11/9 WWE in Berlin, Germany: Detailed report including Big Show vs. Strowman in bodyslam challenge, Rusev vs. Reigns, Eight-Man Tag

Rusev (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


NOVEMBER 9, 2016

Attendance ~ 4.000

(1) 3-Way Tag Team for RAW Tag Team Championship: Enzo & Cass vs. Sheamus & Cesaro vs. New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods). Fun Opener, Enzo & Cass got a solid pop, heat for Sheamus, big pop for Cesaro. Interestingly, New Day got 50/50 cheers and boos. Cesaro chants during the whole match, as well as “Shame” chants. Enzo and Xavier sold a lot, Cesaro and Sheamus argued for the entire match. Big E hit the Big Ending on Enzo, Xavier jumped from the corner and pinned Enzo to retain the title.

(2) Raw Women Championship: Sasha Banks vs. Charlotte. Big heat for Charlotte, good pop for Sasha. They did their usual things. Charlotte dominated most of the match, Sasha kicked out of the natural selection and had a short comeback. In the end Charlotte used the ropes during the pin, referee didn’t notice and she got the victory to retain.

(3) Eight-Man Tag Team: Shining Stars & Bo Dallas & Titus O’Neill vs. Golden Truth & Neville & Darren Young. Mostly comedy match. Crowd chanted along R-Truth, Neville hit the Red Arrow on Primo (i guess) and pinned him for the win.

(4) Special Bodyslam Match: Braun Strowman vs. Big Show. Big pop for Big Show. Slow match as you would expect between those two. Strowman dominated most of the match. Big Show had a short comeback and tried to get on top of the corner. Strowman stopped him and Big Show fell with the top rope in his crotch. Then Strowman hit a Bodyslam for the win. He attacked Big Show after the match for some heat but Big Show got up and hit a chokeslam.

(5) U.S. Championhip: Rusev vs. Roman Reigns. Lana came out and cut a promo about germany and berlin in particular, calling germans pathetic. She introduced Rusev who got mostly booed. Big reaction for Roman Reigns, boos initially but mostly cheers during the match. Rusev dominated early, Lana slapped Roman as he hang in the ropes. Roman hit a Superman Punch, Rusev put him into the accolade but Roman got out. He hit another Superman Punch and pinned Rusev as Lana put Rusev’s leg on the ropes to break the pin. She then got ejected from ringside and Roman hit the spear for the win.

(6) Women Tag Team: Nia Jax & Dana Brooke vs. Bailey & Alicia Fox (with Emma as special guest referee). After a 20 minute break, a women tag team match was announced with Emma as special guest referee. She came out first with little to no reaction as well as for Nia and Dana afterwards. Dana took a fan sign stating “Dana Brooke for Women Championship” and pointed at herself. Big pop for Bailey, she took a mic and said she hopes Charlotte saw what Dana did with taking that sign and pointing at herself. Chants for Bailey during the entire match, Dana and Nia dominated most of the match, but bad execution by Dana and Fox. Dana sold so badly, e.g. there were some drop kicks that clearly didn’t even connect. In the end Fox pinned Dana for the win.

(7) Chris Jericho vs. Sami Zayn. Jericho came out and got a good pop. He brought the List of Jericho into the ring and cut a promo about “stinky Berlin”. Crowd wanted to be put on the list but Jericho refused, saying they wouldn’t deserve it. Zayn came out and also got a good pop. Before the match Jericho didn’t want to take off his scarf so the match couldn’t start. The referee forced Jericho into the corner and yelled at him but he still refused. Zayn took the scarf and Jericho tried to get it back, so they did some sort of bullfighting. The match itself was business as usual, Jericho did his heel stuff but Zayn dominated most of the time. He got out of the Walls of Jericho and Zayn hit the Blue Thunder Bomb for the win.

(8) Street Fight for WWE Universal Championship: Kevin Owens vs. Seth Rollins. Owens came out first with a solid pop, but Rollins definitely got a bigger one. Good match, both took chairs early in the match and exchanged shots. Rollins dominated early and got a table for a big pop. Owens countered and threw Rollins through the table, but Rollins kicked out. Rollins had a good comeback, hit his flying knee and grabbed another table. He hit a Powerbomb on Owens through the table but Owens kicked out. The crowd started to chant “this is awesome”. Owens got out of the ring and grapped a kendo stick. Jericho came out to help Owens. Rollins got distracted, Owens hit a low blow with the kendo stick and pinned Rollins to retain.

After the match Owens wanted to celebrate Jericho’s birthday and made the whole roster come out to the ring. A referee brought a cake and Owens sang “Happy Birthday” for Jericho. Rollins sneaked up from behind, hit the cake into Jericho’s face and hit the Pedigree on Owens into the spreaded cake on the ground. He then quickly ran away as Owens and Jericho slipped and fell down multiple times caused by the cake to end the show.

FINAL THOUGHTS: All in all fun show, but nothing special.

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