9/14 Lucha Underground Results – Dehnel’s Report on Season 3, Week 2 featuring WMD Match


Lucha Underground Report
September 14, 2016
Taped in Los Angeles, Calif.
Season 3 Episode #2 aired on El Rey Network
Report by Joel Dehnel, PWTorch contributor

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The show opened with a recap of Dario Cueto being arrested and leaving jail. Also, they showed flashbacks of Famous B., Marty Martinez, and Killshot.

Flashback: They returned to the police station after Ultima Lucha Dos. Joey Ryan and Cortez listened to Dario murdering Mr. Cisco from the wire. Cortez wanted Dario arrested right away, but Captain Vasquez told him to be patient.

Announcers: Matt Striker welcomed the audience to the show and hyped the main event between Marty the Moth and Killshot. Striker threw to Melissa Santos for the opening contest.

In-ring: Santos went to announce the opening contest, but Famous B cut her off. He said she is not famous enough to announce his client. Famous B. then introduced Brenda and Dr. Wagner, Jr. Santos then announced his opponent would be Mascarita Sagrada.


1 – DR. WAGNER, JR. (w/Brenda & Famous B) vs. MASCARITA SAGRADA

Sagrada tried to grapple Wagner, but Wagner reversed into a hammerlock. Wagner whipped Sagrada off the ropes and hit a Wagner Driver for the win.

WINNER: Wagner at 0:56 with the Wagner Driver.

Still to come: Killshot vs. Marty Martinez.


Flashback: A millennium ago… an Aztec child went to her father to find him laying. He told her she must finish the fight as a war is coming. He gave her a medallion whose power only works for females. He said it would give her immortality so she could finish the fight.

Flash forward to the night of Ultima Lucha Dos: Part III. Captain Vasquez is holding that same medallion, but it has been split in half. Cortez walked in and said Cueto is going down. Vasquez told him that police are heading to the temple right now to arrest Cueto. Cortez said with Cueto in jail it will be easier to take down the temple. Vasquez fired back and said this makes it worse because they needed Dario, as he was the link. She then suspended Cortez and told him to leave.


In-ring: Santos introduced Argenis already in the ring. His opponent tonight is Mil Muertes.

2 – ARGENIS vs. MIL MUERTES (w/Catrina)

Muertes dominated early with a powerbomb. Argenis fired back and landed a moonsault. Muertes kicked out at one and hit a spear. Muertes grabbed his throat and hit a flatliner for the win.

WINNER: Mil Muertes at 1:33 with The Flatliner.

Post-match: Catrina gave the lick of death to Argenis, but Puma came in and hit a springboard punch and a dropkick from the top. Puma hit a baseball slide, then Catrina separated the two of them.


Flashback: A week ago… Dario entered his office for the first time since being in jail. Joey Ryan entered his office and said he is a friend. He knows Dario killed Cisco, but he wants to be on the right side of the war that’s coming. He said Dario can trust him because he was the one guy trying to keep him out of jail unlike Cortez, who is also a cop. Ryan extended his hand, but Dario said what is this? Ryan said he’s not doing this out of the goodness of his heart, he has child support to pay. Dario threw him a clip of money.

Police station: Cortez entered Captain Vasquez’s office. He said he wants to be on her side of the war. She told him he was going back to the temple. Then she held up her medallion once more.

In-ring: Santos introduced the main event as a Weapons of Mass Destruction match. First out was Marty Martinez decked out in all military attire.


3 – MARTY ‘THE MOTH’ MARTINEZ vs. KILLSHOT – Weapons of Mass Destruction Match

Killshot attacked Marty from behind on the entrance way to start the match. Killshot took advantage early and hit Marty with a display gun. Killshot rammed Marty into the steel railing. Marty got up and threw Marty into the ringpost.

Killshot reversed Marty and threw him over the announce table before throwing a chair at his head. Marty grabbed Melissa Santos, then threw her into Killshot. Marty felt the blood on his forehead, then Killshot went for a kick, but Marty stopped him by grabbing his crotch. Killshot then hit Marty and dragged him through the crowd and tossed him over the barricade.

Killshot climbed the barricade and flipped onto Marty, who then rammed Killshot into a wood box then tossed him into a bunch of artillery boxes. Marty set up a table, then brought Killshot into the ring and attempted a suplex off the apron. Killshot tried to pick up Marty, but he escaped and hit a back driver on the apron. Marty grabbed a ladder and slid it into the ring. He found another ladder and set it between the barricade and ring.

Killshot threw a camouflage net onto Marty. Killshot ran at Marty, but Marty tossed Killshot head-first into the ladder. Killshot rammed a ladder into Marty, then hit him across the head with a steel chair. Marty came back with a suplex, then set up two cargo boxes.

Marty attempted a powerbomb, but Killshot escaped then fell into a spinebuster. Marty climbed the turnbuckle, but Killshot stopped him. No matter, as Marty escaped and reversed both of the them and hit a superplex.

Marty rolled out of the ring. Killshot then kicked him and slammed him onto the a ladder on the outside. Killshot headed back to the ring for a double stomp off the top for a two count. Marty hit a low blow, then a powerbomb to the outside through two tables. Marty dragged Killshot back into the ring and Killshot kicked out at a two count.

The match continued with Killshot catching Marty for a cradle driver for another two count. Killshot set up yet another table and dragged a ladder out from under the ring. Killshot set the ladder up in the ring, but Marty stopped Killshot and set up a table of his own. Marty set up Killshot on a table then climbed the ladder. Killshot then begun to climb the ladder.

Marty tried another Superplex, but Mariposa came out and beat on Killshot. Killshot kicked her off and through the table. Killshot then grabbed Marty’s crotch. Killshot ripped the dog tags off Marty’s neck, then leaped and double-stomped Marty through the table for the win.

WINNER: Killshot 22:22.

Backstage: Mil Muertes beat on a locker until it fell over. Catrina told him he would get Puma but he must be patient. Catrina then pulled out the other half of the immortal medallion to close out the show.

FINAL THOUGHTS: Interesting way to end with the possibility of Catrina being the Aztec girl. I don’t know if she is for sure, but that would make sense given her powers.

Like I said last week, Lucha is very much a show that is told through the the backstage segments. This week continued the Dario storyline even more and delved into more stories centering around non-wrestlers such as Captain Vasquez and Catrina. I feel like these segments have been overshadowing and coming off as much more important than what happens in the ring.

Sigh. That main event. There is a reason no other major company does matches like this anymore. It was exactly what I thought it would be. A lot of blood, weapons, dangerous spots, and very little selling. Killshot and Marty just did a ton of dangerous spots that will not be remembered by the average viewer. It was just cheap Wednesday entertainment watching two guys putting their bodies in very dangerous positions doing serious damage with harmful spots. It would be one thing if these guys really sold the high spots, but they just did one after another acting like it had little effect on their bodies. I am not of fan of nor do I endorse such wrestling. In 2016 it is so unnecessary and seems like a crutch. I’m curious to know what other people who saw this match think of it…

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  1. Giving my honest opinion here… Dehnel is not the person who should be reviewing LU. You can’t just treat it like it’s the CWC (no disrespect to that awesome series). It is more than just a simulated sporting event. LU is very comfortable in its own skin as a wrestling/TV show hybrid (and does “sports entertainment” in a way that I bet WWE wish that it could).

    I don’t mean to sound trolling, but this is typically the most negative review for LU among the sites that I like to visit. I don’t click on the LU reviews on this site that often because of that; and when I do it’s usually the same thing.

    I think someone who “gets” what the show is about should be reviewing it. If no one on staff is up to the task (someone who actually gets into the show as opposed to treating it as if is another WWE-style program), then as a reader, I’d settle for news about the stars and ratings only. I mean this with the utmost respect to Dehnel and all of the other writers of this site.

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