9/27 WWE Smackdown TV Ratings – did Tuesday’s show beat Raw?

By James Caldwell, PWTorch assistant editor

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WWE Smackdown was unable to beat this week’s Raw episode in the TV Ratings department despite Raw falling to an historical low-point.

WWE Smackdown TV Ratings Tracking

September 27: WWE Smackdown scored a 1.69 TV rating on Tuesday night, essentially even with a 1.70 rating last week.

Smackdown’s 1.69 was lower than Raw’s 1.75 TV rating when it appeared Smackdown had a chance to win this week with a WWE Title match in the main event.

The concern turns to Smackdown, whose rating was tied for the lowest of the brand split era. The August 9 episode also scored a 1.69 rating.

– Smackdown drew 2.340 million viewers, up two percent (about 50,000 viewers) from last week.

It was the second-fewest viewers of the brand split era, edging out last week’s show.

– DEMOGRAPHICS: Smackdown was essentially even with last week; males 18-34 was slightly up from a dreadful m18-34 rating last week.

Caldwell’s Analysis: This appears to be the product of The Trendline. If Raw is up, then Smackdown is up. If Raw is down, then Smackdown is down. The only exception thus far is the post-Backlash Smackdown, which went up two nights removed from the PPV after Raw’s non-post-PPV audience went down the night before.

WWE has not yet created significant “standalone” audiences for Raw and Smackdown. There is still a general pool of WWE viewers who watch the flagship show with the history, Raw, Raw and Smackdown, or neither. Smackdown does not have their own significant audience yet.

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