12/4 WWE Talking Smack Recap – Post-TLC PPV: Renee & Bryan interview Ellsworth, Miz, Corbin, Bliss who talk about their matches

By Brandon Beauchamp, PWTorch contributor


DECEMBER 4, 2016


Renee asks, “What just happened?” She is in complete shock over the finish of the main event of the TLC event as she welcomes us to the show. Renee asked Daniel Bryan his thoughts. Bryan sat awkwardly speechless, then stated James Elsworth has just turned on Dean Ambrose. Renee said we need to calm down. Bryan suggested that he and Renee get their zen on.

Guest: Alexa Bliss

The table was joined by Alexa Bliss, the new Smackdown Women’s Champion. Renee asked how it feels to win. Alexa was very sweet and very humble here. Alexa talked about how special it was to have her family in the crowd for the first time ever ever to see her wrestle at a WWE show. Alexa begins the cry and said she cant believe this happened.

Renee said that’s okay, that’s what this is all about. Alexa said it was a struggle to get it and will be a struggle to keep it. Alexa hugs the belt tight, seeming truly proud of what she accomplished. Renee asked how she felt physically after this match. “Sore,” Alexa replied, specifically mentioning the Dis-arm-her in the legs of the table.

Renee asked what is next for Alexa now that she is champion. Alexa tried to put on her best mean girl face looked into the camera and said, “I am a champion, and I am the future. All the other women Superstars can step up, but it isn’t going to happen.” She said, “When they thought of the new era, they were thinking of me, Alexa Bliss!” Alexa walks off.

Renee put over the women’s matches tonight. Bryan said they have a stacked division, mentioning how hard Nikki and Carmella fought with each other and there will be more opportunities for the women on Smackdown.

Guest: Baron Corbin

Bryan welcomes Baron Corbin to Talking Smack. Corbin asks Bryan if he’s having a bad night. Bryan was befuddled. Corbin explained, “Because all of you little guys are all the same.” Corbin said he destroyed Kalisto, so that puts him in the main event picture. “Since I’ve been here, I have made a mark,” he said. “Since day one when I won the Andre the Giant battle Royal, I am a winner.”

Bryan points out that Corbin does have a black eye from his match with Kalisto. Corbin said Kalisto got in a few lucky shots “but I through him around like a toy.” He said, “Bryan, you gave me that match, how does that make you feel?” Corbin talked about how all the little kids look up to Kalisto because he may not be the biggest or strongest, but he has heart. But tonight he failed.

Renee asks Corbin, “After tonight, what’s next?” Corbin said the main event. He mentioned a list of top Smackdown stars and said he belong with these people. Renee asks Bryan if he feels Corbin belongs in the main event picture, Bryan said there is a lot of opportunity. Corbin said, “That’s the problem. You give opportunity to people who don’t deserve it.”

Renee asked Corbin if he is eyeing up the Royal Rumble to get into the main event. Corbin said he would punish anybody that gets in his way. He said, “I am a winner and I prove it over and over. Now I’m going to go celebrate my victory as he walks away.”

Renee switched gears to the tag team title match and the New Wyatts winning the Smackdown Tag Team Titles. Bryan said it was weird. As he began to elaborate, he was interrupted by a surprise appearance from James Elsworth.

Guest: James Ellsworth

Ellsworth bragged that what happened out there was the best strategy ever. He said since he beat A.J. Styles three times already, he has his number. He knows he is going to win his rematch against A.J. for the WWE World Title. Renee asked if he is worried about Dean Ambross for costing him the title win and the the TLC match. Elsworth blew it off, saying, “No, we go way back.”

Bryan said Dean helped Ellsworth win every match he had against A.J. Ellsworth replied: “Yeah, well some people say that, dismissing the idea.” Ellsworth claimed he just saw Shane McMahon and will get his WWE World Title match this Tuesday night on Smackdown Live. He was sure he would win, repeating that he has beaten A.J. three times before so he has his number. Ellsworth said he knows Dean will be a little mad, but he promises to give Dean the first title shot after he beats A.J.

Bryan yells at Ellsworth, saying he was mad at him for ruining a great title match. He compares the WWE World Title to the WWE Universal Title on Raw, noting that Kevin Owens gets help to win every match but the WWE World Title always had a fair finish. Renee asked Bryan how he would like Ellsworth as the face of Smackdown Live? Bryan said if Ellsworth really beats him, then great, but he thinks A.J. and Dean are going to hurt Ellsworth really bad.

Ellsworth said, “Time after time I beat A.J. I’m going to do it again.” Elsworth asks Bryan to promise he will invite Ellsworth on Talking Smack and shake his hand after his win. Bryan said if Ellsworth wins, he can have his spot hosting Talking Smack. Renee loudly objects asking, “Why should I be punished?”

Renee asked Elsworth if he is prepared after viewing a replay of Ellsworth interfering in the title match. Ellsworth said in a smug tone that he doesn’t care to see the replay, he’s focused on A.J., not Dean or TLC. He said his game plan is to win as he stood up, ripped his neck brace off, and said he doesn’t need this anymore and walked away.

Renee asked if this is getting out of control with people coming on the show and demanding title shots? Bryan said maybe it is his fault. The Miz walks on and interrupts.

Guest: The Miz

Miz told Bryan it is his fault, it’s all his fault. Miz said it infuriates him that Bryan was such a great wrestler but is such a terrible General Manager. He said no one in the locker room likes Daniel Bryan.  Bryan said he never claimed to be good and never asked for the job. Miz said, “No, he just got the job so you could go out and say ‘Yes’ to the crowd.”

Bryan told Miz that without me pushing you, you wouldn’t be where you are. He told Miz he was a lazy hack. He says he stepped it up since he pushed him on Talking Smack, but before that he said Miz was just a hack. Maryse tells Bryan to be a man and apologize for not giving Miz opportunities. Miz said when he had to fill in for Bryan on Talking Smack, it was the highest rated episode. Bryan said that is because Miz is a better talker than a wrestler.

Miz argued he is out there doing Bryan’s moves better than he does. “I am a champion,” Miz said. Bryan accused Miz of needing help in all of his matches to win. Miz argued back as the show went off the air mid argument.

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