RAW PRIMER: What to expect tonight based on what happened last week with Charlotte-Sasha, Reigns-Owens, New Day, Braun, Swann

By Joey Galizia, PWTorch Specialist

New Day (photo credit Wade Keller © PWTorch)


DECEMBER 5, 2016

“I think you and I are destined to do this forever.”

Honestly, they probably should. After Sasha defeated Charlotte for the third time to become the red brand Women’s Champion, it seems the two are destined to clash yet again at Roadblock in a couple of weeks. While many fans are awaiting the inevitable Bayley vs. Sasha feud (or any other feud in the Raw women’s division), it must be mentioned that the rivalry between the Nature Girl and The Boss has been electric, and considering that they main evented Raw last week and kept the ratings up, expect another big segment from these two tonight to set up a stipulation for their next bout. How do you top a Hell in a Cell? Easy…IRON WOMAN BAY BAY.

“Roman destroys a friendship and then gets a title shot.”

Last week Kevin Owens took another non-title loss to the Big Dog, this time setting up a Universal Title shot for the latter. While the loss of Finn Balor to injury was poor timing, I’m not entirely surprised that Roman is being pushed back into the main event. He has proven that no matter what, he gets reactions (even if they are mainly negative) from the crowd, and does have a certain chemistry with KO. But more importantly… will the friendship of Y2J and Owens be able to survive with that dastardly heel Roman Reigns getting the best of them? Does Kevin really think “The List” is stupid? I don’t know about you guys, but I really need them to be okay because I can’t afford for my heart to get broken again.

It also should be noted that the architect Seth Rollins attacked the gift of Chris Jericho so yeah they’re prolly gonna scrap now.

“Is it really new anymore?”

Closer and closer The New Day inch towards immortality, as now they are merely DAYS away from breaking Demolition’s tag team title reign. Last week they cheated and defeated The Club, two weeks ago they cheated and defeated Cesaro & Sheamus. They’ve gotten themselves disqualified, counted-out, hit guys with trombones, low blows, roll-ups, roll-ons, roll-outs, unicorn trains, and of course, BIG ENDINGS. They’ve done it all in a desperate effort to keep the streak going, so expect them to possibly have another defense tonight.


Hopefully WWE will give Sami Zayn a clear direction soon. He has been able to make magic even with the little they have given him to do post his feud with Kevin Owens. Plus he is brave enough to go toe-to-toe with the sausage king of Chicago Braun Strowman, who after decimating Zayn a couple weeks ago, still has a score to settle with the likeable one. But how does General Manager Mick Foley feel about this? Last week Mick and Sami exchanged passionate words: Sami angry at Mick for stopping his match with Braun, and Mick saying that he sees a lot of himself in Sami. Neither of the two men seem to be very happy with the other, which is making for some wildly exciting relationships. Don’t be surprised if out of frustration Mick sets Braun vs Zayn for Roadblock.

“Everyone else?”

At the premiere of “205 Live,” Rich Swann claimed his spot at the top of the division by defeating Brian Kendrick in a great main event to capture the WWE Cruiserweight Title. Like all titles, expect a rematch to happen, or at least for the next contender to prove his worth.

Paul Heyman cut (in my opinion) one of his better promos of the year last week, since it was something completely new. Brock was embarrassed, and Brock has something to prove. He started with Rusev, who took a beating at the hands of the Beast in Mexico City. Poor RuRu. Plus he has to possibly worry about Enzo and Cass embarrassing him and Lana again like they’re likely to do.

Cesaro and Sheamus like to drink and get into bar fights. That was silly, but that was also fun. Perhaps tonight they’ll start a fight at a restaurant or at the Alamo since they are in Texas. Either way, these two should continue to have fun while they are at this unfortunate in-between phase in their booking.

Do we get Emma tonight? Will the hugster be in town? Tune into Raw to find out.

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