out a series of left hooks. Redwing tagged in but quickly tagged out when Eugene entered. Thomas took control with a headlock, and Redwing came in with a blind tag. He attempted a clothesline to the corner but missed. Rose returned the favor and entered on a blind tag. The heels took control and put the boots to Eugene in the corner. They took turns keeping him down. Eugene almost broke free but Redwing hit a nice looking spinebuster.

Eugene finally broke out, and Rose took the hot tag. He cleaned house and delivered a dropkick on Thomas. The heels double teamed Rose who ducked and rolled up Thomas for a nearfall. He grabbed his sucker and put it in Thomas mouth and chopped him in the corner. He then hit a Stunner, and was about to go for the pin. Eugene pleaded to hit an RKO, though, and delivered one on Thomas. Rose called for Sweetchin Music and hit that on Thomas to boot. Eugene then caught Thomas and delivered a Pedigree on the poor guy.

WINNERS: Eugene and Aldo Rose in 18:38.

Another fun show at Midwest All Pro with a hot crowd. Definitely check them out if you’re near the area, as they’ve yet to put on a bad event. They’ll be returning to The Coliseum in Sioux Falls on September 25 to crown their first champion.

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