PLE PRIMER – WWE SURVIVOR SERIES 2022: Preview and predictions for War Games, Balor vs. Styles, more


WWE Survivor Series analysis


WWE Survivor Series. The ONE time a year that Superstars from Raw and Smackdown go head-to-head in direct competition…

Nope, hold on. That was wrong. It is a new era in the WWE and instead, on November 26, 2022, Survivor Series War Games will emanate from the TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. Headlining the show are the War Game matches. For War Games, a cage will surround two rings. There are two teams of five participants. The match starts with two competitors in the cage and after an interval of time, a new competitor is added to the match. Once all ten participants are in the match, the match proper begins. To win a participant must pin or submit a member of the opposing team.

Sheamus & Ridge Holland & Butch & Kevin Owens & Drew McIntyre vs. Roman Reigns & Jey Uso & Jimmy Uso & Solo Sikoa & Sami Zayne, War Games match

Story in a nutshell: What began as a feud between the Brawling Brutes and the Bloodline has drawn in the likes of Kevin Owens and Drew McIntyre who have their own issues with the Bloodline.

Sheamus, Ridge Holland, and Butch set their eyes on the tag team champions, the Usos. This brought them into conflict with the Bloodline, Jey and Jimmy Uso, Sami Zayn, Solo Sikoa, and eventually, Roman Reigns. Drew McIntyre made peace with Sheamus to join the team to gain revenge for the interference he’s had to deal with. Kevin Owens was revealed to be the fifth member playing off his connection with Sami Zayn.

Prediction and analysis: The Bloodline is most likely to win this unless the plan is to break Sami Zayn off from the group finally. Sami taking a pin can continue pushing him down the path of leaving the group.

Bianca Belair & Alexa Bliss & Asuka & Mia Yim & Becky Lynch vs. Bayley & Dakota Kai & Iyo Sky & Nikki Cross & Rhea Ripley, War Games match

Story in a nutshell: The never-ending feud between Bianca Belair and her allies, Alexa Bliss and Asuka, and Damage CTRL picks up some new members, including a returning Becky Lynch, to (hopefully) get blown off at Wargames.

Bayley, Dakota Kai, and Iyo Sky returned at SummerSlam as the group Damage CRTL and set their eyes on champion Bianca Belair. They injured Becky Lynch, but Alexa Bliss and Asuka stepped up to help Belair. Nikki A.S.H. discarded her superhero persona and became Nikki Cross again and attacked everyone. Somehow, Bayley convinced Nikki to ally with them for Wargames. AJ Styles is feuding with the Judgment Day and called on Mia Yim to act as a counter to Rhea Ripley. Bayley tried to recruit Mia Yim but she joined Belair’s group instead. As a result, Ripley offered Bayley her services. Still down one member, it was revealed the Becky Lynch was healthy and joining Belair’s team.

Prediction and analysis: With Lynch returning, Belair’s team wins. I am expecting Nikki to, at some point, get into it with her team.

Seth Rollins(c) vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Austin Theory, WWE United States Championship Triple Threat match

Story in a nutshell: Bobby Lashley wants back the title he feels was stolen from him, Austin Theory wants revenge for the Money in the Bank cash in opportunity Lashley cost him, and Seth Rollins just hopes to escape with his WWE United States Championship reign intact.

The WWE United States Champion, Bobby Lashley was to defend his title from Seth Rollin when he was attacked by Brock Lesnar. Rollins manipulated Lashley into defending the title regardless and won the championship from Lashley. Rollins held an open challenge that Mustafa Ali tried to answer but Lashley took him out and destroyed Rollins. Austin Theory took the advantage and cashed in his Money in the Bank contract. Unfortunately for Theory, Lashley interfered and Theory’s cash in failed. Now all three men try to settle things.

Prediction and analysis: Both Lashley (after losing to Lesnar) and Theory (having the “worst” cash-in in history) have had a change in personality. I think Theory win, sending Lashley into a further downward spiral and freeing Rollins to pursue what I hope is a babyface run.

Ronda Rousey (c) vs. Shotzi, WWE Smackdown Women’s Championship match

Story in a nutshell: Shotzi won a six-pack challenge to become the number one contender for Ronda Rousey’s WWE’s Smackdown Women’s Championship and has been bullied by Rousey and Shayna Baszler ever since.

That’s pretty much it other than Ronda Rousey and Shayna Baszler have reconnected to bully the women of the WWE.

Prediction and analysis: Rousey wins. There has to be more than meet the eye to this match though. Maybe someone returns to challenge Rousey?

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