1/21 Revolution Pro Wrestling in London, England: Shibata vs. Riddle, White vs. Stone, Seven vs. Trevor Lee, Scurll vs. ZSJ

Marty Scurll (photo credit Sean Radican © PWTorch)


JANUARY 21, 2017

(1) Josh Bodem beat Ryan Smile for the  Interim Cruiserweight Championship. Will Ospreay is still Cruiserweight Champ but busy in Japan and America, so RevPro created an Interm Championship.

(2) Redman & Sterling beat War Machine to retain the Rev Pro Tag Team Titles.

(3) Yoshi Hash beat Pete Dunne. Pete Dunne played up the WWE gimmick like in progress where he keeps saying he’ll use his title belt to lean on when signing his new contract. In this match, Dunne gave a crotch chop to the crown and attempted a Pedigree, but to no avail. Yoshi won.

Andy Quildan, the promoter for RevPro, got the audience to go on Twitter for an announcement. On the Official Twitter @RevProUK Andy announced The Young Bucks will be at RevProUK’s Final Encounter April 13 in this same venue.

(4) ZSJ beat Marty Scurll in a Friend vs, Friend match. This match was great, with the crowd split between the two, but mostly for the villain, Marty Scurll. ZSJ Wins an epic 40-plus minute chop-fest with duality submissions of Armbar vs. Crossface Chicken Wing. Definitely best match of the night.

(5) Trent Seven beat Trevor Lee. Trent Seven won this match in a very entertaining match that started with a dance off and Trevor Lee jumping Trent from behind. During this match Trevor Lee was trying to steal Matt Hardy’s “Broken” and “Delete” gimmick and the crowd turned on him for it. They shouted, “You’re not broken!” and “Get your own gimmick!” I feel tying to get cheap heat by stealing a popular gimmick lacks imagination and he wasn’t received well by the London crowd.

(6) Jay White beat Martin Stone. This match had the third guy from the WWE’S UK Championship Tournament as NXT’s Martin Stone took on NJPW’s Jay White. For a second main event, I feel this match lacked something – either energy or a solid story. I’m not sure this went down with the crowd the way the wrestlers intended. I feel with a bit of moving around the card, this match would have been better somewhere else in the night. The winner was Jay White to a quiet response.

(7) Katsuyori Shibata beat Matt Riddle. I would put this as second best match of the night only second to Marty Scurll vs. ZSJ which the night was built around. This match had a lot of hard chops, kicks, and strikes with Katsuyori Shibata no-selling chops from Riddle whilst walking from corner to corner, ready to take the next chop. After four hard chops (no sold by Shibata), these two squared up face to face and beat the hell out of each other. Shibata looked very serious throughout this match while Riddle was soaking in the songs and cheers from the loud York Hall crowd. Shibata retained the Revolution Pro Wrestling British Heavyweight championship and will be defending it against Will Ospreay next month in Japan.

FINAL NOTES: The venue was very nearly sold out. I’d probably say about 90 percent of tickets sold. The fans were loud and ready for a good night of British Wrestling… That was the night. Really fun time as all RevPro shows are, especially York Hall shows.

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