WWE offering free subscription to WWE Network now through end of January – four PPVs including Royal Rumble free (w/Keller’s Analysis)

By Wade Keller, PWTorch editor


WWE has sent out an offer to potential customers on their email list offering WWE Network free “now thorugh January 31st,” which includes Survivor Series, TLC, Roadblock, and the Royal Rumble. The offer expires Nov. 21. The retail value in HD just a few years ago for those four PPVs would have been $220.

Keller’s Analysis: This is an offer that is going to attract a lot of former WWE Network subscribers or first-time customers. I’m not sure yet the scope of the offer, but multiple people have received it and contacted me. I’m wondering if someone could take advantage of this, cancel after the Rumble on Jan. 29, and then get a “free month” in time for WrestleMania? WWE has the internal metrics that might indicate this is the only way to grow – to offer something free that’s just too tempting to turn down for a lot of people, and then bank on a certain percentage sticking around afterward and becoming a paying customer. If their main goal is to have a lot of active subscribers at the end of the year for bragging rights, but it’s ultimately setting the expectations among the fanbase that they get big events free if they cancel and wait around long enough for the “next great offer,” this could also backfire over time.

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