WWE strategy with Sasha Banks chants in Boston

November 27, 2022

WWE has a strategy for handling Sasha Banks chants in Boston during Survivor Series on Saturday night. The Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE piped down the chants with various production techniques. The Boston audience […]

WWE announce Survivor Series press conference

November 22, 2022

WWE will host a post-Survivor Series PPV press conference after the Survivor Series PLE on Peacock Saturday night. The company announced the news on WWE.com Monday afternoon. A special Survivor Series: WarGames Press Conference will […]

WWE Survivor Series sells out in Boston

August 27, 2022

This year’s WWE Survivor Series PLE event in Boston is officially sold out. WrestleTix is reporting that the event, which will emanate from TD Garden Arena, sold out in seconds and during the pre-sale. WWE […]

HEYDORN’S TAKE: Why must WWE ruin November?

October 28, 2020

This revolting, nauseating, and repulsive year aside, November is a month I typically look forward to. Think about it. Football is in full swing, leaves turn all sorts of pretty colors on the trees, families […]

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